MC and the main villain team up to overcome a bigger foe

>MC and the main villain team up to overcome a bigger foe
Are there more examples of this tropekino?

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Guts and Zodd's electric friendship ride

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Usa and russia during ww2.

Zettai Karen Children



He-Man and Skeletor taking out Horde Prime in the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special.

Luke and vader killing the emperor

>Villians work together to defeat the Hero
Worst trope subversion.

That's also god-tier though, better when the whole rogues gallery gave connections with each other

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It was good dude, in most cases when the villains get assembled they get their ass handled in the end, here they actually won.


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>La creatura

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Célula de oro

brillando Célula de oro

Delete this

>Being relevant in WW2 other than BTFOing island monkeys

I think this is actually more common. There's always a story arc where all the jobber villains team up so the writer can recycle their characters while making them seem like a threat.