Is it okay to sacrifice a few to save many?

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He's killing millions to save a few

just answer his question dude

Muslim sandpeople don't count

He didn't save anything but his own ego
He's literally just making life worse by turning the world into a fantasy setting.
Now, if he sacrificed them for a good reason it'd be okay- but he only did it to run away from his broken, crippled body, which is understandable but by no means admirable.

he did is solely for himself

>Is it okay to sacrifice a few to save many?
Fucking save who? Him and the God hand are responsible for the whole world falling apart. It's in a prophecy. Just look at his phony doom kingdom which is inhabited to the brim with Apostles that would slaughter each and every human in Falconia, once Griffith loses interest in his game of pretend.

No, because no one can accurately predict the future, and killing the many might just end up an orgy of suffering for nothing.

It's impossible to answer such a vague question.
A group of people coming to the decision to sacrifice themselves for a greater purpose is okay, even if that purpose may be questionable.
One man, sacrificing others to obtain power that he feels only he could use for good is a megalomaniacal murderer, no matter how noble his ideals.

which is even more right to do
clease the earth of shit people and let it be repopulated with better ones

It’s okay to be righteous and save the world, but it’s okay to be selfish and save just one person too. Neither is the wrong choice to make.

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he is not saving anyone, he is doing all of this for himself, and i wouldnt want it any other way

Would you rather willingly let a couple of million innocent civilians get killed by the opposite side, gain the public's approval, and end the war in days with little bloodshed from the military forces, or would you rather fight a war and lose three or four times that number in military personnel over the course of months?

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Then hurry up and kill yourself

In the Berserk world, absolutely no.
They are all fucking doomed, just let them all be.

Who cares how many Imperial scum will die

only if you're sure that's the only option.

They are Indian

More like sacrifice the ones closest to you for your own ambition

he didn't save anyone considering he caused what killed them in the first place
>american education

Yes, sometimes it's even okay to sacrifice many to save a few.

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more like
>sacrifice many for MUH DREAM

"The revelations say that when the sun dies five times, a red lake will appear to the west of the city with a name both new and old. [...] It is proof that the fifth angel will alight. The angel is the Falcon of Darkness. The master of the sinful black sheep, the king of the blind white sheep. The one who shall call upon the world an age of darkness."

He didn't save a god damn thing.

>Is it okay to sacrifice these few so that I don't trivialize the many I have already sacrificed to get here?
That's more like how your question should have been phrased. And the answer is no. All those who died for him before did so mostly willingly, the BotH members present at the eclipse had no intention of following him into an eldritch death ritual, they were with him out of guilt, pity and a kind of lingering obligation at that point.

True love

I could have understood if he sacrificed entire nation for his ambition, but spared his friends.

But sacrificing his only friends and most loyal supporters just to became a king, not for their sake but for just his own.... Griffit was villain

He was already sacrificing them every day by using them as mercenaries

They're not his friends, that's the point. Griffith did this to save his life and his dream, that's not a good thing but you can't blame him for this. This is just a normal human's reaction.

But they were doing it willingly, for him to be good king.

During the Eclipse, Griffit just slaughterer them pointlessly becouse he had realised that his orginal dream would never come to be.

I want to be like Griffith, is there a guide on how to be like Griffith?

Utilitarianism is gay.
And he didn't 'save many', he damned the world.

Let me tell you a story about two boats with holes in them.

I thought they were based on ancient Persia?

Sell your ass
Rape royalty
Rape the girl who admires you
Kill everyone who admires you

Tell me user. I want to know the moral of the story

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He killed millions to grab Casca's melons

Who did he save again?

>Be responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands
>Exterminate 90% of humans and creatures who dont come to your 100 acre capital using demons to enforce your rule

Griffith troll posters are the worst

Pic related AKSHUALLY did nothing wrong

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Fairy tale writers.

>It's bad
>But you can't blame him because is normal human reaction
Ah ok

> sacrifice according to griffithfags
> backstab everyone who ever cared for you so you could ruin the entire world with your autism

> meanwhile. sacrifice according to good people

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Miura is still capable of making page like that and send chills down my spine

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no one can accurately predict if killing these few people will save tons more in the long run

Military personel are there to fight, killing civilians is a war crime, If you win you are the scumbag that killed civilian leaving you open for attacks from you political rivals risking loosing everything, if you loose there will be no mercy for you side.

Unrelated, but can Griffith himself become a sacrifice if Guts, Casca, or Rickert uses a behelit?

Dont think they can use Behelits at this point since they are marked

Except for Rickert.

No, unless you can convince me those many are more valuable than the few

Can a God Hand be sacrificed?

You try to save everyone, or you don't bother at all.

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Nothing really saying you cant.


It's okay if you payed those three pieces, fair and square.

user, he never cared about anyone or anything except his dream. Guts was the only one thing that made him think about something else. He sacrificed them all for himself, and himself only. Griffith did everything wrong.

All of history says otherwise

Point still stands

Why is Ilya so purehearted?

Yes, you can't blame someone because he chose to live.

only if you arent a dicklet

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>killing few to save the many
He killed the few to satisfy his autistic selfish desire to play king and then sacrificed even more people by turning the world into a high fantasy shithole so people will be forced to crawl to his kingdom and suck his dick.

