Wait. It's this real? Season 2 is them

Wait. It's this real? Season 2 is them....

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Married? Holyshit

I hope not, the side manga when they're adults is just bad. He's afraid of touching his own wife ffs and still acts like a middle school boy around her.

>daughter is just a fucking clone of the mom

Is this usagi drop?

Really... They still use the trope of him being afraid to touch her even when they're married? I'm out. Yick.

With her father's personality.

I wanted lovey-dovey Nishikata and Takagi with an already developed relationship.
Instead it's just the same shit except now they are taller.
I'm pretty sure the guy got drugged and raped because otherwise I can't see him fucking his wife when he acts like a kid whenever it comes to doing romantic shit.
If it wasn't for Chi the whole spinoff would be crap.

The daughter is cute though.

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Yes, don't bother with it.

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Fuck. Takagi-san has been the best thing about Mondays for me. I was hoping them growing up would further the relationship more, but i guess if it aint broke, don't fix it.
Teach me to get excited. Haven't been this let down since TLJ hype.

Christ. You're right...fek

She inherited her father's complete inability to hide his emotions, which is funny because she also has her mother's passion for teasing.

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Also, I find these two cuter than Nishikata and Takagi.
I think he is supposed to be the son of that tall guy who is Nishikata's friend and the small girl who is Takagi's frieng, btw.

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That's a spinoff done by a different guy so it's quite possible the author of the main series handles it better.

Nakai and Mano?

This is actually cute af. Go on...

Also, this is not part of the spinoff, this was done by the actual author.
So yeah, I think it's the spinoff author who sucks at this.

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Where can i find this manga online? What's the name of it?


Why did this make me chuckle?

It's the kids face, too goofy looking.

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>that thigh gap after one kid
Nishikata is a lucky man

>lolis are quick to recognize lewdness

It sort of makes sense though. He acts like that when the kid's around, which is all the time.
Maybe he doesn't want too look bad in front of his daughter.

>implying they have even so much as cuddle after that one kid.

the spinoff is fucking trash with the daughter being the only good thing, but she cant carry an entire manga by herself.

Then how did he have sex?

Bad? He looks like he's not her husband. Being teased and afraid of showing affection.

He's a dork. That much is obvious.
My point is that we have yet to see them interact when they're just by themselves.

I dropped the middle school Takagi-san anime / manga because of the tired beta male shtick
That being said from what i've read of the "married life" sequel it's mostly adorable parenting shenanigans with their cute daughter, which pleased me a lot

He was unconscious

Yet? With how main manga is going and from what we have seen in the married one we will see nothing when he gets flustered by most basic things like putting some crackers or whatever that was in her mouth. They had to have get married kiss, sex and all. No way he acts THE SAME as he was acting as a kid.

Been reading a little of the manga linked here. It feels like Calvin and Hobbes if Suzy and Calvin got married and had a kid, but they still continued to razz each other only their kid's involved now too. It's pretty damn cute actually

She probably challenged him to a duel determining who fucks who, won, pegged him until he came, collected the cum and impregnated herself by means of artificial insemination.

>Suzy and Calvin got married and had a kid
>he doesn't know

wow, that actually sold me on it. Now im gonna hhave to read it...

>pegged him until he came

Wait! WAIT! are you telling me....WHAT!?

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This was a fan made comic. One of the best fan-mades I've ever read, and it hits me right in the nostalgia, but it's still fanfiction.

>tfw no more new C&H

I know user, but I'm just trying to spread a little cheer now that Monday nights are a bit less bearable

I seriously hope Bacon's just some sort of cute nickname.

Probably some Viagra mixed with a date rape drug, then used his body as a dildo

She probably also didn't tell him until she was confirmed pregnant in order to tease him

I'm crying right now! I didn't know i needed this so badly! Thank you, user! May your days be less suicidal and depressing!

Calvin, Hobbes, Bacon - all philosophers

But user, I still see married couples just like that. Japanese especially are rather sensitive. Love hotels make money because people are shy and their walls aren’t soundproof.

Walls not being soundproof and kids being almost unnaturally perceptive when they're supposed to be in bed is a pretty major thing.
The greatest thing to ever happen in my married sex life was when our 7 year old asked if she could have the basement room. For the first few seconds "that's a lot of work, you just don't want us to hear when you're doing bad things" almost naturally spewed out of my idiot mouth...
>But then
>We soundproofed nearly the whole basement because the room next to his is the music room
>At the other end of the house

Have you ever seen a grown man offer to help fucking decorate something into "a princess room"?

Tons of married couples are like that. My mother still giggles at every lame pun my father makes, my father stuffs my mother's side of the bed with pillows so the covers stick up as though she was there or he can't sleep when she's gone out of town, my husband still curls up in his with his laptop and headphones to watch anime under the covers because he's embarrassed to have someone watch it with him (and as a result we have a strict no-spoilers policy between us regarding that and manga)...

I'm ok with this
This is good

I love it when the opposite gender kid gets the parent’s personality

Truth right here.