Are you going to watch this cute and bloodthirsty loli's show?

Are you going to watch this cute and bloodthirsty loli's show?

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Always thought Sao was shit but how can I resist the operator loli?

Will this by PUBG with lolis or typical nip MMO trash with magical powers?

>MC is a lanklet

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GGO was my favorite SAO part so yeah

Am I correct in thinking that Kirito and company don't feature in this at all?

I don't know anything about SAO but the eyecatch and description interested me so I'll give it a try.

i love the pp90 shes holding


Yes, while I wait for superior 3HZ shows like Black Fox and Princess Principal s2.

What is this show?

/k/ here.

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You mean 3Hz, pretender.

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Plan on it

It's an SAO spinoff written by the author of Kino, and takes place in a battle royale style video game but with actual violence and gun trivia. You don't need to have seen SAO to watch it.

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Little girls kicking major ass.

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Of course.

I appreciate the fact that the shorty is actually a self-conscious tall girl in real life.

Nice try, poser.

PUBG with lolis.

>battle royale style video game

At least I know now not to watch it

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lolis clipping through geometry and dying!
lolis desynching and dying then warping to their corpse!
lolis getting hacked by chinese!
lolis selling pink skirts for thousands of dollars!
lolis paying for microtransactions in early access!
lolis seething and shitposting about a F2P game that completely outclasses it!

I don't see why it's a bad thing videogame battle royale without the edge, it feels like a sports series though, or an e-sports series.

with sexy lolis, might I add

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Can't wait for the karen x llenn selfcest doujins

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Not a Nazi or a redneck

Shit I'm down

The PV looked like shit compared to 3Hz other shows.

Is there more to the books than one PUBG tournament? I'd rather read some Fallout Online pvp griefing, with or without SAS "desert sunset" camo lolis.

I'd watch it. also the microtransations are great, I've made my money back at least twice over

Yes, I'm a fan of 3Hz's stuff. I have faith they'll have better character writing than the main series. I'd even be fine if we got another main series arc about Asuna, mother's rosario was great. Anything but fucking Kirito.

It's fine if she's not a loli in real life, we all know what we're going to be fapping to. The P90.