I'm getting sick of the Griffith cocksucking in the manga, when is he going to get blown the fuck out?

Not till the final chapter sooooo

We'll have to subsist off the bitchslap until endgame

The more smug he becomes the sweeter it will be when he gets BTFO.

This. Either Guts or some asspull will push Griffith's shit in.
I'm guessing Guts will only be able to kill Griffith by letting go of his hatred, which is kinda the opposite of what I want to happen.

Man of culture

You just couldn't ass a chance to not come off as an edgy cunt, could you

Who the fuck was he saving?

Being moral is only something those with power are allowed to do. A weakling with barely any power can't expect to achieve his goals without any sacrifices, which is why I fucking hate MCs who claim they aren't taking the ruthless route due to their superior moral code when the truth is that they don't need to take it because they are powerful enough to solve shit with no sacrifices.
Of course, this doesn't apply to Griffith because he has all the power in the world and still chooses to sacrifice people for the sake of his power boner.

>turn the entire world into a post apocalyptic wasteland filled with horrible monsters to trick people into moving to your eclipse bait capital
>saving anyone

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This. It was pretty nice when it happened to Aji Tae.


We have no clue if a marked sacrifice can become an apostle themselves, although Slan more or less suggests it. And we have no clue if you can sacrifice a God Hand. I doubt Void would give a fuck.

Well until the Pah Wrath shit happened

He killed hundreds to save millions.

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Why would Griffith be Guts, Casca or Rickert's sacrifice? Your sacrifice is supposed to be someone you care about so much that you would only sacrifice him in an extremely stressful situation.
Guts wants Griffith dead, Rickert hates him now and we don't know about Casca.

Logically, yes.

Morally, no.

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Im thinking Moonlight boy is the key.

Since hes Guts son and griffith is inhabiting his body hell have to kill both his son and griffith at the same time.

How the fuck killing all the ones that ever supported you and filling the world with deadly monsters is saving someone? I mean, does anyone really believe this or its just baiting?

Its bait

I wouldn't call it "save". That's like pushing someone who can't swim into a pool and then taking him out and claiming you saved him.

And then when he gets out tell him the only place left to go is his house because you will die the instant you step outside of it. Also my house is full of rape demons

>tell your fag friends when they sign up that they're doing so to put their lives on the line to achieve your dream because you all believe in it
>your best buddy decides he has commitment issues and has to leave for zero reason
>make one little mistake in your emotionally distraught state and get thrown in jail
>not one person even tries to get you out and you end up tortured into a ghoulish mangled thing
>by the time they remember to save you you'll never live like a normal person again
>get to see your former best friend acting all lovey dovey with the girl you were interested in
Now the question is, should he have suffered living like that in a terrible world full of terrible people, or made good on his promise to sacrifice these assholes to create a utopia? But I guess he was wrong because the protagonist got hurt by the repercussions of his own choice to leave and ignore Griffith after he took him in. Should have just sucked it up because the protagonist is always right.

Why the fuck not, Guts was branded as a sacrifice when Griffith hated his guts for leaving him/usurping his position with Casca. It was literally said Rickert can't hate Griffith, and Casca still holds feelings for him.

post yfw Griffith cucks Gutts with Casca

We already know the Dragonslayer is becoming an Apostle-killing tool so we know he will definitely use that.
Guts will probably given the choice between killing the Moonlight Child to either destroy Griffith or become powerful enough to do it himself, which ultimately he won't do so he we will need an even bigger asspull for him to beat Griffith.
Also, I predict Griffith will fuck over the rest of the Godhand somehow because otherwise I can't see how they can go down before the final showdown between Guts and Griffith.

>to save millions.
>Implying that Falconia is not an eclipse bait.

So everyone believes that Griffith is going to sacrifice everyone in Falconia, but to what end? What does he get if he sacrifices everyone in Falconia? Does he become God?

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But he saved fucking no one. The only ones he ''saved'' were the ones who were in danger because of him to begin with.

No one knew where Griffith was Im pretty sure.

Guts left because he felt Griffith viewed him as below him because Guts didnt have his own ambition (When Griffith was talking to charlotte)

Griffith showed 0 sexual interest in Casca otherwise Guts wouldnt take her V-card YEARS later when Griffith had Casca WAYYYYY longer

Griffith is, was, and will always be a fag

But IIRC Griffith was not interested in Caska at all

Griffith sacrificed the entire Band of the Hawk which he did care about and even if he started hating Guts in the end he admited he still cared about him and Guts was the only one who made him forget his dream.
That "Rickert can't hate Griffith" thing was said before he bitchslapped him.
And we don't even know what Casca thinks about Griffith know, judging from her dream world I doubt she has a good opinion of him.

Femto always wants to go higher so he probably will try to fuck over godhand and become even bigger then them.

You mean the people he made into what they were anyway. They were all peasants waiting to be slaughtered in a pig house before Griffith picked them up.

They would only be pigs to slaughter because he and the other god hand exists. But mainly him because once the god hand got its final member darkness encroached the world

>That "Rickert can't hate Griffith" thing was said before he bitchslapped him.
Rickert doesn't hate Griffith. It's pretty obvious in the scene with him. But he just can't bring himself to join him after what happened, after what Griffith did (right or wrong). The slap was just Rickert releasing his built up frustrations on Griffith.