Cakes deserve to be unhappy

Cakes deserve to be unhappy

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Unhappiness is a privilege.

No they should not. 99% of cakes are girls who were attractive in their youth but chose to hold out for the super alpha hot guys while rejecting the betas they start going for once their biological clock starts ticking.


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Life is a privilege, not a right. Revoke your privilege.


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No a cake

Happy cakes are best cakes

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Would you a japanese cake?

You deserve to be unhappy.

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inb4 normalfags

Reminder that irl cakes are either literal hambeasts or have deep mental problems. Many are single mothers.

Cakes deserve to be happy.

One of my big issues with cakes irl is that they don't take care of their health. If there was a cake who I got along with who went to the Gym at least as often as I did, then I'd be happier


I would if I was attracted to her and she had a good personality.

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That or they go cockgobling and become washed up, realizing too late to settle down. In that point only suitors left are (you) and other losers


Let's be real, we're talking about a 25 year old woman, AT LEAST. That means that the maximum possible years of "cute girl" you're getting out of her is 15, less if she's older/more if you manage a genetic lottery. Assume she's a loss though.

Would you rather have your wife be cute for 17/18 years, or 13/12 years? Time flies my man.

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I'd rather be in love with my wife for who she is and not what she looks like.

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Chihaya > Kaede

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Set your sights higher my man. Want her to love you and be attractive.

Not that user but cakes are alone for a reason, not the looks. Honestly, woman in late 20s doesnt look good either outiside 2D

>Set your sights higher my man
You're either:
1. Young and naive
2. One of the (extremely rare) normalfags that actually come to this dreaded place

Either way you need to leave immediately for our sake and yours.

Maybe if you're a pedo

Obviously, i'm 31 so they're in my strike zone

I'd do anything for a cake


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People look best between 16 and 21, thats annot objective fact. Everything older degrades

You're degrading.

Why is there no cake slice of life where they meet in the bar after work to have fun?

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Would you do "that"?

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Cakes mindset

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Cakes deserve to have their limbs cut off and used as living Onaholes

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Where have you been this season?

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Tbh I never got the stigma against cakes. They usually have spergy kids. Imagine a world where everyone was autistic.

>People shilling used goodd past their prime

is it bad to want a cake since if I was a woman, i'd get the label too?
asking for a tomodachi of course

By definition and symptoms, everyone already is autistic.

This is correct and that's why they deserve to be with me.

No cakes for me. Just young and fertile girls!

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where have i seen this pic before? i dont quite remember the doujin

[twilight zone theme]

Reverse image search returns at least 50 results

Well looks like i have quite the diggin up to do.

>she's devoid even of limbs
>she is tall at 175 cm

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Yeah, for some reason it doesn't update to she "was" tall at all

no bulli

Younger guys actually give cakes normal healthy kids

>Quadruple amputee
>Toned and muscular

Occasional prayer, etc.

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Real cakes sure but this is anime cakes who can't find a man for some reason (it's the same reason)

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I have. Would recommend, if you don't mind the risk of hitting a yandere.

Hard working cakes are so inspiring.

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>implying your average cake is fit to parent

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What are the odds of finding a yandere IRL in the first place? i think they are pretty rare honestly, let alone a yandere cake

>not keeping your onaholes as muscular as possible

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Probably super shitty, but I came close to it, she was a little scary towards the end. I was 16 and she was 43. What are the odds of that?



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*****In This Website*****

2D deserve happiness, 3D on the other hand...


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Was Takunomi everything we hoped for?

Pretty easily. If you meet an attractive woman (especially if she’s a little older) with no friends, lover, or close family, run away. Something is VERY wrong with her.

t. Woke up by police at 3 AM because the crazy bitch smeared my name in freshly killed animal blood all over her apartment wall

Somewhat disappointing, but glad it exists.

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Are you going steady then sempai?

Lurk more

>Have a sugar mama cake
>She surprisingly didn't spend her late teens and twenties riding the cock carousel
>Spent all her time being 'career focused'
>She has creeping terror that pops up over her age and fertility

Not all cakes were whores. Just most of them.

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I too would be uncomfortable if I had to commute via the Marunouchi Line.

Fuck off, robot.

>tfw no cake skinwalker gf

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only if i was their age

why would i as a 20 something year old get involved with a 30 or 40 something year old?

>t. Woke up by police at 3 AM because the crazy bitch smeared my name in freshly killed animal blood all over her apartment wall

I'm sorry, what?


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Fuck off, retard.

>that body
Even if youre workaholic of highest degree there is no way youre a fucking cake, even in anime

what is this

Most of these chicks have been ridden hard and put away wet. Do not put dick in crazy

In fact I should get on that since its only 3 years for me to get Japanese citizenship.
Also this image is based on the Marunouchi line at Ikebukuro Station looks like a pre retrofit 02 series.
Not autism i just recognize most of this image.


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In anime cakes usually end up cakes because they spent all their time studying/careering, or they were an ornery bitch who frightened men, or they’re just incredibly immature on top of autism. My personal favorite idea is that cakes are failed tsunderes. Socially awkward cakes who live in their rooms are alright, but I always preferred the type who realize they’re too “intense” for most guys and embarrass themselves trying to act demure while trying to bag a man.

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>yea my friend got killed, skinned, and worn like a coat but I got to fuck the thing that wore her and it was wicked, so it's all cool
Reminds me of those "horror" manga with sociopathic characters

She is probably more mature, and i believe she is going to ask for sex every 5 minutes or so, gotta quench the thirst of all those years user.

Only if they like older men
>tfw 28 but look 16 cause asian

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Did he expect anyone to believe this?


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>looks of an goddess

At their current age i doubt they would be picky about that of all things

Wise words. Indescribably erotic as it is to see that utterly deranged look on a crazy girl’s face while she mates like a feral beast because her frontal lobes aren’t telling her to “stop it” so her Id is basically 100% in control of her actions. Not worth it.

>having a sugar mama


From each according to their ability to each according to their need.
attractive ----> sex
smart ----> academics
creative ----> entertainment
tough ----> labor

so cakes are for ploughing

I like cakes because there’s something pure about the younger dude initiating the naïve older girl

Just pulling from my own experience with my job, but you'd be surprised how many attractive looking 30-something or even 40-something unmarried women I see.

I don't exactly beg for things, and I surprisingly do enjoy spending time with her. Not saying it's an ideal arrangement, but it's been working out for both of us.

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