Märchen Mädchen

Reports from some online site reported that the series have been cut short with episode 10 to be the last, although it have also been reported that the chance of the last two episodes getting bluray releases is still not zero yet.
Japanese TV guides are now displaying an "end" sign next to the upcoming episode 10 for the show

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Hazuki hasn't deserved this.
I actually sad now.

Hazuki is a dumb autist

Let's complete Hazuki's story

Her story if finished at last

That's what she deserves for not molesting her new mom and sister.

Poor Häduki.

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Japanese TV guide

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Just put her to rest already

Im happy her author didnt have to see this trainwreck

Why is Japan still using German Titles when they dont speak a word in german?

Just like why Latin, Greek, and French words are widely adopted in English

Because it's a strange and exotic language to them.

More like they spat on his legacy.

German is the chuuni/cool kids language there.

Why not?
It sounds cool. As a native German speaker I'm actually surprised at how nice the title is.

Will this be the death of Hoods?

They've got another show coming up in Spring so no.

Fucking up the contract like that?
I don't know. I imagine they'll have to pay a hefty fine.

For real? I watched some Videos in that japanese People where asked about germany and they didnt know anything at all

Isn't it saying it's the end because it's the last of the time slots they bought?

It's more like English is the cool language and German is the mystical/arcane language.

But from the report linked on OP it seems like there are more to that. It was not displayed at end when it first appears on the schedule either it seems

Report from some sites, it's not really trustworthy

Niconico is certainly not a random site, although I haven't heard of that source they used for this news before

I remember that they made sonic the hedgehog speak english words from time to time to make him sound ''cool''

Is her story destined to remain Uncomplete forever?

If it's to end with episode 10, they'll probably try to just tie things up in a great big rush, using whatever they have already animated.

Hazuki dies.
The end.

Seems like there's an animator "shortage" or some sort of trouble this season. I would have thought so even without this series. Hopefully this doesn't affect projects from here on. I wish you good sleep, Matsu.

>Watashi no Tame no Monogatari ~My Uncompleted Story~

what did they mean by this?

Of course this is the end of this TV run in particular, the last two episodes will be broadcasted at an as of yet unknown date.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

And the train-wreck is complete.

My friend, hazuki, is so cute

Hazuki becomes an exhibitionist.

>two episodes look bad and there's a delay
That term completely died with Mayoiga didn't it

In case you dont know what happened:


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Every animator who dared posting online must now be forever blacklisted from ever working in any other studio. They are obviously ungrateful employees who like talking badly behind the back of their lord and master.

jesus christ
Everyone involved in that shitshow should get kicked out of the anime industry altogether
For a nation that prides itself on honor and politeness you'd think they would have a little respect for an author's work, especially one that's recently deceased

I'd rather watch Glasslip again than that.

You can find countless videos of people from any country being asked about other countries and knowing fuck all about them.
The simple truth is that most people don't know or care to know about other cultures if they aren't relevant to their lives.

I swear every show with Kantoku's character designs ends up a shit show, poor guy.

What was wrong with One Room?

Well I personally like it (maybe just because of Kantoku's art), but I know it's not seen positively by most.

I guess Hadzuki couldn't surpass Team AMERICA's sabotage after all.

I looked at the list of anime he was character designer for, and maybe I was thinking about a different artist because a lot of them were actually quite good.

Nothing, but sadly it was too short. Maybe normalfags out there hate it because it was as self-insert material as it can be or because the sexual imouto was the best girl.

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Henneko was alright, and I would've watched Prism Nana if anything more had come of it.

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>prism nana

Please, don't remind me.

>as self-insert material as it can be
Well, that. This kind of thing feels like I'm being force-fed entertainment. Like it's trying too hard to be liked.
For example, I watched 7 Sins because I hoped for a story+ecchi shenanigans with sexy demon ladies. Barely got half of either. Then 7 Virtues dropped all story and became something like "XXX with Hinako", just with figure-marketing character designs. So I didn't bother with it past 1st episode.

I remember every now and again, it could've been something special.

Imosae was great.

sweet jesus

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I want a season 2 just for the mc to realize he has a little sister.

(I think I was thinking of a different artist when making that statement)

Jesus Christ what a disaster. I don't think anything recent comes close to it.

Qualidea Code was like this for about the entire second half of its airing.

I really liked the concept and it was a fun show, the QUALITY and behind-the-scenes production disaster is a real shame.

It wasn't cancelled though.

Neither was this one.
For a slightly more recent example, there's Long Riders. There was QUALITY everywhere, some delays, and the last two episodes also had to be re-scheduled to a later season.

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Nice get for Häzuki.

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Kekkai Sensen and GuP also had the last episode air on different seasons, and it was still good overall. From what I got, the last two episode will either not happen or just be BD only.


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How much for Ariko's legs? They might be a bit deformed but they're still useful.

All of this just makes Hazuki stronger.

I bet that guy that was the only one that was credited on episode 7 must be feeling pretty silly right now.

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Hæzuki should rewrite her story to that of Princess Cendrilla who got eaten by a zeugl.


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My faith in Hazuki and her international harem remains unfaltering.

I get the feeling I should watch this.

It's a short show divided into three parts, each focusing on a girl. The imouto shows up in the second part.
Shouldn't take you very long to be done with it.

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at least the author doesn't have to deal with reading posts about how bad the anime is.

but english is a mongrel language made out of latin, greek, and french. moonspeak has no german roots.

>at least the author doesn't have to deal with reading posts about how bad the anime is.
>implying heaven2ch isn't kusoposting the heck out of this show

>implying it's not good despite serious production problems

They should pull an EVA and finish it with markers.

i'm doing it for you underage-chan ;___;

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I remember looking at >MAL, it sounded like insecure nuweebs went out of their way to watch something blatantly not made for them so they could brigade around hating it. It's just very straight faced self insert fap/ronery healing bait.

Look on the bright side, she gets to voice a cute operator loli next season in a big name series.

b-but muh cute hayaii-chan ;___;

fuck that bitch


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never did the search myself
but this is it. she better have nice lewds

What's going to happen to the 6th Bluray volume? Is it going to get canned or is that going to become the only way to get episodes 11 and 12?

Now that I think about it I don't think she's American. It's just not possible for someone who lives in the land of burger to be this tiny and slim.

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It did not go well.

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This shot looks fine though


I'd still do Hazuki, even if she was a trap.

has who-chan's smile been protected?

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unknown pending announcement

*especially if she was a trap

This show was cute ;_;

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Sachi nowhere to be found

God damn that Little One Inch.

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I want to sad O'hara's haras.