Can someone explain how it works?

Can someone explain how it works?

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The holopsicon is omnipotent. It's also really cool.

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The holopsicon is basically her movelist. But instead of being an explicit movelist made by her one creator, it's a movelist written by thousands of creators who wanted to make the most asspull moves, and since no one knows exactly how each move work (and what exactly is in that list in the first place) she can use moves in a "wrong" way that benefits her (basically power creep), and basically invent a new move and act so confidently that everyone assume that it's natural that she can do it even when she shouldn't (and then she can do it).

Basically the power of exploiting vague and conflicting power descriptions.

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So basically what you're saying is that she can use other people's ideas of powers as long as they published it on the internet and it got acceptance? Like I dont understand how can she even have a limit to this power like she did in the anime, cant one guy just meme "Altair doesnt have a limit to hopscotch" and then she'd be invincible?

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She already did, in her most popular video content, the Elimination Chamber Festival. She bluffed a new ability that is basically the ability to create anything from nothing. And before that she gave herself the ability to destroy the real world together with every fictional world.

That was basically why she took Meteora's bait, it would be faster to give herself the ability to destroy the world than use the indirect abilities she already had.

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>gave herself

See now I'm confused again, creators online are the ones who give her the powers, correct? How can she control what she gets?

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The creators online gave her power indirectly. They write content, publish it and then it changes the audience perspective (acceptance) of what she can do. Aliceteria, Magane and Selesia all tried to have their creators change something in their profile, but it only worked when it was published later (be the twitter scene, or the ECF preparations and the show itself).

Every step of the ECF was planned by Altair besides the ending. Breaking the 4th wall repeatedly allowed her to get acceptance that she is in the real world (and then if she declares she can destroy the world, it makes it so she means the real world even when the audience doesn't realize the gravity of the situation), when she explains how she is the creation of all of people, she is appealing to the audience and at the same time getting acceptance over her non canon nature of getting any power any creator gives her (including the "creator" of the ECF), and the trickier part was to get acceptance that she was the "hero" of the story.

The hero part sort of backfired since being the hero meant getting a good ending, which led to the perfect copy of Setsuna being summoned (Magane wasn't originally part of the story and I doubt it would have worked differently without her).

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Is a shit show there's hardly anything to explain on such a poorly done anime.

If she could see the future like she herself showed Blitz, how did she not see Magane was going to give Sota her powers, as well as Sota planning to use Setsuna's character in case of an emergency?

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She had clairvoyance, not the ability to see the future. She knew the overall idea (like Meteora's ECF plan and Aliceteria betraying her with Magane), but she didn't watch everyone all day to know every detail. And she didn't plan that ending or anything related to Setsuna, she planned just up to the point that she would destroy the world. She also didn't predict Sirius since it wasn't even Meteora's idea, it was Matsubara's (in the same way Setsuna was Souta's).

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I feel like its the anime equivalent of Suicide Squad, as it did a few things very right, but most of it very very wrong.

Ok but can she beat Demonbane?

Not an argument.

Nope, she is still bound by the limits of the multiverse and therefore to "weak".
Think of her as an actor that is allowed to do anything she wants on the stage but can't act without the stage.

Reading all of her lines in the anime makes me want to bash my head with an iron club. It's not even chuuni speak, it's just plain pretentious af dialog, it's like me wanting to say "hey, today's a nice day, i think i'll go grocery shopping" and instead actually say "Today is a ripe day, the stars are aligned for me to step out of my comfortness outside, guided by the blue of the sky above me to acquire nutrients that would help me seize the life that I am meant to live"
Why over-complicate so fucking much?

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She can turn demonbane into a little girl.

EGD would resist to her powers and even if he becomes a little girl it will not make him weaker.

No demonbane becomes a little girl and stays a little girl. Fact.

Yes and it just makes her stronger

Why is Demonbane mentioned in every thread about this show?

Technically she is invincible without the stage, since then her defeat can't be staged, and this was Meteora's perspective. She can't get more abilities without one though (be it with herself or any fancreation), so she is basically in a status quo scenario (not unlike any creation), except she was already really strong and real from the start.

But the gods would probably be part of demonbane anyway, so it's doubtful she can win unless she had their acceptance already.

No it doesn't make her stronger. It only becomes cute so Altair princess carries her to her bedroom.

Just so that the audience (in the show) keeps eating up her drivel and doesn't wake up how bad it the lines are and feeds Altair with more acceptance.

It's a Noble Phantasm

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Little girls are the most powerfull existence in the universe, Altair has no chance.

Everyone knows their weakness is headpats and affection though.

She is a suicidal teenager OC posted on not-nicovideo, who actually comes from the dying world and has the godly powers that chuunis pretend to have. Though the amazon subs we have are terrible and lots of what Altair says there was pretty much invented (like "movement of the cosmos")

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dunno but she is clearly basically Fanmade Vocaloid ala BRS

Could Saitama beat Chuunihime?

