Is it really okay for girls this young to wear something like this?

Is it really okay for girls this young to wear something like this?

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Name five reasons why it shouldn't be.

Well, that is a drawing. It isn't real. So it doesn't matter.

In real life? No.

As a 2D drawing? Go for it.

It’s okay BECAUSE they’re wearing it

I want to bap those loli tummies

If you're not a pedo you won't care what they're wearing.

Ask the mods

It makes my dick too hard.

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>quoting the OP

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actually no and if you watched ANY of the fate/stay night animes you will know this illya is way too off character.

If the mods delete your thread then yes

Those are cups, not girls.

That is a false, and wholly unscientific statement. A penis can only get *so* erect.

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Long lolis are made for bapping

Aren't they technically like 20ish?

>No good doujins

They're not demons, they're semen cups.

It's more than fine, it's eminently desirable.

Is the new chapter out yet?

While I would love more doujins, prisma got plenty of good ones already.

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Evading again, aren't we.


You actually surpriced me this time. How the hell do you always find me? Are you a jany or mod?

People should be free to wear whatever they want.

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When they reach a more matured age, sure.

We don't cover ourselves up because being nude is lewd

People think nude is lewd because we have spent so long covered up

It should be fine as long as they are supervised by an adult.

I volunteer, of course.

I want the cups to wear nothing but an apron

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Raw for the latest chapter if you missed it

Only if they have cute loli sex with each other.

I wonder why the mods don't delete this general like the others lolicon threads, I mean everytime I come to Sup Forums there's one open?


Nothing wrong with loli threads so they shouldn't be deleted. this however is a prisma thread.

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Which of the prisma illya girls would make the best fuck?

That's only one reason. Go on.

>Is it really okay for girls this young to wear something like this?

If you're a pedophile yes, otherwise fuck no.

>Nothing wrong with loli threads
That's wrong, you know

>however is a prisma thread
I was just wondering, since mods don't like generals and stuff

This one.

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What's wrong with loli threads?

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don't lewd my wife you mouthbreathing mongrel

Too late.

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Loli threads are pretty irregular and hardly a general thing, the issue is only really threads that stay up 24/7 and make a new one as soon as the old one dies.

Loli threads are a thing as old as Sup Forums itsellf so outside of shitty mods like ibab or whatever his name was that admitted they hate Sup Forums they don't really get deleted, or at least shouldn't be. Haven't been on Sup Forums much lately ,perhaps new janitors are shitty.

Eh, I just don't like them. That's enough reason for mods to work.

Why not in real life?

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>Loli threads are a thing as old as Sup Forums itsellf
So it was sakura fish and other old traditions from your older days right? Times change

Fuck off, brainlet. If you want to fuck men, just out yourself like the faggot you are.

Calling the mods

Don't remind me of that one, wish I had 40k yen to waste on a doujin.

Those didn't deserve to get deleted either but they are completely different from loli threads.

>sakura fish
>older days
could you be anymore new?

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It's the ban evader again.
Report and ignore.

What did Hiroyama mean by this?

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Local Police
Sheriff's Department

I don't mind being a newbie

I didn't say they deserve it, but I don't mind mods deleting loli threads

>Sup Forums doesn't like loli now
This is why everyone left for other boards, and why that population was replaced with redditors. It's always I shame when I come back to check on the status of Sup Forums

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Remember when Nanashi was good?

Is a bit flabby

Delicious Flat Chested Schoolgirls?

we need even more loli threads the cure the cancer

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Still quite a few that like loli here, just certain time periods are full of shitposters/offended mods.

Every single thread is infested with redditors and normalfags nowadays, it's pathetic.

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They will be deleted as always and you will get banned.

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Honestly this. Sup Forums loli threads are mile better than nu-Sup Forums trash.

Sup Forums a fucking shithole full of normalfags and ironic weebs now but I guess that what happen something goes mainstream and popular with normalfags.

I want that JC to sit on my dick.

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I did