If Naruto is so shit, then why does it get copied so much instead of One Piece or HxH?

If Naruto is so shit, then why does it get copied so much instead of One Piece or HxH?

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It's not shit. It just has a terrible adaptation that makes it known as shit. It's still fun.

Naruto has had more of a worldwide influence compared to those two even though HxH is leagues better

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If Sasuke is so shit, then why don't they krapica?

> war arc
>Kakashi susanoo
>Dumb and stupid powerups
says it's not shit

Naruto was never bad, the war arc is just longer then half the manga and has it's lowest moments, but naruto is still a strong series overall.
It's iconic, filled to the brim with original execution and has strong identity, naturally it's been copied.

Because quality has never been the reason why shit gets copied?

>Dumb and stupid powerups
And you think the one in One Piece aren't?

some big honcho at jump dont allow OP to be copied OPie

MHA is Naruto but good.

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>worldwide influence
What does that have to do with nip mangaka?

Ok, but if we're going by popularity then why not One Piece?

But early Naruto was great. It only went off the rails later.

>oh no we can't change the future!
>yay Deku! You changed the future by wishing hard enough
>oh no we're going to have to cancel our school play we worked so hard on!
>yay Deku you saved the day by capturing the youtuber villains!
Jesus how does the "Next big shonen" just turn to shit so easily?

Naruto has a lot of HxH inspiration though

Keep complaining and it'll keep selling.

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It does, but then why do mangaka prefer to copy the Narutofied version instead of the OG?

>m-muh sales tho
Why is that Herofags insist on responding to critiscm about the series doing shit lately but don't actual contribute to the discussion properly and just leave some one liner and quirky reaction image while just using its popularity and sales as an excuse.

You cannot tell me that Naruto arcs like the Chuuni examinations weren't good shonen

They just follow the same shounen mold. If you want to make that argument, there's far more stuff "influenced" by Yu yu hakusho.

You don't post anything that warrants a genuine reply, and your threads don't deserve discussion
Stop being an asshole and people will stop treating you like one

I dropped MHA because it literally was worse than Naruto in every way besides art in a strict chapter-to-chapter count.

I have no doubt that MHA will never reach the length or general appeal than Naruto did but even if it did it will undoubtely be worse.

> implying Naruto isn't a rip off

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>Bnhatard crying and pretending to have any sort of discussion standard
Maybe your point would be more credible if you weren't literally talking about something I wouldn't gift to my 11 years old nephew if I had one.

MHA is literally naruto but bad.
I'll admit the mc and rival relationship isn't as "toxic" but that doesn't make it better.

Besides that they literally just copy scenes or ideas but execute them worse, like Stain being a really shit zabuza, without any of the depth, proper build up or character growth.

Or Deku having to punch bakugo cause he shit himself in front of all might, being a bitch version of naruto having to snap sasuke out of it in front of orochimaru. The MHA lacked any sense of urgency or intensity because they weren't in any actual danger, there where no real stakes.

But the scene in naruto had all of that and some, there's an actual possibility of death in their context, the scene calls back to when naruto was frozen in fear and saved by sasuke, and there where layers of build up to the scene with the mental torture that put sasuke in that position, and so on.

I could go on and on but you get the point, MHA is like Kids bop version of Naruto, and black clover is unironcally more original.

Naruto is truly nothing like DBZ in plot or it's execution, they both just follow cliche battle shounen troupes, but besides that they are next to nothing a like in their execution or presentation.

>I'll admit the mc and rival relationship isn't as "toxic" but that doesn't make it better.
>constantly praising your bully while he shits on you
That's just as toxic as putting up with Mr. Superiority Complex, maybe even worse

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It's not just simple "influence" though, the mimicry goes much further than that.

See the Bakugou Retrieval arc, Bakugou is already playing a very Sasuke type role in the series, but then it goes even further than that and replays the same major plot point to start a new arc.

The difference though is while Sasuke had proper motivations and reasons to leave Konoha, including being offered power to reach his only goal. Bakugou was only targeted because Shigaraki saw him act like an angry sperg on tv once and decided that was enough to try and get him to join the VA even though there was no compelling reason for Bakugou to do so. So while Sasuke leaving was a huge shock, you'd have to be retarded to expect the same from Bakugou as the setup for his arc was fucking retarded.

Because OP and HxH isn't that good either.


