Madoka vs Sakura

Who would win in a fight?

Sakura has her Clow Card set and all the Clear Cards seen until now.

Battle can end by death or sealing

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Sakura > Madoka

Sakura < Godoka


Sakura can literally seal Godoka in a card tho and even cut concepts with the Sword.

Only if Godoka wants to.

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Them fighting makes no sense whatsoever. Fuck off with your power level autism.

She is no one abive all.

She is only Multiversal at best.
And can be emotionally manipulated like in rebellion, Sakura can literally manipulate emotions and seal Godoka in a card.

Why not?

If Godoka came to the CLAMP verse, Eriol would sent Sakura to trap her in a card to restore balance since there is already a "Hope".

>Implying Sakura won't find a peaceful way to end the threat with smiles on everyone involved
It's like you haven't watched CCS or something.

She literally goes for the capture the moment she sees a "Card" acting up.

Which Makdoka looks nothing like.

>Eriol would sent Sakura
Sakura follows Eriol's orders now? What show have you been watching?
And why would he have a problem with Madoka? People other than Sakura have magic and it's fine.

Not an argument.

Godoka is the literal manifestation of Hope, aka. A concept.

Which Sakura can turn into a card no problem.

>magical girl power level thread
Madoka could just instantaneously erase Sakura from existing
Plain and simple.
Madoka is also not a literal concept you idiot. She's still a person.



Sakura could literally one shot Madoka woth The Sword or the Erase.

And she survived the destruction of the CLAMP verse and restored it afterwards.

Madoka is literally the concept of Hope.


Id say sakura wins via sealing, but i dont know if she could resist the mindhax.

Nanoha can solo both of them with one Starlight Breaker.

Can Nanoha resist Existance and Conceptual destruction on a fifth dimensional scale?

>Madoka is literally the concept of Hope.
It's supposed to be a metaphor, not a literal interpretation.
She's a person who wished to personally erase witches from being born, and that's what she does. You're not a concept if you physically exist somewhere and need to physically do something.

How much prep time does Nanoha get?

>Madoka didnt become a literal concept

What in the world are you talking about?

An attack that affects a single timeline already implies infinite speed.

Like kicking you as a kid, adult and old at once.

And both Madoka and Sakura can erase you on a conceptual scale.

I dont think preptime really matters.

But lets give her a month.

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I find it extremely odd that Madoka and Sakura could solo almost all major shonen series out there.

>Which Sakura can turn into a card no problem
Only if she has the spell for it. So far all Sakura has sealed are magical beings meant to exist in such sealed form. We're yet to see Sakura sealing an organic living being.

But even assuming she can what I'm talking about is motive. Sakura won't seal Madoka unless she thinks that's a good thing for the latter. Also Godoka pretty much able to bend reality on a whim could made it so Sakura doesn't have a need to seal or even face her at all.

It's the same parable of Sakura VS Nanoha. The White Devil never faces anyone without trying to ask for motives first and Sakura is the friendliest most sociable girl in the Multiverse. The moment Nanoha stops to ask and reveal she's friendly the fight will be over and the two will go eat ice cream.

Isn't the deal that her power seals Clow Cards? Godoka isn't a clow card.

Read this image

Madoka literally has no organic form. She is literally "Hope."

Her rod wasnt made to seal clow cards back into cards, but to seal them into Sakura Cards.

Aka. Literally anything goes.

>Madoka literally has no organic form
Homura proved otherwise.

I mean, yeah?
Theyve never canonically fought each other, thats why its a thread on Sup Forums and not an OVA .

Not to mention Sakura literally endured the destruction of the CLAMP multiverse.

Not to mention Madoka can literally only hurt Witches.

Yes. From the perspective of a mortal, her existence is merely a concept. But to her, she is still very much real and human, just removed from the rest of humanity and the universe.
She has a physical form. You can't grab a concept with no physical form by the wrists, now can you?

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Not really. The cards were made by the most powerful magician Clow aka Eriol. Sakura later inherited that power so she can create new cards. Madoka was never a card to begin with. That 's from the original manga. I don't know if the new series changes anything.

Hell, it rises the question that if Madoka could see the future, why was she taken off guard by Homura?

Either she was just lying to Homira about being able to do so (aka bound by TIME) or she can be emotionally manipilated.

Aka. Sakura still can stomp woth The Time, The Libra, The Change or just conceptually kill her with the Hope

>Hell, it rises the question that if Madoka could see the future, why was she taken off guard by Homura?
because she can't actually see the future.

Sakura. Zero contest. Godoka only exists to defeat witches, and is powerless to do anything else. Meanwhile, Sakura has infinite potential and her card powers are getting more and more broken as she gets older.

