Aikatsu and Pripara

Final episode in a couple of hours.

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I want to fuck Lala.

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IT wasn't bad.

My only complaint is the dropped plotline with Hibiki and the Hanazonos.

Today’s your last chance.

Honestly that one could have been a pretty good movie hook, but IT doesn't have a movie.

Is Pripara for intellectuals such as myself?

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>Hibiki tries to do something that will destroy PriPara again, but this time due to pure arrogance and no deep-seated personal issues
I'd watch it

This episode is gonna reveal that Lala was actually comatose and imagining all the events of Pripara, basing all the characters on her classmates who'd bully her for her weird speech tick

>tfw checked out yesterdays Precure episode
>it's about ice skating and features het-like situation
>yellow basically does Prism Jump
>pink is very similar to Naru
>guy skater is a mix of Hiro and Louis
>written by Hishida Masakazu and Tsubota Fumi
What the fuck?

Still waiting for Pripara ULTRA MEGA MIX Vol. 3

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Do not bully Jymmy!

How about you buy it yourself
fucking poorfag

Yeah, the last episode was straight up Rainbow Live. Villain even seems like a June(male), in that he was a well-meaning guy that got ntr'd by fate and took it out on some other dimension.

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But why did he fuck Pupple?

I would still be waiting

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Do you have Tricolore birthday pictures?

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I want to see his knickers.

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Best Couple

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On a scale of Magical Change to OG Aikatsu, how much will you miss PriPara once it is gone?

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Somewhere around Lady and Rainbow Live.


the death of pripara is a price worth paying to make sure Ajimi never darkens an episode of anime ever again.

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There is always a chance that Ajimi follows the path of Cosmo and appears in another show.

I hate this. I love this.

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Then I'll just have to drop that show too.

Fuck off, Hibiki!

I never got quite as attached to PP as some other user's but its definitely gonna be sad to see them go after such a long time. Great show and lots of great memories that wont be forgotten. But I also have to agree with I don't think I'll ever miss anything as much as OG Aikatsu though.

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Aion cinemas are going to show the mythical second movie on the 31st, as well as they Hibiki course of the Puchuu movie.

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When does Friends begin?

Thursday next week.

Thanks. Prichan will change time slot, right? Does that mean it also begins this week?

I want to kiss a dream.

Prichan is on the 8th of next month right after super hero time

Disregard that'also'. I'm sleeping.

I heard that AiFure will not be about first year students.

It isn't, most of them are second years and Ema is a third year.

That's unusual. Learning about all the idling stuff for the first time is always an important part of these shows. So all the mains are established idles already. Senpais even.

I assume it's because they already know it's running for two seasons so they can end it with graduation.

I wonder if they will introduce relevant kouhais.

No, it's after SHT.

Aine is still said be be starting out even if she's a 2nd year, same could be true with some of the others except for Mio.

No that's Prichan

I came here to post this, though I was going to call it the phantom second movie.
I want to see it so badly. Why can't they just release it on literally any platform that doesn't require me to physically be in a cinema in another country?

AiFure is in the same timeslot as Stars was, starting the week after Stars ends, so Thursday next week.

So they're transfer students maybe? Or it's not an idol school?

It has a non-idle division, so maybe the transfer to the idle division in their second years. Ema might be the senpai character who's already an idle.

Aikatsu more-than-Friends!

I hate how third movie is shit besides the new songs.

You'll be waiting another two weeks at least, most likely much longer considering I still haven't ripped the 4th game album.

Aikatsu for no Friends!

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Any Fire Emblem fag here? I don't remember the game at all but did Serra really said this? The writers were like hey lets use Serra phrase on Rola.

Maybe its nothing and I'm just thinking too much.

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Of course they aren't, they're Stars.

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It's not, though. It's great. Maybe you're too much of a brainlet to appreciate it. Are you thinking about the fourth movie maybe? Because that's exceptional as well.

It's the name of her theme music:

>tfw Aikatsu Anion OST hasn't been ripped yet

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The space journey one was shit, it was a step down from the PriParis movie on every sense, it's like all of their ideas went to those fantastic new performances but everything else was lame as fuck, literally like 30 minutes of new footage while everything else was recycled from the last arc of PP, or it was the other way around and the show recycled it from there, at any rate, it's a lame PP movie, and making a lame PP movie it's an accomplishment by itself.

Ah I see thanks ainon.

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You're welcome.

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Nah, there were a lot of performances taken straight from the series, just like the other three movies, but the Ppace movie had more new songs and every second not spend on songs was crammed full of insane and creative jokes, faster-paced and even more full of gags than anything else in the franchise.
I'm really sorry you couldn't appreciate it.

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Some jokes were okay and others pretty cool but a ton just felt flat as a pettanko, maybe the problem is myself because I was expecting too much of them coming from the second movie which was fucking excellent and I almost had to go to the toilet because it was that fun, at any rate, I still believe it's a step down from the previous movie.
It's still sad that IT won't have a movie or anything like that.

Fair enough but
>second movie
PriParis was the third movie, it's not hard user
>1st movie: Pretty Rhythm clip show
>2nd movie: lost forever, literally just a clip show IN 3D
>3rd movie: PriParis
>4th movie: Ppace

I know a bunch of people buy the music cds, but what other idle merchandise do ainons buy?

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>2nd movie: lost forever, literally just a clip show IN 3D
I-I thought that was a legend.

Do the PP movies have any plot relevance or just fun random shit?

They exist only to show how PP would look like if had budget.

You (assuming you're the same user, either way the post I originally replied to) literally replied to a post talking about the 2nd and 4th coming back into cinemas for one day only to celebrate Hibiki and Falulu's birthdays
The second, unless you're fun-incontinent

This, it hurts.

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Give her to me.

Actually, I should clarify that they are referenced briefly.
The first time you see PriParis, Parisnii, Meganee Antoinette and locations like the Eippel Tower and Arc de Priomphe is in the movie, but there's nothing you miss if you never watch it. Still check it out after S2.
Meganii also makes direct reference to Chanko getting popular as an idol from her time in New Yorp, which is a reference to the third movie.
The 4th movie I don't think has had had any references in the show except for Hibiki owning a ppaceship, which still doesn't make sense because Hibiki was only a PPace PriPirate in a PriParallel universe anyway. Watch it after S3.

Wait, Meganii might not say that. It could be Kuma. Not important.

I want a Non.

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I want a Chiri.

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