Why the fuck do people spoil manga, anime or anything in general? Just because your read the source material...

Why the fuck do people spoil manga, anime or anything in general? Just because your read the source material, that doesn't mean you should spoiler it of the anime viewers. It legit for no reason but to be a dick. The people who know what going to happen ALREADY KNOW WHATS GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN, and the people who wait for the release of the anime DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. There's no reason to be in the middle ground, but the dickheads come out at night and try to be cute with their SPOILER WARNINGS!!! Then proceed to spoiler everything for the new viewers who just want to discuss the show their watching. I guess I cant say for no reason cause they just want a reaction and to be a dickhead at the same time. If you ever spoiled shit for anyone in general YOU KNOW AND I KNOW YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!

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Snape kills dumbledore on page 606

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spike dies

Homura is a time traveler.

Goku wins

Because ultimately it does not matter as much as you think. It just robs you a bit of "What?!" during the watching, but your brain enjoys it nevertheless.

Ash loses all 6 Pokemon league tournaments and has given up by the 7th generation to make funny meme faces instead.

han solo dies
i also was repsonsible for sharing lukes milkys scene when the first screenings were leaked
best keks i had in awhile

Taiga dies

Casca stops being retarded

Toyohisa dies

It makes the plot twist from a standpoint the creators wanted to show you in a grandiose way into a random dickhead telling you what happens, as you watch the film you always have that faggot words in your head which ruins the experience.

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Saber is King Arthur, and the Redman is Shirou from an alternate future where he becomes tan.

Spoilers/leaks of it were known in advanced for months I think, but people probably thought it was too stupid to be real and didn't believe it.

Frodo fails to destroy the One Ring and its only through Gollum accidentally falling into Mount Doom after stealing it back that it was destroyed!

Other than the fact that legit everyone spammed han solo dies everywhere a 2 weeks until and after release

Nagisa dies.

Jon Snow dies

Rosebud was the sled. They kill King Kong. Jesus dies. Spike dies. Lelouch dies. Shinji has a fetish for comatose girls. Alice is promoted to full undine first. Gurren Laggan is actually a robot. Ranma confesses to Akane but the wedding is canceled because of rampant fighting. Nagisa dies. VLC sucks. doesn't get off the boat. Knives turns into an apple tree. Daiz is hiding an afro underneath his bald wig. Usagi is Sailor Moon. Frieza returns. Shohoku lose off-screen. Yotsuba is cute. Alita is moving on to Mars. Pico is a boy. Tsukasa is a girl in real life. Asseylum marries some random duke and Slaine ends up Inaho's boytoy. Menma is a ghost. Sebastian is a demon. Everybody is bonobos. Everybody is tomatoes. Everybody is fairies, the assistant is the last remaining human. Fuwa Aika killed herself. The World can stop time. Fran dies. Mari and Akko are lesbians!

Reminds me of when world of warcraft leaked some materials before it was announced and people thought the name was too dumb to be real.

Spike dies.
Nia dies
Nagisa dies.
Menma is deader than dead.
Yomi dies.
C.C. doesn't love Lelouch.
Lelouch dies.
Kamina dies.
Rosette dies.
Chiaki is a time traveler.
Yang dies.
Tomoe dies.
Togame dies.
Lain is god.
Mayuri dies.
Shirley dies.
Mashu disappears.
Lala-ru dies
Noe gets blown the fuck out.
Shirou is Archer.
Utena gets fucked by Akio.
Fuuka dies.
Chihiro win.
Kirino win.
Mikado is the leader of the dollars.
Saber destroys the grail.
The aunt is the another.

>Nagisa dies
What the FUCK
What the actual FLYING FUCK i was just getting to the end and you're telling me after all that shit all that pain they don't even get to have one little iota of happyness SHE JSUT DIES?!?!


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On second thought I am happy that I got the leaked copy of Harry Potter 6 and 7 on time.

7 was a clusterfuck.
6 wasn't much better. The most I remember is that I hate JKR for killing Dumbledore in such a contrived way.

I think she was in over her head.

