Killing Bites


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Best girl

But that's not Sloth...

>The moment that Kido was preoccupied with Ratel's arm was the moment that decided his fate!

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>before the time skip they just put a cast on her

I don't know why that makes me fucking laugh.

so do you guys think the anime is gonna end off like the manga with potential for another season or are they gonna do some animu original shit?

The Manga's like, 10 chapters ahead of the anime.

S2 was confirmed yesterday

I want to believe

Is it monthly?

No. And this week's is the final episode.

Hi there is this the Kemono Friends thread???

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No, But you can still stay of you want to.

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Yes, the manga's monthly
first day of every month.

Sadly, Raptor scans goes by german translated volumes; and those were release the same rate as japan (twice a year).

>Kemono Enemy dominating a Kemono Friend
why didn't I think of this before

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20 actually, chapter 50 is due the first of April.

Why does Hyena look so weird?

The weak should fear the strong.

i thought it was a lot farther than that.

>KB ends this week
I'm going to miss bunbun a lot.

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KF and KB winter 2027. my body is ready!

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murder munchies

mastication massacre

I'll miss this slut

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She's pure, pure smug.

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>She's pure
Not for long, she ain't.

>Barbed penis
Nothing left of her.

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Yes, that's what Kemono Friends is.

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He means the manga you mouthbreather

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>honey badgers transforms into something that doesn't look like a honey badger

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i wonder what the game would have played like

calling bullshit

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S2 when?

Like shit

well yeah that's why it was cancelled but i meat what kind of genre

Would wish for ArcSys or Namco (or KoeiTecmo) to do the 3d graphics, at least. Undecided about who should do the battle design.

>3d graphics

Yes. She's a (buff) cutie.

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>ArcSys or Namco (or KoeiTecmo)
>no Eighting (guys behind Bloody Roar)
Way to miss the target

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It is. 51 chapters published as of now

Next year at the earliest.

T-that's fury isn't it?

Yes, the fury of doggos.

Not with that haircut.

see for yourself

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>dead thread
That's what killing bites is!

It has a manga cover op of course it would be dead.

I would say the OP pic shows a 2.5. Does this count as furry?
Looking at their titles (, I'm not sure if they would be a better choice, graphic-wise. Once again, I haven't said anything about who would be the better choice for the battle design (the gameplay itself).

>not Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct
for shame:

You got to the count of five to get away from Serval chan.

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Literally cat onahole

Don't post that meme shit here.

Post this instead:

Really a shame since last episode was pure kino

That looks (you) editable.

I could see Killing bites ended with this.

Might as well request here.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to replace these with Youko and Nomoto?
This is basically all their interactions boiled down to.

Also, replace the 2 with Youko and Nomoto, and replace the dude doing the simplistic command on the right with Hitomi going
>That's what killing bites is!

>Youko communicating with her other players through signs
>manipulating Nomoto (even though she loses because he does what she wanted)
>hiring Kido
>attempting to take both Hitomi and Taiga out
>hand signals from Hitomi
if someone can put that into images, that works too.
It's interesting to me how for a moment Nomoto seems to understand Hitomi really well (it's also a bit arguable if Son is the type of person who instantly figures things out, like Hitomi's potential, or if she was just crazy prepared), and in the next arc, he seems to be just as well-adjusted (empathic/empathetic/synchronized) to Pure, which might've caused Hitomi's jealousy.

But that’s not Hyena...

Imho she might be important to the story, or else it would be enough to just write her out, it could've happened twice already.

Sugoi! you're a friend who's good at killing friends!

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>it's also a bit arguable if Son is the type of person who instantly figures things out, like Hitomi's potential, or if she was just crazy prepared
Which leads to an interesting question, what's Son's role in ALL of this?

For a member of Ishiba's gang she outright willing to work with Nomoto with his vendetta against them and the rest of the Zaibatsus

I just realised it's the same Author who did Arachnid. Why is Killing Bites so much better though?

He's getting experienced
His newest work, Himenospia, doesn't even seem to follow the usual monster of the week format. I'm not too far in though

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Maybe she agreed to have Hitomi represent her group because it would allow her and her husband to work together with Yatsubishi against Sumitomo and Mitsukado (but somehow Youko was left alive, maybe it was their agreement with Yugo?), so Ishida and Yatsubishi both get revenue from the KB franchise (while Shidou gets both revenue from theriomorphosis procedures and gets to test hybrids' performance -- he even told the Bear brute that becoming a brute would allow him to kill other people), foresaw that Nomoto could be targeted, and decided to save him because as a relatively weaker group, she might need every help she can get against groups which might turn against hers, now that she can't count with Hitomi.