I had zero idea why people in the fanbase actually thought Bakugou would go the Sasuke way.

But then I realised that BNHA fan are literally all retards and that the author don't give a single fuck aboutproper character building so he could've gone done that route and the retarded fanbase would praise him anyway for "doing cliché right" or some other shit.

Don't know about HxH, but OP didn't really do anything new or revolutionary that Dragon Ball already did.

Naruto copies the jumpsuit and having a rival character to compete with, but not much more than that. Unlike two series I'm talking about.

So would you say it's because has better concepts or something while OP is more mundane?

>OP didn't really do anything new or revolutionary
It didn't, but what sets it apart is that it does what it does well and has stuck to its roots even after nearly 900 chapters. OP is very consistent.

I'm not sure what's more pathetic? Hating Heroaca to the point of retardation of hating Heroaca to the point of defending Naruto.

You do realize that only shitposters like yourself actually thought Bakugou would join the villains right? Also

>The difference though is while Sasuke had proper motivations and reasons to leave Konoha, including being offered power to reach his only goal

No he didn't. He was just asspained that Naruto had finally surpassed him. Betraying Konoha was the most retarded thing he did in the story and made him generally unlikable.

Hell, YYH either invented or popularized the mystic eye power stuff.

Didn't he leave for Orochimaru so he could get strong enough to kill Itachi though? I know Naruto was definitely an influence after he got assblasted when they fought on the rooftop. but Itachi was the main reason, right?

Because naruto is easier to copy

But Naruto is easily better than MHA, though that may not be saying much. Maybe you should try to refute the argument given here and here instead of acting like a little faggoton reddit.

I'd defend Naruto pre-timeskip because I don't even fucking recall 95% of the stuff beyond that over MHA any day

Ah yes, the great bnhatard rebuttal. Oh boy it's sure is handy that someone made up words that you can throw at people you don't like for having better tastes than you.

What the fuck are you talking about? None of those arcs have anything in common and Sasuke betraying Konoha made him a worse character while Bakugou saying fuck you to the villains made people like him more. It was just a way to show that Bakugou wasn't a mentally weak bitch like Sasuke.

>Didn't he leave for Orochimaru so he could get strong enough to kill Itachi though?
He had saw that despite all his years of training he was still not strong enough to beat Itachi but Naruto surpassing him pushed him over the edge. It was basically everything cultivating from his reunion with Itachi that drove him to Orocgimaru, what pisses people off is that Kakashi just gave him a lecture that he'll never get any stronger at his current level if he continues to act on his immature impulse....he then proceeds ti leave Konoha on an immature impulse. Kishi did a really shit job at his characterization.

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>But Naruto is easily better than MHA
Except its true. Most people who kept saying Bakugou would turn were shitposters and people who generally didn't understand his character.

To this day nobody has been able to pinpoint what MHA stole from Naruto that wasn't already apart of shounen manga considering that Naruto was built by copying Ninku, HxH and Dragonball.

Thar answers itself one piece is hard to copy it's a large word with hundreds of characters that would take too much effort to even bother properly emulating.

Naruto is easy as duck and was a blatant huh rip off when it came out.

Elements of one piece have also already been copied by stuff like fairy tail.

None of that its true.

part 1 naruto blows the water out of both of those

Well, user. Now's your chance to prove me wrong. I sure as fuck see it's influence on Sasuke's moveset

HxH is leagues above part 1 Naruto

>Naruto is about a boy with a nine tail fox inside of him trying to become leader of his village so that everyone will respect him

>MHA is about a boy who was born quirkless given the opportunity to join a prestigious hero school thanks to his role model giving him his power to do so

>BC is about a boy who was born with the inability to use magic but was given a special anti-magic sword in order to fight for discrimination in the Kingdom by becoming Wizard King

Look at all those similarities.

>part 1 naruto blows the water out of both of those
No. Part 1 Naruto also had problems it's just better than the mess that Part 2 became.

>special OP power
>become a great *insert something*
that's about it

Your reading comprehension is shit, besides I only made one of these posts fucking retard.

I clearly said that it was obvious that Bakugou wouldn't join
>you'd have to be retarded to expect the same from Bakugou as the setup for his arc was fucking retarded
How the fuck did you interpret that into the opposite of what I said? Does your tiny brain not work or something?

Part 1 Naruto was great up until Konoha Crush.
The saske drama pretty much ruined the show.

