Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Well, how did everyone like it?

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I briefly considered becoming a professoinal shogi player, but a quick google search revealed that most players don't actually get a set of lolis.
Now I'm depressed.

Red = Blue > shit > Ginko

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Ginko a worst. Ruined the whole show.

Char > everything but Blue comes close.

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Ginko a best.

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I liked Ginko. That was all.

Red > Silver > Blue > the rest desu

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Very happy with the last episode. Great series.

I want to pick up (red) Ai!

Homewrecking shit.

It was great, and the author seemed to know what he was talking about (both for the shogi and the lolis). Had some of my favorite loli character designs in recent memory as well.
I'd love it if we got more of it in the future.

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I like it. LRD's butt must be hurting because of implied loli route.

I want to fuck a small girl

Fuck off, autist.

Quit being stupid and ironic, Ai.

Yes they do. Even strong amateurs have loli followings

Stay forever cucked, Stinko.

I love Ai and Ginko, especially their cute little squabbles as potential love interest rivals.

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I fapped

I screamed while bending back from the shock like a shrimp.
"Master?! What happened?!"
My disciple came running surprized by my scream.
The clothes Ai is wearing are without a doubt the clothes to bring down lolicons.
I see...
So that's what it was...!
Understanding everything I sit down on that spot and regain my dignity.
"Ai. Sit down for a moment."
"No! Not on my lap, in front of me! It seems like I'm hugging you if you do it like this! Sit properly!"
After sticking out her tongue and bumping her head with a tiny fist, as if to shoot through a man's heart Ai is looking up at me from the "lolicon slaying" angle.
Just like that Meijin's hands that shake when he's about to win, those tiny little hands are violently trembling from the tension and the excitement of victory.
"Finally the time has come... "JS 4th grade" is a holy book after all... Awesome... Thank you Mihane-chan... Father, mother, thank you for raising me... Tonight I will offer everything to the Master..."

Entertaining, mostly lighthearted, likable characters, cute girls, MC isn't annoying, shogi is seriously business but fun.... It was pretty gud. On the downside, its fanbase is pretty insufferable whenever certain posters (THK, LRD, triggered autists) force and spam waifu/fanbase war, along with those who engage with them for hours.

Ginko a shit

God, I love Akira at this scene.



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I ended up liking it more than I thought, at first the shogi part put me off, but I'm glad I picked it up, just wish it didn't have to be so rushed.

Any loli shows coming up that could possibly replace this one?

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Shark junior>Char

Vote for Ai > Ai (or write in Ginko) and your other favorite players to represent Sup Forums in the Spring Cup:

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Isn't there some Polish woman in Japan right now who is a shogi player?

She read Naruto in middle school and the chapter supposedly featured a shogi match and that was when she decided she wanted to be a shogi player in Japan.


>you like left: you're a normal guy who likes petite adult women
>you like right: you're a straight up pedophile who is a real danger to society and should be kept away from children at any cost

Lolis with guns in GGO Alternative next season.

Anything else?

Please, delete this photo of my wife or I'll sue you.

I kind of meant more on the SoLish side, like this one, I'm watching GGO anyway, thanks.

A good man

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Better than 3-gatsu

One of those autists is in here right now spamming as usual. The Shitposter's Work is Never Done!

Stop. Last thread there was like 50 posts discussing shitgatsu, make a thread if you want to discuss it, or go to the current one.

Contribute to the thread or get the fuck out.

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Ginko > Red Ai > Blue Ai > Char > Eternal Queen > Ika > Keika

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Golden Kamui has a great loli, but definitely not the focus.

>my shitposting is contributing

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>shitko above anyone

I need to read that book that teaches lolis how to slay lolicons.

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She looks cute and the synopsis, looks interesting enough. Picked up, I guess.

Do you think they make lolis sexually attractive on purpose or accidentally?

All lolis are sexually attractive.

You really have to wonder who wrote that book and how did Ai get it.

All lolis are sexy and prime breeding material.

