Evangelion thread

Evangelion thread

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I hate Evangelion.
I love Evangelion.

Asuka best girl

You wish.

anyone else self insert as shinji?

>He doesn't want to insert his live plug into shinji.
What a nerd.

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Reminder that the whole point of the show was that all the girls are broken and not to be desired


It's fine if you think that, but her waifufags are annoying as fuck

I just popped my anime cherry with this and I feel like garbage now. Thanks for reading my blog.

Fucking this. I'm a waifufag myself but eva contains nothing but trash.

You missed the point completely if you think a person being broken is a reason for not desiring them.
In fact, given that everyone is broken I'd argue that this is the major reason for desire.

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How often do you re-watch 1-26+EoE? I used to watch it about annually but it's only about every other year for the last decade.
This, everyone is broken.

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This anime is irrelevant
Sup Forums is for dragonball now normie

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This desu.

Used to watch it every year or so but sort of fell behind. Was able to catch someone streaming the episodes recently though. Never really got to watch it with people so that's fun.

Dragon ball has been around for way longer than Evangelion so it’d be expected. Especially when you consider how Super just ended.

But Evangelion is FAR from irrelevant.

I mean 4.0 is being made, so I'd argue against that.

It’s been 20 motherfucking years

We've also had like 4 threads in the passed two days, 3 of which actually hit the bump limit with discussion.
It's an odd thing, that.

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4.0 will never EVER come out

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This could be both a blessing and a curse.

And that's a good thing.

>404: File (not) found

Anyone who played Kirby Star Allies think Void Termina's 1st form looks like Sachiel?

The similarities start and end at the face

contrarian faggots

How's that contrarian?
On one hand, we don't get a potentially bad movie. On the other, we never get closure.

Is Misato a good person?

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Who's ready for 3.0+1.0?

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It will either be okay or terrible. There is no other option.

Misato is as fucked up as the kids she's supposed to be looking after. So is Ritsuko. So is Kaji.

What did Ritz do to hurt you anonkun?

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Ritsuko is probably the most fucked up person in the cast, except for her mother I guess.

I'd honestly argue that Asuka is the most fucked up, and she's only 14. But Ritsuko has endured a lot of bullshit, and is better at keeping it under wraps.

If you ignore her treating Shinji like an animal and her disregard for the lives of her own comrades.

I'd argue Asuka has the most fucked up things happen to her, but all considering handles it okay for a 14 year old with barely any outside support

Some people actually believe that LEFT > RIGHT.

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Why is Shikinami so tiny compared to Soryu?

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Most scenes show Soryu as kind of small chested. The plugsuit doesn't lie.

>hardworking adult
>crazy shit going on
>still does her job

what did she do to you

While Asuka's an order of magnitude above rei, Rei does at least have bigger breasts gonig for her

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But it will pander to Marifag as myself? If not, I won't watch it. This is very important.

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While true, both breasts are rather pedestrian compared to Mari's.

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And I'm completely fine with it being either. Even if it is bad its guaranteed to be enjoyably bad.

Mari WILL end up with best girl Asuka in the next film, so probably.

that's unfair, Mari was clearly blessed by the fertility gods, while Asuka's a mere mortal and Rei's a demi human

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what did she mean by this

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I've been bored and hunting around for SJW reviews or rants about Evangelion and been disappointed that all I found was a couple image sets on Tumblr calling Shinji a misogynist.

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Why would you even look for something like that

I honestly can't believe this is in an official EVA manga.

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Like I said boredom and it's good to get out and find different perspectives. I own the White Nationalists Guide to Movies for the same reason.

Are you from Sup Forums by chance? not as an insult but as a genuine question.
Though I doubt there are those from Sup Forums that would even actively look for more than one opinion other than their own and anything that affirms it.

>tfw these are from the manga about shinji's harem and literally falling and groping tits and ass every few pages

Naw, I stick to Sup Forums, Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums if that wasn't obvious enough. Although I always try to check if there's a thread on Sup Forums that may overlap with stuff happening on any of the other boards like a comic book character being made black or something. It's more polite that way.

Don't people usually speak from their perspective? I mean, it makes sense if you're looking at who's on the left/right from the characters in the picture's perspective, but from a viewer looking at the picture, it's only natural to assume that left IS in fact superior to right. From their persective, however, it's only natural to assume right (asuka) IS in fact objectively superior to left (rei).

That or Gendo falling and groping some tits or ass on occasion.
Gendo is the greatest in that manga.

Well at least you take initiative to keep it clean, regardless of what you believe.
You're okay in my book, senpai.

Rei is also cute in it. I'm an asukafag through and through, but I like this Rei.

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>She's okay with just being a friend because the other two are happy
This is a good Rei.

Shinji a best girl.
Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot.

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Well I mean it's still very much anyones game. she just envies Asuka for being Shinji's Childhood friend and having more memories with him.
She just admits that there are things she can't really compete with on that front so she wants to make her own memories.


That's gay, user.

Yes, and?

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Why don't they just get together and make it double-gay instead?

Who will win the Mari bowl?

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It's nice to see the characters happy for once

Misato fucking sucks at her job.

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Mari marrying Asuka and Shinji when

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After nearly completing this - which I assume is only 103 chapters long since that's all there is on this website - I have had nothing in this concluded.
Especially the Shinji Akari Growth Project and what it actually is.

There was a novel Shinji was writing in the very beginning but seems like it got thrown off with everything else, like the existence of Jet Alone in this universe, as well as the actual purpose of the research Shinji, Asuka, and Rei were a part of. Also what Seele is actually trying to do other than 'ruin Ikari's research'.
If that's all there is, I give it a 6/10. Had an interesting set up, but exchanged all of that for being a very literal gropefest almost ever chapter.

Maybe you're on to something.

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>not "young girl gets penetrated and eaten out by 9 robots"
missed oppurtunity

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deLETE this

delicious prime and fresh 14 year old
ripe for the plucking

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These mother fuckers will never not be unsettling to me.
They scare the shit out of me desu

I wonder if the countries who made them ever questioned the design

Posting Mari in any Eva thread should be a bannable offense.

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I mean if you work for seele/nerv/UN you don't question anything. you do your fucking job.

That's true. I bet they designed them that way on purpose to do more damage to Shinji's ego.
Speaking of which, why was that necessary? Was it so Seele could take control away from Shinji and carry out instrumentality their way?

mari will die in 3.0+1.0

rate my shitty evangelion OC


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bretty good.

thx :)

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what's wrong with this ray