All of them started as an underdog/failure and their end goal is to recognized by everyone as the best. It's shonen 101.

Well that's because Kishi admitted that Sasuke was influenced by Hei

So how are they ripping off Naruto?

the chunin exams were better than the hunter exams

they are all shit

Your reading comprehension is shit. I blatantly said that only shitposters like yourself thought that Bakugou would join. The fanbase were warding off retards like you because they understood his character

No shit sherlock

As a whole HxH is still better

Not really. Deku's goal is to become strong in order for him to be able to save people.
His goal isn't to become superhokage.

Why wasn't it that other show with the eye powers that I'm waiting to hear about

hxh doesn't get copied since it sucks dick. It's the only shounen manga where the mc got written off screen and became useless

I didn't say they were. Just an observation.

3x3 Eyes?

It got better fights(at least in the anime), I'll give it that

MC is only irrelevant right now because the of all the haitus. The story will never get to the point to where gon recovers his nen powers. The author will die first.

yea, that one

Why do you keep repeating this retarded strawman of yours, at what point did I say that I thought Bakugou would join the VA, post proof of where I said that.

Because you need high IQ to replicate those series.

>>But then I realised that BNHA fan are literally all retards and that the author don't give a single fuck aboutproper character building so he could've gone done that route and the retarded fanbase would praise him anyway for "doing cliché right" or some other shit.

Multiple MCs retard. Proof that you didn't even watch the anime, let alone read the manga especially the current arc.

That doesn't really matter. The point is an underdog is rising up to become something great

Naruto: disgusting orphan -> Hokage

Asta: dirty peasant -> Wizard King

Deku: bullied irrelevant kid -> Confident Hero

Works for other shounen series

Rin Okumura: ostracized demon -> Well-known Paladin

Luffy: literally who -> Pirate King

Naruto is way easier to copy that's why.

>Luffy: literally who
>son of the leader of the revolutionary army

It's relatively easy to copy (compared to OP and HxH, at least), and it sold a lot. There's not much else to it.

You're describing like a third of all stories ever written in history.

The thing is how they go about achieving their goal. Which is basically rampant power creep.

Yes but the previous reply was acting as if Deku wanting to be a hero was any different from Naruto wanting to be "superhokage"

It is different.
Just like involuntary homicide is different from premeditated murder.

Whining about shitposters while his own arguments consist of "Nope." and "Most people who kept saying Bakugou would turn were shitposters"
Having a sense of irony seems to be above the capability of bnhatards.


If his priority was only to save people he could have tried to become a doctor, but no he wants to be put on a pedestal by other people like AM is.

So he just comes off as an entitled little shit.

>but muh notes!!
I've seen kids make higher quality scouting reports for the nba draft

Take your pills.

Kill yourself retard

The hatebase for Heroaca are truly pathetic. How this manga attract such a autistic hatedom? Reminds me of the wikispammer for One Piece

multiple mc meme shit is another reason it sucks.

I don't really have a dog in this fight, just wanted to say that this is a terrible metaphor. They both (seemingly) have humble origins, they both have a lofty goal, and they both work to achieve it.

If HxH is so shit, why did Naruto copy it so much?

because the other two put a lot more effort in, along with naruto dying down and people trying to take it's spot

You do realize Luffy is the grandson of garp right? He was destined to be powerful even without the fruit unlike all those other who somehow “stumble” into power.

That's not even my post you conflatin' simpleton. Besides, he was clearly talking about BnHAfags there and ot himself, try reading the post again.

The only thing I guess people can hate about is that it's as daring and risky as a pair of safety scissors. BnHA colors within the lines, it's fucking gutless.

BC doesn't do anything different either fag

>No u
So this is the power of bnhatards

If you are used to the whole world revolving and hinging on the MC's every breath (Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, etc) then I guess it would seem weird.

Spouting buzzwords alone doesn't validate your weak as shit argument. But whatever, this fanbase war is just another topic for you shitposters.

Where did in the post I replied to mention BC? He asked why do people hate on BnHA and I gave my two cents. Gotta work on that, buddy.

He didn't say One Piss is good. It isn't.

That's generally what the good series do.

Yorkshin and Dark Continent is shit. Nobody gives a rat's ass about Kurapica.

Fairy Tail copied One Piece and it racked more shekels than Black Nigga and Boku no Pico will ever achieve.