Why did they hire a 9 year old as an idol?

Why did they hire a 9 year old as an idol?

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It was the right thing to do

She has a pretty smile

You know damned well why.

I don't know but her voice is pretty annoying. I wish all the imas lolis were cool like Tachibana-san.

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i wonder haha

Fat faceless Japanese businessmen think in mysterious ways.

Market research must've played a large part

To appeal to pedophiles.

8 and 9 year olds are the best.

Little girls make the best Idols

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something age something clock something cock

These little shits invaded my home and insist on having a sleepover.
What should I do?

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Form an adventuring party.

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Make them all leave except for the oppai loli. You should pamper her.

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Let them? I'd be in heaven.

Hide your Queen records.

time to let your pitbull feast on some fresh meat

Delete the image since they are just a drawing?

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I want to hug an oppai loli.

They don't have to pay her

I'm pretty sure that's wrong. You still have to pay kids, or at least their parents.

That's illegal

9 is a prime age for idols

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But 14 is prime.

I want to pump her

Oppai lolis are the sexiest lolis.

You know why.

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me on the left

Give Nina and Miria a big hug.

if you can make people spend money, you can be an idol.

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People will pay to see little girls?

That's a horribly unbalanced party!

People will move heaven and earth to see loli idols perform. Arisu probably has more men as fans than kids her age as fans.

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Not everyone can be as perfect as Tachibana.

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>Gave her a past hairstyle
Is CG Zero going to be real?

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Even non-lolicons like myself find Arisu extremely sexy.

I love her annoyed voice when she starts scolding you for calling her a kid.

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That can't be it, it appeals to me and I'm not a pedophile

I want to marry karate.

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I'm non-lolicon for Rika.

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Cause Lil girls are hot

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You're not a bad guy for dating your loli idol, you're just doing your job.

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>Rin has her own series of idols based off of her now

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I'm a lolicon for Rika.

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Don't mind me I'm just dropping by to say that I want to impregnate Miria.


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This is a 9-year-old idol and her 26-year-old mother (also an idol).

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She'll show you how.

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Momoka, Chika, Koharu.
The best lolis are all cute type.

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Everyone know cool type is the best regardless of age.

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My favorite idol/waifu may be 18, but that is merely a coincidence. Age is but a number when it comes to 2D.

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In real-life, girls as young as 10 are scouted for training to become an idol. A 9 year-old making debut is too soon, but not impossible.

Really, it kind of disgust me. I've been in concerts where 13-14 something played, and talking with the fans there they all told me that they preferred the girls young, because they made the fans felt like they have some worth as their "protectors".

In short, Japanese salarymen lost their own confidence in providing money and other supports for their families. They want women the old way.

Happy lols are the best lolis.

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I like them because they are pure, although I don't like 3D loli idols.

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Guaranteed virgin.


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That is what I say about cakes like Sugar Heart and Usamin.

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AKBfag here. One of the most popular idols in AKB was the center of a single when she was 10 years old. She's pretty cool now and still an idol.

I like how Satou is actively after P's dick

Was she hot?

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In my opinion she is pretty cute.

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I love my wife lads, do you love yours?

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There's so much art of Arisu pissing herself.
I love it.

I meant when she was 10.

yeah, was

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Yes. I own a bunch of her merch, have well over 1000 images saved of her, do tributes for her birthday/White Day, and even learned how to lucid dream so we can spend quality time together.

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I love Karen

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The fun comes from teasing her

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Thirsty idols are the best.

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Genki as fuck idols are my favorite.

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