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They didn't make them sexually attractive at all. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Steins;Gate 0. The main heroine is a loli this time around.

You can always count on idol shows like Kiratto PriChan and Aikatsu Friends to have its respective lolis in the main line-up.

Would fuck both equally until my dick is purple.

What do you mean? You want to insult me?

Hope you enjoy it. The manga is excellent. Not what you were looking for regarding loli shows, but it should be good regardless.

It was ok. Needed more Red Ai.

She's just pettanko.

Is there any romance, even a little? Didn't see a romance tag on MaL.

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Nope. She's a legal loli and is called out in a meta sense because she fits the definition. Her body is that of an elementary school girl.

what happens in the manga?

This was really qt.

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>140 cm
>just pettanko
LRD pls.

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char = blue ai > the rest of the loli gang > dumb cow only good for rough breeding > shit > shittier shit > the rest

Fuck yeah I did it I leveled up to kyuu 10! I almost reached it a few weeks ago but then had a slump of more than 100 pts... It feels good to finally have done it today when the last episode aired, I'm so happy right now.

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The moment when she realized she lost everything to a 10yo little girl

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Calm your paranoia down user, there's a bit more to loli status than just height and flatness (convincingly looking like a kid is the most important factor). In any case that seems to be the case anyway, and I love legal lolis so I can't wait.

What? No. Those are tears of joy because he won. As his anedeshi, it's obvious she's proud of him.

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Right, that's why she's lamenting that he has gone even further from her.

It's more that they realized they'll never catch up to his shogi skills.

I hate the meme test at the end, I always recognize the image but never remember the name of the specific meme.

Do they actually do it at any point in the manga? Or is it just the usual cocktease shit where they end it at a kiss?

Where? She didn't complain that. She puts him on a pedestal, but doesn't moan about it.

Except she's clearly happy for him there. Her skills and where she stands is her own problem and that's another matter. She expressed some gripes about female players's situation, but she doesn't use it to complain. It's more the opposite since she sees him as an inspiration to try and reach his level.

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It's a fucking given that they have to either look childish or are a child of a certain diminutive build. That is what loli entails. When you say pettanko that implies that they older and and just have a flat chest. That's obviously not the case. It's fags like you who give LRD fuel to be retarded.

fuck what's the first one? i've seen the picture a thousand times but i can't think of the meme name

>no version of this without credits until the last BD is out

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I loved how he totally believed Ai didn't tell anyone about the party, yet again it's his fault for tasking her with that, that means he subconsciously wanted Ai to not invite anyone right?


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thanks for the virus asshole


Thanks for the shitpost. Your contribution is much appreciated.

The closest they have gotten to sex is: paste.org/flat/91475

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That was just another user, I agree with you that pettanko should be left to girls who don't look like children but are still flat.

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well, logi shogi ended so its time to set up a live stream on /r9k/

It takes real dedicated butthurt and effort to create this. I'm sorta impressed, autist-kun.

Shit anime with pretentious plot, aimed at closet pedophiles.

Hiyori is perflat and best.


What an absolute faggot. This is painful to read. Why do they keep pushing that he's supposedly a lolicons when he's clearly not?

Well, okay then.

>when he's clearly not?
user, he clearly got a boner for a grade schooler, if that's not being a lolicon I don't what is.


Light novels are so poorly written.

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>Ginko drags him to a love hotel and pushes him down
>"I'm not sure what you want can you repeat the question?"
>"You're a fucking retard."
>"Damn, you sure hate me a lot."
>Ai looks at him funny
>snaps out of shogi autism mode he'd been since meijin game, heart immediately gets dokidoki and he's about to rape her

He does absolutely nothing and rejects her every time. He never takes the initiative.

Hinamatsuri has 3 loli MCs and it is a full blown comedy. Watch for the miracle that is Hitomi.
Also, Golden Kamuy has some nice loli/badass adult relationship but it is mostly action/adventure and it has no fanservice, still pretty good though.

Are you hitting on me?