Gakkou Gurashi! chapter 62

>This concludes Bowman’s interpretation.

>Ch. 62 Everyone

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>Randall Protection Agency plans to sterilize this whole area by heat.
>Using bombs, probably.
>We can’t escape with the car.

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>Is there a meaning for this?

>There is no meaning since the aerial infection is spread.
>It’s just to relieve themselves.

>Then… if we ask for them to stop…

>Bowman, what’s the possibility of Randall Protection Agency changing their policy?

>About 3.7%.


>Can’t we persuade them somehow…?

>If we have a material to persuade them…

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>We go down.
>There is an underground passage down here.
>An underground passage is fine too.
>And if we go down a bit more,
>it will be fine.
>If we are done deciding, let’s go and start packing our stuff!

>…kkk (Laughing noise)

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>What do you think of Yuki-chan’s idea?

>It’s a suggestion with full of holes just like her.
>We haven’t secured the bottom floors,
>Other than that, there are also oxygen deficiency, intense heat, roof fall and etc.
>To be honest, it will be difficult.

>I see.

>But even so,

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>We can’t give up without doing anything.
>That’s probably what Yuki-senpai wanted to say.

>Do you know why she
>said that?

>A deal…
>It’s about Kurumi-senpai.

>We don’t have much time.

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>Don’t you think if we have a chance to fix, then we should get that chance?


>I wouldn’t be doing this if it was only us.
>But there are people in University waiting for us.
>We can probably save a lot of people’s lives.

>But even so…
>They know there are people here and they still plan to burn here.
>You want to hand Kurumi-senpai over to them?

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>You want to survive
>by sacrificing Kurumi-senpai?!


>We could get teared apart.

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>*Door noise*


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>Huh, Shiiko-san.
>You are still here?
>Let’s hurry up and pack.
>Come on, if we do it together, it will be done soon, you know?

>You are shameless.

>You think it will be alright if you can lie and pass it on for now, right?

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>*Door closes*



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>is this not working out well?

>That is
>the isolation (會者定離),
>I say.


>Those who meet are fated
>to leave.
>That is the nature of this world,
>I say.

>I know that.
>Then at least,
>I want us to stay together until the end.

>You want to stay together until the end.
>Why is that?

>Because it’s scary…

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>You hate it
>it’s scary?

>That’s not it…

>A connection came in.


>Ku.. Kurumi-chan…

>Hey, did Yuki come here?

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>I don’t see her anywhere.

>You have the smart phone.

>Huh, you can call with this thing?

>There is a transceiver mode that sends radio wave with one smart phone.
>You can make a phone call without the telephone circuit.

>I see, thanks!
>Are you not coming?

>I’m too busy right now.

>Thank you…

>*Door closes*

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>Come here,
>Everyone is waiting.
>What are you talking about…
>We will go together…
>because we are school-life club.

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>I’m sorry.
>I lied to you.
>I don’t think we will survive
>even if we go hide in the underground now.

>Umm, mind if I?


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>What are you doing?

>Your face is back to normal.

>Was it that weird?

>You tried to lie with that expression?
>It was so funny.

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>I see…
>That’s it!

>What is?!

>The reason I want us to be together.
>You know,
>You can’t see what face you are making when you are alone.

>Hmm, Bowman-kun, huh?

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>You want to be together until the end
>is because
>you want to confirm that you are you,
>I say.

>Right, trying your best for Kurumi-senpai is just like you, Yuki-senpai.

>Not just Kurumi-chan.
>I will try my best for Mii-kun too.

>That’s not what I meant.
>You wouldn't be yourself if Kurumi-senpai is not here, Yuki-senpai.

>Yeah, Miki wouldn't be Miki if you don’t correct Yuki.

>And Kurumi couldn’t climb up by herself.

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>Rii-san is taking care of us
>because we cause trouble.

>Ain’t I the only one making a loss?

>That’s why we have to be together.

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>Not everyone can be together.

>The isolation, huh?

>What’s that?

>Kurumi-chan, an extra study session for you later.


>We will get separated eventually
>so right now,
>I want to stay like us.

>What is “like us”?

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>It’s not like us to survive
>by sacrificing Kurumi-senpai.

>You are right but…
>Going to the underground and waiting for the last moment like this is…

>That is not like us too.

>Then what should we do?
>I don’t know…

>You don’t know because
>you are trying to satisfy
>every condition.
>You can narrow down the precious things into one,
>I say.


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>…Hey, Yuki.

>What is it?

>You know about my body condition, right?
>Are you going to okay,
>even when I’m gone?

>No, I’m not.
>It’s obvious.

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>But still
>We have to be separated soon.


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>In what way, should we get separated
>so you can be yourself?

>I don’t…
>What is like me?
>What is like me?

>That is
>for you to decide, Yuki-chan.

>It’s okay.
>I believe in you, senpai.

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>Shiiko-san, wake up. It’s morning.


>Good morning.

>…What’s wrong?

>Did you stay up all night?

>Well, yeah.

>have decided what to do.

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>Is that so?

>So, come with us, Shiiko-san.

>If you decided, then that is fine.

>NO, it’s not.
>You are very smart, Shiiko-san
>there are many things you don’t know if you are alone.


>You’ll see what I’m talking about.

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>can’t even see what face they are making when they are alone.

End of Chapter 62.
Break next month.

What a great chapter. It got so much better after that long hiatus.
>Break next month
And then there is this break.
They are busy with the live action movie, probably. Or season 2 but we can hope.
Thank you all and see you in May, I guess.

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Godspeed, user. Thanks a bunch.

Thank you user.
Are they going to be diejobu?

Only Kurumi is.

>Let's die

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WAIT, did Yuuri fucking die?

Nevermind, I didn't notice her

They're all about to be fucking dead in like 2 days.

Now that the girls have finally resigned themselves to die via nuke i'm fully expecting a 28 days later situation where the military shoots everyone they come across and torches the bodies.

Fuck. I don't like where this is going.

Thanks user.

Well. What can you do against Bio-Weapons?

Quarantine, Sterilization with Loads of Napalm, Glassing.

Well. What else can you do? Collect the Zombies one by one, bag em up and incinerate them? Then you'd have to patrol and clean EVERYTHING. Maybe even the trees. And hope there is no other infection vector.