Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illya

I love Illya!

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Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

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Not a pedo but I'd do unspeakable things to Kuro.

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>Not a pedo
Sure thing mate.

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> you will never be adultnapped by cute cups

Worst timeline

I swear I'm not. There's only a few 2D underage girls I lust over. Probably less than 5.

Not a lolicon in any way but I'd empty the contents of my ballsack inside these three ladies

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This. But I'm not a pedo.

>not a pedo
>but I'd fuck these elementary school girls

They're gay, anyways.

>elementary school girls
It's not my fault they look like curvy adults and invoke the basic evolutionary desire to breed with them

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I unspeakably masturbated on her this evening. It was very good.

>brown skin
>white hair

Is there any worse combination?

Yes: you and your posts

Is that a joke

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Please stop, I don't want to go to jail.

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Give in, user

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Yes, I also like girls that are less than 5.

>Kuro is popular with lesbians in Japan
Who would have thought?

She's a cute gay little girl, not that big a surprise. If I as a straight guy would want to be a little girl and make out with Kuro I'm sure gay Japanese girls would like to as well.

Also fuck the new janitors, they really have no clue, the prisma thread I made earlier was deleted and I got a warning for it being off topic. I guess you have to put it in the title now for them to understand as they obviously don't actually browse Sup Forums.

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If little gay girls of Sup Forums like her, why woulden't they when they grow up?

Not that Sup Forums will ever grow up.

>I as a straight guy would want to be a little girl
That's pretty damn homo!

>fuck the new janitors, they really have no clue, the prisma thread I made earlier was deleted and I got a warning for it being off topic
Lol they kicked your balls

imgur.com/a/5TDYW New manga chapter raw for anyone who haven't seen it yet. More Beatrice backstory.

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The last page is looking interesting

Shut up, don't put words in my mouth! I meant less than 5 girls.

1. Kuro
2. Nemesis (To Love-Ru)
3. Sherria Blendy
4. Kurumi Nonaka (Testament)

There. Less than five (5) underage girls I lust over. I'm /not/ a pedo.

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That's why I made this one. They're fucking stupid.

Based china dress poster.

Why are you so gay?

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Did the other Illya thread get deleted?

>You're not a pedo, just a virgin.

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Glad you agree

Why are lolis so sexy?

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You're kinda at the wrong place to use virgin as an insult. Although I suppose the other person is equally new and may actually feel insulted by it considering he's worried about how other anons perceive his interest in 2d characters.

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It's not really an insult, though.

Fuck off

I used it as an insult, so it is. And it looks like I was right.

Good for you, newfag.

What's your favorite Illya install?

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Honestly the term newfag is more dependant on how you act, but in general yes 2015 is very recent, for a long time I considered anything older than 2006/2007 to be newfag but I suppose at this point 2010-2012 is fair enough as well.

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>Am I still a newfag if I been posting since 2015
Holy shit are you serious?

>maybe if I keep feeding it it'll go away

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I'd feed Kuro my cock

What a wonderful image.

God I wish that water bottle was me

Brown lolis really are too damn lewd.

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Ilya, you're too young for Sup Forums.

I love Miyu!

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Illya is pretty lucky to have her as her future wife.

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No worry lads, theres a vanilla Kuro too if you want her

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You know, it's fine to admit that little girls causes you acute arousal so long as you keep it strictly 2D. You are home here.

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The guy who prone boned creampied Illya is probably the happiest guy on earth

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Mantis is the shadman of loli

''user not all cups are suppose to be filled up don't buy into the philosophical debate!''

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>straight guy
>wants to be a girl
Do you suck dick too?

Kuro is bi my dudes.

Don't tell me you don't want to be a cute little girl so you can make out with Kuro as well.

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She's mostly into girls, the only boys she's interested in are those made of swords.

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No, I'm not gay.

I've got a large sword for her.


>Kuro will never spit in your mouth
Please god this is the only thing I ever wanted in my life.

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That's impossible, user. It's never gonna happen.


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Don't be sad. It's not like you are ever gonna get laid so nobody will laugh at you.

Maybe he'll find a nice loli one day

This is supposed to be a nice thread, please don't go around demeaning other user's swords.

I hope he changes, man up a little and finds a good gf of his age someday instead.


>gf of his age
Absolutely disgusting

>That one doujin series where Kuro starts fucking old men because they give more mana than Illya
Muh dick

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If what you want is a boy that's fine too.

Shotas and Lolis are not the same thing

I wasn't talking about shotas. If you are homo, since you find girls of your age disgusting, then go for a man.

Why men when lolis are much sexier?

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Don't be a pedo.

I'm a lolicon

Don't be a lolicon then?

I thought you got banned?

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Why did you think that?

Tell lolis to stop being so sexy then

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Now that's just unrealistic
>Old men giving more mana than a holy grail

I really want this clock.

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You fucking shit, you made me laugh.

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Or you could watch better shows?

You are my brother

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Even oniichan doesn't have the guts. Only Miyu and Kuro.

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If you won't marry me Illya I'll take matters into my own hand!

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What are you going to do to that pic of 126 KB?

Not a smart choice to kidnap Miyu's wife like that.

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That's not a pose a little girl should be in.

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