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>Not to mention Madoka can literally only hurt Witches.
Madoka literally changed the laws of reality to her will. She can basically do whatever she wants.

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The Clow Cards are all Sakura cards and she doesn't have them right now

She was literally taking Homura away to heaven or somethin to become part of the law of cycles.

Hell, if she can be killed by shattering the soul gem or by just destroying her to the point she cannot regenerate, this is an even one sided win for Sakura.

Eriol made the original cards out of the original concepts that represent them.

Sakura was stated to be stronger or have a bigger potential that him on the last ep of CPS.

If Madoka is a concept, Sakura seals no problem.

If Madoka is human or at least, mortal as a magical girl, there is nothing she can do to counter Sakura's hax.

Then she is bound by time, and thus, can be defeated by The Time.

If she showed the ability to move thru stopped time, shed have a chance tho.

Her wish was to erase Witches from the multiverse, nothin more.

She cannot even stay on earth on a physical form.

The point isn't that they did not, but that they would not. Considering them as mindless blobs of powers instead of characters is retarded.

Well, of course. But this is a compisite Sakura.

Which includes xxxHolic and the CLAMP crossovers where she endured the destruction of the Multiverse.

Literally any male could defeat Sakura because she's just an insanely cock thirty bitch. Whip out your dick and she'd be too focused on it to do anything with her cards.

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>Not to mention Madoka can literally only hurt Witches
Because when have seen her only battling witches the same way we just have seen Sakura sealing only magical beings that are intended to become cards. You can't play broad strokes for one side and disregard the other.

As a Goddess, she must live as a conceptual life form that is inconceivable to others, as such if her opponent isn't a potential threat to humanity (as clarified in Wraith Arc), or a witch, she cannot combat them. This shouldn't come up however, due to verse equalization.

The point is she has a physical, organic form, and not a concept. The only times she comes to the physical realm was to erase witches, and I guess to play ghost with her little brother.
>but her wish
Is all she chooses to do with her reality warping powers. She can actually fight things besides witches, too. She killed all the Incubators watching them in Rebellion. The reason we don't see her fight anything else is because she doesn't want to.

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Wraith arc isn't canon, user.

>when have seen her only battling witches
When have we seen her fighting anything other than witches? She's not even strong, she snipes the witches as they're born, while they're still in the soul gem. She's not strong, she's just omnipresent.

Time is tricky since it drains Sakura pretty fucking fast and makes her almost unable to use any other card. And we're talking deep into Season 3 when she was at her strongest.

We don't know enough of Madoka's powers to know what would happen if she changes bodies. Again you're only approaching this from the CLAMP canon.

Libra will only make Madoka being even more honest with herself and thus more powerful.

And lastly I don't see Sakura ever using lethal magic against another sentinent being. Much less one who is a friendly little girl.

Current Sakura is far from the level to stand up to a god and there's no adult CCS Sakura yet.

Making Godoka Physical males her vulnerable to more attacks from Sakura.

And Sakura kills anything Godoka could do with Time Stop and The Maze.

Just assume both are bloodlusted for the fight.

Libra is a form of Mind Reading, tho.

And technically, Sakura from the CLAMP crossovers is far, far stronger than the sakura we saw on Seasom 3 or even the movies.

>just omnipresent
It means you will lower you're guard to her whether you want it or not.

Why are you only looking at this from the perspective of Sakura? Madoka is literally a reality warping goddess.

>I find it extremely odd that Madoka and Sakura could solo almost all major shonen series out there.
Must be a newfag then. Overpowered lolis are fucking everywhere.

Current Sakura is creating cards out of her wishes.

>She's not strong, she's just omnipresent
Are you pretending to be stupid?

>Just assume both are bloodlusted for the fight
This makes the fight pointless.

>Madoka can do anything

Wank and no limits falacy.

We didnt see her do it nor stated to be able to do spmething? She cannot do it.

First off, Goddess is a title.
If you say all goddesses are the same in power levels, youd be forced to assume Palutena or fucking Aqua from Konosuba could kill everyone in fiction.

Sakura resists reality warping with The Shield and by herself in the CLAMP crossovers.

Which is far from world-shaping power.

Oh shit.

Yeah, Rika from Higurashi could probably beat them both.

What in the world are you talking about?

You know conceptual manipulation is far, faaaar stronger than reality warping?

>Sakura resists reality warping with The Shield and by herself in the CLAMP crossovers
Sauce? One thing is making a pocket dimension and one very different is shaping the laws of the world and history itself.

