Darling in the Franxx

4d until next preview Sup Forums, what are we expecting for next episode?

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You're all fools if you think this turbodyke is suddenly going to drop her panties for fatty. That's not how it works.

But that's exactly what happened in Kiznavier, the show DitF is based off

End of cour so Hir02 EP, hopefully we'll see 9alpha too.

What show do you think you're watching?
That's exactly what's gonna happen, lesbos are aberrations that must be corrected through the power of a good dick.

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Hopefully more fatty suffering

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This show is literally a government-funded propaganda of healthy relationships and family.
They aren't going to drop those two hanging in the air, especially since they can help and complement each other.

I think they're going to be bros

At last I truly see. Defrost fucking when

This fanbase depresses me. Why do we cheer for NTR?

its reddit and tumblr you can tell because if you trigger them to hard they start talking about "Nice guys" and male privilege

Vote for Milkman, You're Waifu (Zero Two of course), and your other favorite players to represent Sup Forums in the Spring Cup:

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because most of them are actually black and you know what they are known for.
this too.

>what are we expecting for next episode?
for Sup Forums to be triggered yet again

Because it happend to someone who is fat, and therefore lesser.

Concentrated effort by scum desu. I wouldn't pay much attention. They're sick so if you leave them alone they should fester and die off on their own.

This. Trigger is just recycling their characters

>what are we expecting for next episode?
I guess is time for a Hiro/02 episode sadly. Im expecting all the episode to be about them and Kokoro/Mitsuru cuteness in the background

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It is not really NTR, she is not cheating on him (not that they were a couple to begin with) she is just dumping his fat ass.


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No, Futoshi should end up alone.

02/Nines/Grand Crevasse plot starts moving forward, I don't think they'll torture the audience with an episode focusing on Fatoshi and Ikuno right away.

>It is not really NTR, she is not cheating on him

losing the one you love to another it's classic NTR

Were we actually supposed to feel bad for Futoshi?

Kokoro cucking him has been the best thing to happen in the series yet lol

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This is the face of a rapist. I feel bad for Ikuno

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>Reddit, the Show attracts Reddit, the Fanbase
Really makes you think, doesn't it?

>It is not really NTR

you better go tell the japs that because this storyline is considered classic NTR over there

Kokoro/Futoshi/Ikuno/Mitsuru bought back the hype

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Does this show really have that much NTR? I was considering watching but I'm getting sick of NTR and pussy MCs tbqh.

Bet he has his candy van somewhere outside the plantation.

Bravo with this edit.

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Kokoro was never his, though.

>Humming baby songs and dancing happily right after breaking Futoshi's heart.
Jesus, she is so realistic

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The dude getting NTR'd is so fucking shit you will root for it instead.

It's literally just a meme

Stop being a bitch

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Any NTR is too much user.


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Finally, a character that is realistic like Shinka and Asuka.

I kind of feel bad for Futoshi, but at the end of the day it was for the best.

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It starts in episode 3 and then makes you think that it happen again only for it to go full ntr in episode 11


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Hir02 flashback

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I doubt that Ikuno will suddenly turn out to like guys afterall, but hopefully she and Futoshi can learn to be better people from each other and have a friendlier relationship than Ikuno and Mitsuru had.
If they don't, they'll be first on the chopping block

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Why shouldn't she be humming happily? She just had a test drive with Mitsuru and was shown being compatible with him.
Her mind connected with Mitsuru.

Post the punching gif.

Did Viper finish the doujin?

She really doesn't give a shit.

>Kaworu? Fuck where have I heard that name before
>type in search bar kawor-
>first suggestion is Kaworu x Shinji

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this, it's perfect for end of 1st cour, and sone other Revelations

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Not this one.
The one where they punch each other and then Kokoro.


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I'm having a lot of fun with Franxx but that was clear NTR imo, unlike with 02 in epsiode 3 which I disagreed because she clarly didn't give a shit about Milkman, but this is pretty clear.

>be partners for all the series
>thot promises him to be together
>secretly having encounters
>first chance she gets leaves the nice guy for the bad guy
> bad guy has literally no problem in stealing her away
>nice guy unironically say that she loved her, crying, in past tense

You mean Ichigo

The only ones that are complaining are self-insertfags.

Based Milkman

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Ohayou gozaimasu

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How bad would Goro beat up Futoshi?

Someone should draw kokoro drinking fatty tears

I think it will be slow and painful, but they will manage. My prediction is that Ikuno will keep chasing Ichigo, which will feel awkward for strawberry because that's her best friend. Meanwhile Fatty will get over Kokoro and move on. He'll try to make things right with his new partner, But Ikuno will keep her distance from him. Then one day sexually frustrated Ikuno snaps and things get creepy between her and Ichigo and she almost commits yuri rape. After realizing what she have done, Ikuno will be at her lowest point and Futoshi will comfort her as her partner. Fatty will be awkward but honest and for the first time Ikuno will feel that someone genuinely cares about her. This will be just start of their relationship that will progress slowly but steadily. And now that read this it sounds like a shitty fanfic, I am sorry

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You've got it backwards bud. At least half the people cheering this turn are milky self inserts. Sup Forums is full of hungry skeleton betas. The other half are actual NTR shitters.

It’s sad that everyone involved with Genista became shit in one episode. Well Fatoshi was already shit but this episode sealed the deal for Kokoro and Mitsuru too.

Episode 3 wasn't NTR, it was cuckoldry. It was Hiro having to beg Mitsuru to go on a ride with 02, and then impotently watching him shittalk to Hiro over the screen.
Which, now as we know that Mitsuru was the biggest ultra fag for Hiro and just wanted his approval, makes it even more double hilarious.
>look at me
>I'm riding your girl
>I'm doing everything you wanted
>I'm saving the world
>I'm not falling unconscious


fatoshi rising, his redemption arc begins now
mitsugay and cuckoshit a irredeemables

Futoshi seems to be the strongest unñess you tire him out first

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reminder that they all would've died if it hadn't been for Mitsuru riding with 02



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reminder that everything would have been fine if APE just let 02 ride with her daahlin


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If he's so strong why doesn't he become a nine?

Maybe. I was hoping this episode would make me give a shit about any of those 3 but now I just hope they don’t wast screen time of other better characters


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They don't allow fatsos.

No thanks.

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02 is shit

Fatoshi is a representation of otaku who think they can get a perfect girl like Kokoro, you should be cheering Trigger finally pulling an Anno.

opposites attract, the episodes

Because it ended up being a necessary evil and an entertaining episode.

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I love NTR!

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mitsukoko posters continue to prove that they’re the most obnoxious posters in these threads

>I don't have to choose between MitsuKoko or ZoroMiku

Thanks, user.


You already know what I'm about to say.

You should never cheer NTR. The only people who would enjoy this turn are milkman self inserts and cuck-scum. That's all user.

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At this point Mitsukoko is way more interesting and appealing than Hiro02.

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I still disagree cucks are cucks unknowingly, it just doesn't make sense, unless you are using the word cuck as a meme instead of the literal meaning. Fatfag got literally NTR'd no matter how hard tumblrinas cry about women freedom.

I don't have to self-insert to like the pairing.

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