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Why doesn't Sanji call her onee-chan? In fact, why do all of the brothers call her by name instead?

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They're not a family they're an army

I would marry her if I was a guy.
That's why her 3rd brother is my first husbando.

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Sanji doesnt want to accept any of them as family members. I can see him calling her sister some time in the future though.

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Wano Arc has been cancelled, we're going to Elbaf instead.

That's cool with me. Wano should be canned. The onlu interesting thing about it is Kidd. Oda can free him offscreen and use him in abother arc.


No thanks

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>why don't you call me oneechan, Sanji
>just put your head on my lap, let's reforge our familial bond
>i look a lot like mom, don't you think?

More interested in Drake to be honest

Today is the end of Tottoland. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment, in an island far from here... The Big Mom's Pirates lie to the their country... while secretly supporting the treachery... of the loathsome Big Mom. This fierce machine which you have built upon which we stand will bring an end to Cacao's Island! To their cherished fleet! All remaining systems will bow to Germa 66! And will remember this as the last day of Tottoland!

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>Wano will be 2+ years of Momo
I'm not ready for this hell

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Get ready for Zoro’s sword to get a lot of focus.

>implying Zoro won't get a second backstory
Sanji and Luffy already did, and Zoro's initial one was the worst out of all of them.

I'm not ready for 2+ years of Nippon banzai, glorious Nippon bullshit, hopefully Oda will stay away from cheap nationalism non-sense, but we can expect some Musashi like honorabru samurai cutting dumb evil gaijins.

I'm ready Zorofags! Lets see what Oda will do to Zoro. What could possibly go wrong?

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HOLY FUCK its Fabboj backwards!!! Oda does it Again!!!!!!

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>and Zoro's initial one was the worst out of all of them.
There's nothing wrong with it. People here joke about it but Kuina's anti-climactic death is tragic because it's anti-climactic for someone who wanted to be a warrior. His backstory is simple but it works, it doesn't need some Vinsmoke-tier melodrama.

i'm certain that the REAL truth of wci will be swept under the rug but the comic will have it on full display

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I hope Wano will start with a superior swordsman defying Zoro in a duel to get it back, and winning. Then Zoro asks for a rematch during the climax of the arc and ends up getting the sword back.

Post yfw the first panel of Wano is Zoro face-first in the ground

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>pedro is dogfood
>rabbit girl gone soon

cant wait for wano

clearly the better Straw hats there, sadly luffy going to one shot everything and again ruin the show

>fave character can't stop being an embarassment so Jobjifags have no choice but to put down other characters in their fanfictions to get some semblance of satisfaction
The absolute state.

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>The absolute state.
of soyboys

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>being so in denial that will probably kill himself if he is ever wrong
The state of Sanji haters

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so sora just went for the supervillain-y dick, that's it? did it taste that good? how in the blu fuck did judge and her end up together considering the former literally expressed the interest in augmenting their sons while the latter was absolutely against it? like, that shit was never brought up in whatever years they were together or married?
and who's drawing this comic? was someone who knew the relationship between the two at the end of sora's life? did judge approve it? morgans said that his company and germa were pretty much buddy-buddy since the beginning of time

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>will literally defeat a yonkou
We've already won

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Oda never thought of this, but if a question about this ever get to him he'll probably answer that Judge changed with time

>fails to kill big meme
>big meme tooks most of namis years
>makes an hero

what if sora was secretly a cunt too? just not with sanji and the rest of their sons

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Will Zorofags end up being even more annoying than Sanjifags have been during this arc? The mix of constant shipperfaggotry and bitching that the character isn't in the spotlight at all times has been insufferable, it might get even worse for all I know looking at how much of a dense mess Wano is being setup to be

Sora and Judge make no sense to me either. It's already bad enough as it is. It makes even less sense if she used to be someone strong willed enough to be a marine.
Maybe she fell hard for the prince charming meme. Kind of like the blond girl in the Princess and the Frog. That's the only explanation I have for why someone like her would want to bang Judge.
But realistically it's probably more something like "Judge used to the kindest guy in the world, but then X happened, and he CHANGED".

Is it true that Oda's wife cheated on him with Sanji's VA?

Beautiful women are all kind deep down, didn't One Piece teach you that?

Considering Zoro's fanbase Wano can get very messy. If he is shown weak or anything like that everyone will jump on him like sharks smelling blood

not in this arc, at the very least

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That's the rumour

>only shown to be evil in the timeline where she is old and wrinkled
Thanks for proving my point.

Saint Shalulia redemption when?

She's the one who signed Otohime's petition.

So how do they fuck?

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They don't their love is pure.

>tfw had a dream that Saint Shalulia had trained herself after the TS and came back to hunt the SH for revenge only to join them instead
It was vivid as fuck

zoro fags dont have shippers, dont they? so it will be much better

I dreamed I found that one Katalu doujin in a library. The clerk told I was lucky because it was the only one left.
And then I woke up. I'm still mad.

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>This panel where she hot doing an act of evil in disguise dosen't count
I'm not saying you're right, but I'm also not saying you're wrong.

Has all been shipped with Zoro

Friendly reminder that LuKa is CANON

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you'll never let the puddding's twist slide, will you charlottefag?

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well, atleast nami, sanji, luffy, catacuck shippers will shut up, a bit I hope

The trips command it.