Part of it might be experience, but I also think killing bites is easier to make interesting fights.
Like, relating crazy ass assassin abilities to bug ecology loosely isn't as direct as literal animal people doing those things straight up. A lot of the fights in Arachnid rely on one side getting beaten down continuously just to turn the tables in the last second because of some obscure trivia about the interactions between the arthropods in question.
That said, it's not like KB doesn't suffer from some of the problems Arachnid did, though.

>....because as a relatively weaker group, she might need every help she can get against groups which might turn against hers, now that she can't count with Hitomi.
Didn't her group won the Killing Bites and now have control over the gene therapy treatment?

>Didn't her group won the Killing Bites
Ishida won, but episode 11 mentioned that Ishida and Yatsubishi worked together and Sumitomo's boss got irritated (in another episode) about Ichinosuke (Hippo) saving Taiga.
>have control over the gene therapy treatment?
Sumitomo's boss also mentioned (in an earlier episode, 8/9?) that while the winning group gets the rights to the franchise (which would be made open to the public), Shidou would be the one making the most profit because he has the means to make and improve hybrids.

Horrible post.

The one with the most vigorous dick wins. This is Killing Fucks
Make sure to check out Caterpillar, it's better than Arachnid too

>Make sure to check out Caterpillar, it's better than Arachnid too
s c a n l a t i o n h e l l

what are the chances somebody will pick it up when it ends next month

>now have control over the gene therapy treatment?
Only the Killing Bite Franchise.

Shidou corporation have complete control on the gene therapy treatment, and the legal hurdles are now cleared for it to become public use. In fact, the Shidou Corporation only works with the Zaibatsus because of their ties with the politicians needed to push forward such legislations.

As for Ishiba, we don't know; but we can assume that Son's Wife only works with Nomoto as a way to obtain leverage over Shidou as well; even though they're the most moral (in terms of business practices) of the Zaibatsus.

The only losers of this are ultimately Mitsukadou; especially when Leo got the other 3 to ultimately kill off the head of the group after the Destroyale is over.

>Hitomi accepting trades to make a kill and powerful, viceral blows is 1000x better and more sensible than "muh strings I set up everywhere days ago that somehow no one else discovered"
>being a natural born hybrid and career survivor is better than autism super powers that let you learn how to be a pro assassin in days
>glorified street fights between rival corporations interested in gene research is insane but still makes a million times more sense than an assassination group that seems to exclusively kill each other

Leave the Friends alone, you bastard.
Post more.

I'm not sure yet, but ch23 might be done this week

I'm alright with this
I mean, neither of them are going to s2

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Probably something like Senran Kagura

>a Serval Chan voiced by Sora
Muh dick

>Hitomi will never fill you full of her superior seed, impregnating you
Why live, bros?

(As someone who only knows a few manga spoilers, may I ask:) WHAT?


Senran Kagura is really good comparison to KB you when you think about it. Shallow from the outside looking in, but gets more complex and fun the deeper you go,

I dunno man, I played SK and the gameplay was awful

That's what Bloody Roar is.

The gameplay isn't for everyone, I had fun with it though. Plus the story was surprisingly good, well for the first two games anyway.

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To many hybrids
>1 out of 10,000 can become a therianthrope through gene therapy.

It's better off being a fighting tournament game, like Mortal Kombat, or Bloody Roar.

Well duh, the main level would be clearing non-hybrid trash, then you'd fight a boss

That's like sending a bunch of mice to a blender.

I wish there was a new BR

The 3DS games and the Playstation games are separate continuities, if I remember correctly.

You got the main continuity, consisting of Senran Kagura/Burst, and Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. Story comes first, and fanservice is secondary. Characters have some nuance, and aren't completely one-dimensional... usually.

Then there's the Versus continuity, which is more fanservice-driven. Characters are also a bit more flat in terms of personality, because the story is a lot less serious. Stakes are nowhere near as high in the Versus games as they get in the 3DS games.

Then you have spin-off games like Bon Appetit, Peach Beach Splash, and now Shinobi Refle. There's also the mobile game, New Waves.