>stupid powerlevel wanking between series that have ZERO powerlevel shit
It's stupid. It's beyond stupid. Accepting shounenfags was a fucking mistake.
Mods should just destroy all shounenshit threads. They have to.

>You know conceptual manipulation is far, faaaar stronger than reality warping?
Only at the appropriate level. So far the Clear Cards only bend elements and physics in present time and small areas.

The Shield protects her from other concepts. Like The Time.

And the Loop lets her create alternate timelines.

I tought i made it clear (lol) that im discussing Composite Sakura (Movies, CLAMPverse events, etc.)

And Sakura could still seal Madoka with the wand.

Changing the entire universe, its history, and its laws of physics is and extremely high bar.

>And Sakura could still seal Madoka with the wand
Madoka wasn't made by Clow or Sakura so that's debatable until Sakura seals a demon, ghost or god into a card.

>And the Loop lets her create alternate timelines
No it doesn't. It just bends space to create a loop.

Depends on the amount of timelines.

CANON Madoka can just affect one of em.

But if you take statements from the non canon Homura Tamura manga, she is then able to manipulate infinite timelines.

Sakura can already create timelines with the Loop.

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>creating a separate time-space that loops for infinity is not creating a timeline

She can also seal her with the Lock.

And as ive said before, the crow cards were made out of concepts, and Sakura was able to seal them into her own time of card directly.

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Could Gold Experience Requiem kill Madoka?

The point is Sakura has it in herself to create a card from the "concept" originating from her. Madoka is an OUTSIDER force. Take it as I have in my head a version of your waifu, but she's sure as hell NOT the waifu you holds dear because my version is simply different. Besides Sakura becomes a card maker with that power not a collector.

Where in the god loving hell did you take that from?

The concepts were never, ever, inside Sakura. That just makes no sense.

And, the concepts in the Madoka and CLAMPverse are loterally terms like "Hope" and "Time".

Madoka literally becomes Hope in the madoka verse and i dont really see why she couldnt be sealed just like The Hope.

>And as ive said before, the crow cards were made out of concepts
By Clow's magic which was a big factor in what can or can't affect them as the series went on. There's no canon instance that Sakura would be able to seal entities foreign to her magic or Clow's. She had to make a new spell to chance the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards and had to make an entirely new wand to seal the Clear Cards. Her current canon resources won't seal Madoka unless specifically stated.

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>i dont really see why she couldnt be sealed just like The Hope
Because The Hope Card was made by Clow's magic and Madoka wasn't.

Its literally a matter of verse equalization.

If Madoka is considered a concept in the CLAMP verse, then Sakura can seal her no problem.

Clow Cards were made oit of concepts by Eriol.

Sakura was confirmed stronger than Eriol or at least with a higher potential while sealing 4 concepts at once at the last episode of ccs.

>The concepts were never, ever, inside Sakura.
Not literally, but Love card is the most notable one. It's similar to your recognition/acknowledgment of anything in this world. Contemplate about that instead of shitty powerlevels for a change. Or read the fucking manga.

I guess Sakura had the ability to The World inside of her all along then.

>Godoka is stronger in 99% of relevant abilities and powers and situations
>therefore my waifu wins

nice reasoning dumbass

We shall see with the CCS sequel. Personally I think CLAMP dragging one of their nicely done series instead of continuing their dead ones is a dick move.

After readin thru this

I have to say Sakura has more ways to end Mado than the other way around.

What can Godoka do to a normal human?

Not only she cannot do that as stated in the Wraith Arc Manga, she is only able to change infinite timelines by scaling to the non canon tamura manga.

That will only be feasible when Sakura seals a concept not made by Clow or herself in canon. Which she hasn't to date.

Eriol is weaker than Clow having only half of his magic. And potential needs to be realized before being taken into account. Sakura is still far from it

The fun thing is that if we remove Godoka from the equation Nanoha has high chances to beat either Madoka or Sakura just by virtue of being the only one with actual hostile combat expertise and a tactical mindset. Sakura can be taken down if she's taken off guard before she can use the proper card to win the fight. Nanoha has the disposition to strike at full force without hesitation with devastating non-lethal force.

Why would they fight? It's like you get the point of Magical Girls, the hope, dreams and friendships that are a bedrock of the genre. Most likely they'd go off and share some sweet thing while chatting animatedly about magic and girly things.

We've been telling OP this all thread long but he wants blood and Sakura wank.

Just throw all the Magical girls in then. Usagi and the Senshi, and the Precures. Honestly the Precures would give Sakura a run for her money.

Haven't seen Precure but by the sound of it they seem DBZ tier.

*blocks your path*

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