You don´t rape crazy trauma-powered girls and end up just fine

You donĀ“t rape crazy trauma-powered girls and end up just fine.
Jagaaaaaan thread.

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I hope Yumama can fix him. It'd be a pity if Roba-chan went out like this

She will and will get toungued.

Is anyone still translating this?

That looks painful. She did that despite getting tongued?

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I've forgotten their name, but someone did pick it up once mangastream dropped it. i think it's about 10 chapters behind

Her powers were born when her dad tried to rape her.
Their main purpose is to cut dicks.

Why is no one fucking translating this?

Gurl powah!

He looks huge thoigh, perspective is off

They do


yep. He gave her a full-course dicking, but she managed to retaliate.
It might be because being made to repeatedly touch her dad's dick is what caused her to fracture in the first place

>Targeting fractured girls
Man he really got overconfident of his magic aphrodisiac body fluids.

Also, I have to give Roba-chan points for still managing to run immediately after having his dick cut off

>raped-powered anti-rape power
Truly, his one weakness.

Anyone know the group translating it? Even if it's a bit behind I'd rather read that than just raws.

They post on kissmanga. So translations for this manga aren't dead yet.

I think Niggerstream dropped it quite a while ago.

Hyakuro are doing it, up to 35 are on mangadex and 36 is on their site

>She will and will get toungued.
God, I hope so. Did you see her in the chapter where she was helping Jagasaki after he mutated too much?

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what chapter?


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I like roba but he should have raped the glases girl or police girl twin tails didn't need that.

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Yesterday noticed 35 was up, and today 36. I thought I had skipped a page after the dark night-like fight

He did. He had a good run, though.

They're both in line for the MC's dick, so it'd be inappropriate fo Roba to fuck them.

Honestly though, I originally thought Roba would fuck glasses girl, rather than scissors, to bring him into the heroes plotline. I thought Scissors would be to young

I also hope she gets tongued but can't see him doing a full recovery, I think this is the end of his adventures:

Why would you bother to spoonfeed an idiot who can't even read the OP?

I thought he scanlations were dropped.

Technically Roba Chan will recover.

Nobody posts on kissmanga, it's a bot ripper

I really hope this nigger fucking dies now.


Is the sex part of this over already? Just one chapter?
Damn' it!

I didn't remember what the opening post was like when I saw that guy's post

Poor guy, he flew too close to the sun.

I'd say he flew right into it.
balls deep

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I hope not. It seems a bit of an abrupt and low-key end for one of the more prominent supporting characters

How will Roba-chan redeem himself, in the end?

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holy shit just reading this made my dick shrink threre sizes

main character is a fucking jober, holy shit

Why is it every fucking manga has to have a girl getting raped by her dad? I don't want this shit in my free time, I deal with it enough in my daily life

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stop molesting your daughter user

I hope he's a police officer or a counselor that has to deal families that do this

God this shits so much fun to read

shit, how come you get to find all these cool daddy-molesting-daughter manga? I've hardly seen any!

Do you have a list, by any chance?

>a police officer shitposts on my vietnamese coffee brewing and crafts forum
for some reason, I believe it.

>redeem himself

That was a guilty laught, but a really loud one.

What's her problem?

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maybe she's English? They call everyone cunts

maybe this'll come back to bite her in the ass, because she'll suffer withdrawal-symptoms from Roba-chan's abilities, but he won't be able to satisfy her without his cock?

I'm still disappointed that hero terminator man lost to tree guy

what magazine is this printed in?
I'd like to see Roba-chan cross-over with other series

Dumb Fracturedposter

Why is he going berserk anyway?

I think because of how badly things went. The fractured humans he gathered are nearly all dead, as are a shitload of people who gathered to support them, and it's partly his fault.
I can't read Japanese, so this is speculation from the art/situation

>can't even kill himself via seppuku
Truly is worst boy.

Is he OK?

You're thinking Australians