Tokyo Ghoul:re 166

We won, Clownposters.

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Who is this mystery man?

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Reminder that Donato didn't do nothing wrong.

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so is donato controlling (not)eto ande teamed with V?

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Uta is controlling her

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Uta didn't do nothing wrong.

Is there a chapter next week?

It's probably either Donato or Uta but we'll just have to wait and see.

Yes. It is only break when it is double issue.

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Someone should redraw a whole chapter replacing all the eto heads with the cross.

Why do people think that this is eto?

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>giant owl kakuja
>with an owl mask sewed on
>chapter literally called "e t"

where did everything go so wrong........

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I didn't say it was eto.

I just had to do it.

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Eto had bigger boobs though, probably some shitty clone abomination.

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>this kills the etofag

Don't worry guys Eto's head is under the cross.

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Eto and Roma are truly alike aren't they?

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I almost thought the clowns took Eto's corpse then Donato stuck some RC cell magic on her to make them their bitch

Stop Stealing my jokes
Captcha crosswalking

Her head is controlling the giant kagune structure that Kentucky and Kinkishima are about to find.

>giant owl kakuja which has been copied multiple times
>bandages which she was not wearing last time she was seen

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>they took the effort to remove clothes are wrap her in bandages, and add owl's kagune
my only anime-related brainlet for you.

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It's Hairu.

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Except Furuta at least made sure she didn't die as virgin.


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How can she talk without head ?

Except Hairu had bigger tits then Eto.
I mean Etofags can use this argument

>Before Dragon
>"AAA Donato sama fuck my ass gently!"
>After Dragon
>REEEE Donato being a clown ruined his charatcter, he fucking killed Eto!
You people are fucking unbelievable.

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He sure did !

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Post tits comparison, I don't remember.

Notice how the chapters are good when it focuses on ccg instead of ghouls

Here lies Eto 2011-2018

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Fuck no.
This chapter only got so much attention because Eto. It's been quite some time since we had so many TG threads in a row.


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It's ironic cuz I am an etofag...

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Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle Eto's tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.

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Why the fuck these retards still think that Eto is still alive? is that a running joke how retards believe shes still alive no matter what happened in the plot? even if it foreshadowed her death?


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Why does Ishida always try to scientifically explain everything about ghouls, while the Clowns do shit that might aswell be considered magic?

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Is it finally party time?

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I know you guys can be slow as fuck but, this is only her lower body, it's obvious as shit that the head is more than likely one of the 8 Dragon oviducts for revival. Your asspain is blinding you from simple comprehension of detail, your no different than Kaneki.

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How can Furuta perfectly predict the future?

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this is some tumblr shit meme shit. fucking normalfag

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I never said she's alive, but I do remember saying that you are a huge implying faggot, user.

Where's the proofs, user?

Its okay, I know it hurts that she's dead and being used as a puppet

>"L-Le dumblar ecksdee!!"
This damage control is hilarious.

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This manga went to shit when aogiri died.


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i know
just look at thses!You are newcancer no matter fucking what, i bet you never heard of other chans


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Cross head's kind of cute.

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there there...

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h hi

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someone add party glasses to


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>Head is in the Kagune structure
>Use the body as a toy
This is probably the case which adds more to this being Hairu than Eto.

fuck you Ishida


I want to fuck headless Eto


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Ishida puts so many fucking scribbles everywhere now I can't tell what's a much tarot anymore. Looks like there's an eight there

How the fuck did the V guy regenerate his fucking face?
Kaneki got pierced in his head and lost all his memories and somehow this faggot can have his face sliced in half and regenerate no problem.

Where did they store her head?

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Who are the candidates for the other oviducts? Possibilities are: Arima, Tatara, Yoshimura, Shachi, karen. Who else?

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I can see the pussy

If Donato can just plug in a controller it could be pretty much anyone. Tsuneyoshi , any other dead investigator

>not over the cross
not only the manga is full of jobbers, but the threads, too.
Still like it

Arima next right?

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Whoever ishihack can ruin further

stop looking in the mirror user

Why they dont used a buttplug controller on her ?

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I only recently catched up again, and i have to genuinely say that im unsure if this manga has jumped the shark with every other chapter at this point or not.

This stuff is only getting more crazy, i couldnĀ“t make shit like this up if i ever tried.

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I guess that at this point ishida has made enough money, and doesn't care anymore about it.

You though it was the best cover of :re but it was actually a MOTHERFUCKING JoJo's REFERENCE.

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Did darling in the franx have a decent episode that shit poster couldn't spam so he's back here writing fan fiction? Go back, clowns will job