It would be a stalemate, Altair can't damage Saitama by his show rules and Saitama can't kill Altair by her show rules.

Altair can deal with saitama specifically though, move 13 of the cosmos takes him to the state he was in the beginning of his series.

Is it true that meteora becomes a slut?

This would require her not being a slut from day 1

>Implying Saitama will have any time for this fucking gabby

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My heart.

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it depends.

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Meteora only likes her girlfriend.

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And he begins his series already with powers.

What YOU are thinking of is the flashback. Not the same thing.


If you want to be technical, she returned Hikayu to the original state but outright erased the existence of Sho's persona. The point of using that technique was just that she wanted original Hikayu in the ECF, not that it was the best way to defeat her.

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Man. not even 12 posts in and Demonbane comes out...

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Sounds like buddhism made wrong.

What the fuck is demonbane anyway

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Overpowered chuuni VN mecha. Though Altair isn't really that strong anyway (stronger than 99.9% of the characters though, especially 1 on 1). But she still has some limits, so omnipotent characters and characters that murders omnipotent characters on omniverse scale win (except if the opponent is considered fictional or if there is any kind of possible hero asspull to win).

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If the fanart and fandom was what gave Altair her powers, why didn't Souta and gang exploit this and commission some hentai to give them an edge over her? They had like 6 months or something to prepare for their cage match. More than enough time to convince the fandom that Altair enjoys the company of faceless, fat oldmen.

Miku has many doujin where she is raped by men and she is still mostly known as a virtual idol. The hentai doujin would just be more elements to her many fan content, adding and not subtracting of her main content (and it might even bring more people to her community). And at the same time Altair is aware of her many stories, and she really doesn't like people messing with Setsuna's creation so there would be probably a lot of murdered artists before there is any change in how people view her.

The point of the ECF was to provoke a change in how her audience view her (as someone who isn't that strong and could be defeated by heroes of other stories) in a fast way, in front of the vast majority of her fanbase and while she is imprisoned and incapable of doing damage in the real world.

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What was the purpose of Hikayu? Was Altair even the one who turned her real or did she turn real by sheer popularity?

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To be cute_____________ and she succeeded at that.

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It's literally meme power.
Altair taps onto her memes to bullshit her way out of everything. Since she's an OC donut steel with no real lore or backstory to her character, her abilities are taken directly from her meme status and content people make about her. Her whole plan was to make her being able to blow up existence a meme so that she could actually do it.
It's like if Wojak came into existence and there was a meme about him shooting nukes out of his ass. He'd be able to do it. He's an "accepted" character with nothing to draw from but shit people post on the internet.

Everyone was brought by Altair, it was just that after Rui she got lazy and just remotely transported everyone without ever leaving her sofa.

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In the case of Rui. Altair was able to create a near replica of him or the mech to be precise, that was loyal to her. Why didn't she just make copies of the ones who sided with the gov't if she had that ability?

It's not like she was in need of help in the first place. She was fine with them just existing or fighting her, since both ways they would damage the logic of the world. By making copies herself, she is actively using her own powers, causing the universe to fight back directly against her instead of distributing it's response over everyone.

Though it's very possible that her entire original plan was flawed or completely wrong anyway, she isn't some kind of genius like Meteora to make great plans.

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If I remember correctly she had to balance the disturbance brought by creations, in order to destroy the world without them getting expelled back to the story worlds.

Her lion cracks me up.
It's as if it has a personality and it knows its part of a shitty anime and its sole purpose is to subtly ruin the mood by looking absolutely retarded.

It's there to kill every single animator that might survive drawing her.

Wasn't her plan to have all the characters duke it out to use their powers and cause as much damage as possible, which causes the world to implode in on itself trying to correct itself with all the fictional characters running around.

Yes. And doing all that by herself would just get her kicked out.

If Holopsiconing Rui's mecha made the universe reject her existence because she did it, then shouldnt every damage made by characters duking it out also reject her existence because they were brought to the real world also by her Holopsicon?

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But they are their own characters, they exist there even without Altair (in the real world and in their world) while the copy is literally a puppet made from nothing by Altair.

>It's not like she was in need of help in the first place
Yeah, and look how that turned out. Got done in by a beta boy. They should've added in a shot of Aoki and Hiroe laughing it up in the control room.

They exist in their stories and the real world at the same time, which means what Altair pulled into the real world was also a copy, basically.

Literally in the first image.... it's omnipotent

Yet Meteora was still there after she left and the collision was completely undone. They don't need Altair constant supply to exist, unlike the robot that disappeared as soon as she was unable to keep maintaining it. Not to mention real world Selesia for example is affected by the acceptance toward the original Selesia, if it was a simple copy it would have been just a snapshot of the moment she pulled the character.