>It also taught me to avoid the internet, long lines and midnight shows if i want to avoid spoilers.

Talking about MOP?

If you have a problem with spoilers, don’t go to the place with spoilers you fucking child

The Sibyl System is made of asymptomatic criminal brains.

Akagi gets Alzheimer's and forgets how to play mahjong. In the end, he loses not to another player, but to a disease.

Nia is a Blade
The Architect is Zanza's good half
Pyra/Mythra dies at the end and then undies five minutes later and becomes two separate entities

Satou from NHK gets a job.

Everyone dies

The bunny that sits on top of Chino's head is not any angora rabbit, it's her grandfather transmogrified into a FEMALE rabbit that gets knocked by Anko, the male rabbit over at Amausa-an at the end of the second season.

Shuichi, Himiko, and Maki are the only survivors
Kokichi did nothing wrong

>Menma is deader than dead

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If you care about spoilers and if knowing plot points impacts your enjoyment of something it shows you're a literal brainlet who can only be amused by plot twists and lack the mental capacity to truly enjoy a story from beginning to end.

>Why the fuck do people spoil manga, anime or anything in general?
Why do people act like spoilers are a big deal? You need to grow up and stop taking fiction so seriously.

I don't like anime viewers

>everyone talking about the manga in the threads
>suddenly shitty anime
>everyone has to shut up and care about the retarded anime viewers
how about you fuck off from the threads?

Fake spoilers are even worse, since they never happen you just think about the spoiler while watching, waiting for it to happen instead of enjoying the show.i

Altair retreats into her own world together with her creator, and Dark Meteora kills everyone else except for Shark.

The Mist in Rokka no Yusha is formed out of billions of billions of tiny swords.

Yeah in general, but also if you go to a place to discuss the show there are people who will want to talk about it so you can't avoid spoilers

Kirino wins the Incest-bowl, but then they break up for no reason.

Because it is essentially a secret. The kind that you know will be mindblowing and gets reaction out of other people. Everyone wants to be that person that gets those reaction out of people, so it now becomes a race to see who gets to blab first because the second person revealing spoilers won't get shit.

Sup Forums is the most elitist anime discussion fourm on the internet. People her talk about shows they have seen because almost everyone else here is not a noob and has seen a huge amount of anime. Complaining about that here makes you a newfag.

That the dumbest shit I heard today
>You need to grow up and stop taking fiction so seriously.
You need to go to Sup Forums and /x/ and tell them that. Also if you watch anime or read manga you're already taking it too serious to make a post like that on a anime board. You should the curb yourself and drop the act
I forgot to mention those people but personally I dont think its worse then a blatant spoil

>almost everyone else here is not a noob and has seen a huge amount of anime
y-yea... totally

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Still higher than the rest of the internet.

There are probably other communities with rules that forbid spoilers, if you don't like it here just move to them.
Is all discussion on the source material supposed to cease the moment something gets an anime? Should there be "anime-only" threads? That's not in the spirit of this place at all; you'd be more likely to have threads in such format in some forum or something.
That guy did make up some things, but it is half true. Chino's grandfather (Tippy) did indeed turn himself into a female angora rabbit, and he spends a lot of time on top of her head.

No. Vanilla wow, while it was still in early development.

I shouldn't be unable to talk about up to date stuff just because the anime is behind. If you're purposely behind the story then you shouldn't be going into threads, or at least be aware that there could be spoilers. I generally use spoiler tags in these cases but if you don't want any "spoilers" at all (even behind spoiler tags) just because you're an animeonly that's too bad.

Jesus dies but he comes back to life 3 days later.

Why are normalfags so deathly afraid of spoilers?

Frieza takes down Jiren with him leaving 17 to win the tournament

They literally can’t comprehend enjoying a series without sudden twists

>Yomi dies.

>C.C. doesn't love Lelouch.
Right, just want to comment on how I love laughing at the shippers.

>Lelouch dies.

>Shirley dies.
Retconed in the movies.

>Nagisa dies.
Magic brings her back.

Posting spoilers is a bannable offense.