I also think there was something really ambiguous about Mother Caramel's true nature. Her end goal might be to sell valuable orphans but she still took care of the kids way better than she needed to for that to work. The kids didn't look like they were all valuable either. There was only Linlin and the prince who probably had some value. The rest was objectively dead weight. It's almost comical when she does her evil face in front of the sleeping kids "yes... that's right... sleep well... tomorrow we're gonna do cookies and play tag! HAHAHAHAHA THEY HAVE NO IDEA" Like, I don't want to be Sanji but I do believe she was fooling herself here.

Curses, I've been exposed.

>Boa hancock
Yeah, no

I would guess that ocasionally a kid would be legit adopted because she wasn't valuable and Caramel needed to keep the number of mouths to feed small, but in a world where there is state sanctioned slavery kids that weren't sold for the Marines would end up as slaves either for the WG or the Tenryuubito

>muh dick

ZoRobin vs FraRobin, ZoTa

Well, she found some really strong ones in her journey, it's much easier and managable if you keep a good persona facade and treat the kids right, manual labor and security weren't a problem when she had giants to backing her up. Caesar did took good care of the children too, even if they were disposable.
She was playing the long one with every child, as each had value as merchandise but Linlin was a big fortune, big enough to make her think about retire. So I don't really think she was fooling herself.
That scene you mention, the evil face, I saw it as "yes... keep trusting me, sooner or later you are all just money afterall".

Tashigi is one of the worst and annoying OP characters, god she and her master are shitty jobbers


wew, literally robodick

Wait when was it confirmed that Sanji's mom was Sora or is this just headcanon

Keyhole to Bunghole, duh.

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What if Wapol ate an Ancient Weapon?

What if Kelly Funk hid in Big Mom's closet and she put him on by mistake?

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I'm a true fan of OP. Oda is not a hack.


when did the whole hack "meme" start?

Oda is such a hack that Putin is ashamed of his hackers

Hack's in the Revolutionary Army user

Sora Vinsmoke =/= Sora: Warrior of the Sea

Low effort bait.

>caesar did took good care of the children too, even if they were disposable
Wasn't it heavily implied that was Monet's doing? Monet had a harsh childhood and when you pay attention to how offended she was that the marines and the SH would try to steal the kids, and how much she cared for them in the kids' flashbacks while being fully aware of what Caesar was doing to them, I couldn't help but deduce that, for Monet, the kids were happy and didn't need to be saved. Because as long as you have a warm house and are fed on a regular basis, you are happy. It doesn't matter if you're being exploited by a sociopath, of course you would, nothing is free in this world and you should be grateful to said sociopath for giving you food and shelter.
Monet simply couldn't figure out what was wrong about keeping the kids in Punk Hazard, or her reasoning.

>Morgans plans the comic with Judge
>"We need a name for the protagonist Judge"
>"How about... Sora?"
>"No reason"

>Sabo, this is hack
>«Wow I can’t believe Oda wrote himself into the story like that»
Someone posted that on the chapter release and the meme rapidly took off.

>She doesn't see what's wrong with it and just thinks it's normal
>Monet was rescued by Doflamingo when she was little
>Doflamingo probably molested her in exchange for giving her and her little sister food and shelter
>That's why she finds the child experimentation completely normal and justified

Sanji's mom's name is Sora.
Granted, Sora and Sora being the same person and/or the inspiration/hommage to the other is a headcanon, but still pretty likely.

>tfw no monet human form only

Yeah but she her mission was working under Caesar, and he was the one who had to approve things. At the very least Caesar cared enough to give whatever resources Monet tought fit for them. Monet's pathology is an interesting factor yes, but Caesar had ultimate command over Punk Hazard and very well could have just said no to resources he wanted to spend in himself, as by that time, Caesar was pretty much just scamming Big Mom. Still he also needed to keep the facade of good guy cientist helping children wich kept the equally disposable minions in check.

If anything he should call her zeroo-chan.

How long until Luffy can meet his future wife again? After wano or durimg the reverie arc?

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Luffy will meet his future wife again soon, brother

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so how did kuina REALLY die?

>his ship doesn't even have a promise they will meet again

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>Sup Forums fags over Law
>Law comes back, is an annoying shit now
>Sup Forums fags over Katakuri

My ship has a promise that they will always be family

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some Wano guy killed her

whens sanji going to go okama?

After receiving his mother's raid suit

What's wrong?

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after hormone therapy

technically not canon since it was in the episode of east blue, but what was mihawk thinking in this moment? this was after mihawk launched his final attack, and zoro used 3000 worlds

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i hope mihawk has been to wana and crushed all their faggot swordsmans

Hopefully not actually soon, I'm sick of Big Meme & her gang now to be honest. This arc has really dragged.

>this fucking weakling
>i miss my duels with shanks
>damn you sea king
>what should i get for dinner?
>my hand hurts, i shouldnt have bought such a large sword

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

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Will she be on the color spread?

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Probably not, i depends of who is in it. If its only the straw hats then she wont be

Yes, and if she's not I will be mildly disappointed.

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Well, then why did she throw the note and let Chopper go, if we're to assume she's pathological about what's best for the children?

I mean, I have this theory too sort of, and I have an idea, but I want to hear what you think.

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