El psy congorii

El psy congorii

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Fucking faggot

>you will never rape luka as punishment for being fucking gay


pretty sure I saw this thread the other day. I've been meaning to rewatch PP though. That episode where he saw Mayuri die multiple times really made me feel something though

Lukako is disgusting

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This thread is going places

He just has a very feminine physique and penis. He can't help being so cute.

Mayuri is useless

>I only watch real anime like evangelion

Eva fanbase is just as cancerous

How you can rape a girl if she lost her penis??

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>feminine penis

user, I...

Feminine penis is the miracle of universe.

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So are you, what's your point?

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Mayuri’s only uses are to be fucked and to be killed

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user, stop giving me these feelings. Look, I'm already hard. Are you going to rape me to?

You seem unaware of the truth.
It is better for you that way.

Luka is so cute

At least we have the doujins.

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Lukako is beautiful and Mayushii is precious. Why do you all have to be so hostile ?

Luka is a fucking faggot and Mayuri is a useless onahole