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Misato is 163cm

163cm = 5'4"

This must mean Shinji is not even 5ft tall

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they're japanese, everyone's short there. Also,
>using imperial system

He's 14 nignog.

for what?


I was 6ft at 14

>the absolute state of manlets

Nips always seem to draw even high schoolers as little kids next to adults. But by 16 most have had their growth spurt

why are amerifats so obsessed with height?

Believe it or not, but our whole culture revolves around the hole in between a woman thighs. Height helps getting our dick in it.

Because it's a culture unfortunately intoxicated with the idea that outward appearance is everything. It's true only in part, but then most chuckle fucks don't actually have substance behind their character.

Holy shit this.

mind = blown

literally EVERYTHING in society revolves around men wanting to put their dicks in females

Going to college, getting a job, increasing your status, at the end of the day, is just because men won't get to put their dicks in females if they don't.

Women do it because of feminist brainwashing

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Being taller means you can put on more weight without looking like a brick. More height = more weight = more burgers = more American.

Is this sarcasm?

>Asuka ends up with a manlett
I feel bad for her.

As a 6ft 5in tall male I can confirm.

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Being 197cm hasn't helped me at all.
Although it doesn't hurt.

They're insecure manlets

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what did she mean by this?

is the dog american too


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Don't women want tall men?

Gendo is 6 ft I believe, so Shinji's probably got some growing to do.

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