What do you think the Archetype Controller is and where is it and who hands it in?
Also what can it do?

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All I know is that Coronzon bring up trying to get the Archtype controller in NT 18 or NT 19.

Is this what will happen when WILL and Mikoto meet each other?

I'd assume it would control Espers or at the very least AIM or maybe phases. Probably some Kihara has it or maybe Heaven's Canceller. Considering that Aleister left the space program and the medical equipment untouched with his virus, it's probably a part of those.

More like this

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For the convo about drugs from the previous thread, a reminder.

>Based on their genetic information and their school counseling, we can find no points in common between their bodies or minds. Nevertheless, the basic theory and scope of the power that has manifested in them is almost identical and the Tree Diagram has given both of them the possibility of reaching Level 5.

>(*Important Note: This point holds the possibility of overturning the fundamental idea of researching the brain to develop esper powers. The brain is a necessary component, but there may be more than just that. I hope you treat this part especially carefully.)

>While this is an extremely unique situation, the two of them will end up plateauing at around Level 3 if they are given the standard Curriculum.

>We must prune one of them and focus on the other.

>We must make the decision before they enter the harsh hormone fluctuations of adolescence to ensure their talent is not crushed.

>To decide between Shokuhou Misaki and Mitsuari Ayu, please reference the attached Parameter List.

>And whichever one is chosen as the master, I recommend leaving the other as a slave. If the master happens to die, the equipment and funding focused on her can be reinvested into the slave for a second chance at developing a Level 5 under the same circumstances.

So yeah, Level 5s get something different from everyone else.

I don't know how much of this shit is going to make it into the anime, but biblefags are gonna have a field day with this one.

"Also, the Virgin Mary wasn’t just second behind the Son of God in Christianity, even if she
was placed in front of other saints, she existed because she managed to bear the Son of
God, so she did have a tremendous power. And there were many who praised the Virgin
Mary through the Virgin Mary Worship, she treated everyone equally mercifully, unlike
the strict and just Son of God who ruled the world. This even gave the higher ups of the
Roman Catholic Church a dangerous feeling that Virgin Mary Worship would become

Railgun chapter is up, not dumping though - tieba.baidu.com/p/5617890776

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Iruka is the strongest!

Rakko a Racute

That accurate, Mexico worships the Virgin Mary for instance

I've always found Catholicism weird because of the odd worship they have for saints. That shits a commandment y'know?

>t. Jew

Is the girl with her hands in her sleeves going to be the main enemy of the Jailbreak Arc?

Who is that guy with the bear mask, the more I see him the more I want to know about him.

Some one dump them

Cute little lying ninja.

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They will fuse when they meet.

Will will kick Mikoto inbetween the legs if they do meet.

They're gonna fuck.

Will thanks her for saving her

>Will giving a shit about Mikoto

It never mentioned Mikoto in any of its conversations with either Touma or Accelerator. If its just an Aleister AI like has been evidenced, it'll consider Mikoto irrelevant just like Aleister does. Its not what it says it is.

>Aleister AI like has been evidenced

There's no evidence for this at all. People say this because she says things related to 'do what thou wilt' and shit, but alot of characters say stuff like that. It's literally the whole speech Touma gave to Accel back in WW3 for example.

There's plenty of evidence for Will being an Aleister AI, though.

I think the true bonding of all the world’s laws is what will start the Aeon of Horus because Coronzon said that what it trying to prevent from happening

No, there's not. The "evidence" people have posted is "She says thelema-related stuff" and "It seems like something Aleister might do". That's it. That's not evidence.

People just create theories in this fandom and just assume they're right. Everyone was sure the thing in Touma's right arm was Choronzon for like eight fucking years.

You mean assumptions.

>“Maxwell, search for a way into the school. Physically, I mean.”

>“Umm, this is a hard for me to say.”

>“You don’t get to say there isn’t one and I have to give up. Itou Helen and the Class Rep are in there.”

>“That is not what I meant. Do you perhaps remember the spider web of underground tunnels the Bright Cross built below Kukyou City for their abduction infrastructure? Well, the delivery drones appear to be avoiding indoor areas, so that would be super safe.”

>“I’m such an idiot!!”
You're on a roll, Satori

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nt20 in june

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Aleister doesn't use Christian magic though

Because the conversations werent about Mikoto

nt20 july?

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>Thelema literally translates to "will"
>Will was shown to know things that a being truly made up of the thoughts and feelings of all the clones, living and dead, should not know
>Suspiciously shows up when Accelerator is thinking about the true purpose of AC and Aleister
>Has a nonsensical limit on when it can manifest (If it's truly just a thought entity, it should be able to appear whenever at least one clone is alive and thinking, which should be all the time considering the clones are now spread out in different timezones.)
>Talks about being "the true thoughts and feelings and the clones" yet backpedals and implies it doesn't want to interfere with the clones, which means it would be imposing itself upon a clone if it were to control a clone 24/7. Just how do your "true thoughts and feelings" impose itself upon you?

It all adds up.


Mikoto = Best

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I disagree.

I agree

The fact Will seemed to imply it was speaking for Last Order in NT6 ("this is how I really feel") yet backpedaled in NT10 ("this world belongs to all of you, I won't interfere") is suspicious. So which is it? Are you the true thoughts and feelings of all the clones including Last Order, which means you aren't "interfering" or are you some separate entity from the clones that would be overwriting their will if you took over? It can't be both.

Satori also thinks of things faster than his girlfriend that chapter.

Mikoto will forget about her like she did WORST

Mikoto didn't forget about Worst. She completely ignored her and the fact she outright said "they made other clone projects right under your nose"

Best = shit
I agree

There is nothing worse than dumping on Sup Forums

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stupid sneaky lolibaba

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And bullies her over it.

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koga vs the scavengers soon

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It's time to start pulling your weight, moeblob. She couldn't have made it that far without having some kind of gimmick.

I bet Tsuchimikado, Misaka and Maika are already in England

Nah, they went to Australia.

How so?

Sleeves girl is cute!

>Tsuchimikado senses Amakusa magic the moment Lola teleports
>Gets in contact with them to teleport directly to England
Then shit might have happened between Misaka and Tsuchimikado but he might reach the conclusion that the AAA is related to Aleister and might manage to convice her to go England and get the AAA examined there, he doesnt hurts her because she is friends with Maika obviously

>yfw it actually is Aihana and the girl is the one at the end of NT12 he sends his name to

>"…And the angry Class Rep is down there. If she catches me, it’s all over. She might grab both my legs and torment my balls with her lovely foot. Ahhh, she did agree to seal that away long ago, but you never know…”
Satori please.

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>I'm.... a Tanuki

Jealous Maxwell is most effective Maxwell.

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She could be both if the theory about WILL being the personally that would replace Mikoto at 53% to LVL 6 but do to the fact that Touma stop it right around the born of the new personally. The black hand from the Daihaseisai Arc was WILL when it about to be born. Also the reason the black hands try to consume Mikoto but Touma stop that. WILL before it became WILL then escape into the Network and use the info there to complete itself. It then ended up as some kind of mix of what the new personally would of bet and the overall info in network. Leaving WILL as both the Will of the Network and not and also neither

Astral buddy spoilers when?

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Kakine confirmed for jobbing to Mikoto and becoming the true #3

That because sleeveless girl is the main enemy of the Jailbreak Arc. She making herself seen weak and needing protecting. Well she take down everyone else for what final goal who knows. Maybe it will have to do with the Agitate Halation being made in NT 7.

Because they were with Fran someone possess by Coronzon so they may of already fell under Coronzon possession.

Remember Amaskusa teleport magic can only work in Japan from OT 7

Refresh my memory, how did Lola teleported to the WB then?

Yeah the art gets worse.

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She didn't necessarily teleport. Fran said a team from Necessarius was coming, and it likely was just her

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fuck off

She use the Amaskusa teleport spell because they use the Japanese Ley Line and the places they cross to teleport. Lucky one of those place of Ley Lines crossing is under the Windowless Building and with the giant hole made by Touma's group she get it and jump Crowley who was to busy which Touma to see that she was there.

I meet sleeve girl

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I see why you think Sleeve girl may have something to do with the Agitate Halation because so far she does fill the things need for the Agitate Halation to work.

bro this magician is going to slay next novel

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Expect something at Comiket and AX.

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So much for that argument

I know her last name really is Shokuhou but really, the nickname I gave her REALLY suits her horrible character. Yes, a lot of fans really like this character. And I’m just gonna be blunt her, I don’t get it. I think she’s the most overrated character in the whole franchise. How much to I hate this bitch? Well, let me compare her to two other anime characters I hate with a burning passion. Louise the Zero from Familiar of Zero, and Tomoki from Heaven’s Lost Property. If Shokuwhore were to be in a death battle with Louise, I would honestly root for the latter to turn her into a frog, and stomp on her until she’s nothing more than green mush. As for Tomoki, I would honestly want him to treat Misaki like complete and utter shit if she were to be an angeloid taking Ikaros’ place. Yeah, I LOATHE her THIS much!

First off, is anyone else sick of seeing this character archetype? The snobby show off rival who tries to take the main heroine down? I swear, her only character trait to to look and act superior to Misaka, troll her whenever she can, and just put her down and screw her over just for shits and giggles! And at first, I thought “Okay, she’s meant to be the rival character, meaning we’re not suppose to like her. She’s basically Misaka’s answer to Sayoko from Ah! My Goddess. She’s only there to flaunt and show off so that we can root for Misaka to come up on top and have the last laugh.” That’s fine. But what’s making me starting to question that is all the fucking attention this whore-bag’s been getting recently!


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I mean, she has a backstory in the Daihasei Festival Arc, she hogs up the majority of the remaining chapters of said arc, and she’s getting an entire light novel dedicated to her back story involving Touma! Okay, not that I’m the biggest MisakaxTouma shipper, but I would rather have Misaka win his heart just so she can fuck that whore in her place! I’m just SO tired seeing scans of the manga where Misaki trolls Misaka in some way making her annoyed and practically getting away scott free! All because of her goddamn mental out ability making her untouchable!

Kamachi, if you ever read this, I have to ask……WHO exactly are we suppose to root for here?! Because lately you’ve been giving this unlikable whore SO MUCH attention it’s making me think you want us to switch sides! Do you think we like seeing a main character we’ve grown to love and care for after going through so much shit thrown at her, get put down and humiliated by some whore who try’s to act superior by having big boobs, and almost NEVER see her go through karma?! If you are gonna keep having Shokuhou get away with everything she’s been doing, it almost makes me wanna NOT read your manga! Yeah, for a series that I enjoy so much, that is a TERRIBLE flaw to have with it!!!!!!!!

*Sigh* So sorry to rage so much, is just that I’m sick and tired of seeing this awful character in so many posts. If there’s any other fans who understands where I’m coming from and hates this slut as much as I do, PLEASE. Give me a shout out…..I don’t want to feel like I’m in a small minority on this….

looks like the teenagers are bored again

How long do you think Jailbreakers is going to be, anyway? I can't help but think its going to just be another mini arc

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