Nanatsu no Taizai 260

New chapter is out, get in here

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Nice chapter

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Estarossa you're such a fucking faggot

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Well, that went about as well as you'd expect.

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He's got those slimy eyes. Monspiet confirmed pure evil.


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>Derrier's body
I love fit girls.

You know i think this is not the time to get romantic

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That's a weird cover. Too much colour.

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Well, shit.

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Gotta raise them deathflags

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So Silence is basically not saying mushy stuff around Monspiet?

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>Derriere was able to attack him
>Even though she was quite clearly mad as fuck
Gotta love's Nakaba selective handle of their powers

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>haha your punches don't do anything

Isn't Estarossa getting pretty nerfed here? This is the guy that stopped Meliodas's revenge counter fueled by the attacks of the 10 commandments with one hand.

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I fucking hate this fucking nigger god fucking dammit I can't wait until escanor fucking rapes him fuck

Commandments don't affect other Commandments

Either Nakaba's flair for drama OR Estarossa was playing around

Commanders can only be affected by their own commandment.

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that is a bad angle for a punch tho

And Derriere ruined everything. End of the chapter

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wasn't that because of his Commandment? Or he used Counter Vanish or something.

>Already got one more than his own

That's wrong though.


That's true but i'm not sure how relevant that is in this manga, maybe that's the excuse but it feels like a pretty weak excuse to me especially when we were just told his power might be even greater than Zeldoris's, not to mention he can summon swords and use his black demon miasma or whatever. I'm going with this explanation:

>Estarossa was playing around

Women as always

Lame. Derrier's specialty is her physique in any position. Estarossa shouldn't be able to overpower her. For the drama.

how many chapter till he goes full wakey wakey on estarossa?

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>>Already got one more than his own
He is holding it, not actually using it though.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't explained anywhere how he stopped the attack, it just looks like he stopped it with his hand. And i don't think we've seen him use counter vanish either.

Nigger he has physical full counter she can literally not touch him

Welp. How will Derriere get out of this? Or is she going to let Estarossa kill her?

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>The dude with an ability specifically made to counter physic attacks shouldn't be able to overpower the physical attacker

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>The Weak Should Fear The Strong

This was great

Fuck Edgarossa

>didn't even get to see his commandment in action

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>No Ban
Wake me up when something happens

Why didn't he swap himself with estarossa for just enough time to push away derriere and swap back?
Even if estarossa managed to react in time and kill him before he was able to swap back, doing that still had chances of him surviving as opposed to willingly getting his heart ripped out of him

Elizabeth is perfection, i love her so much


I hate this

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So now Deriere will officially replace Ban?

Why is he so smug?

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Wait, how many hearts did he had left?

>how many hearts did he had left?

both ass and monspit had only 1 heart left after they did that thing in the goddess war flashback

They have 1 because of the Indra sacrifice. So Monspiet is done.

>That Q&A

told you there was no "adult meliodas"

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Thought as much
What a stupid way to go, honestly they were the best commandments

I really love Monspier and Derieri. Probably one of the best pairs in the entire manga.
Nakaba hates killing characters so i guess either Sins are going to help them in time or Monspiet still has some trick up his sleeve.

I wonder how many reaction faces Estarossa is going to provide on his power trip.

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>I really love Monspier and Derieri.


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A lot.

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abs is probably going to make it and become a good girl, but even Nakaba is probably going to have to kill monspiet after this

It was because of his decree dude.

It's a shame he used so little of his hellfire techniques, they were hilarious.

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>Implying he won't somehow swap his heart with another organ
It's like this is the first time you've read a chapter of this

>Demon that specializes in hellfire can just no sell the demon's king son fire.

Neat, I love when years of training in one area actually makes you good in said area. On a side note, Monspiet was actually doing pretty good against Estarossa, shame that his waifu went full retarded.
I hope he is still alive, I feel nakaba didn't do half of what he could with these two.

Love makes niggas dumb

>demon's king son fire
Estarossa's magic power is pretty fucking weak though. Truly a failure among princes.

Unearned since of importance. Literally middle child syndrome. He can't compete with either of his brothers and it causes an inferiority complex

Well he is the worst demon Prince. Everyone knows you have your heir and a spare. But esta is an example of when your spare is so shit you got to make another.

Nakaba really makes him into a butt monkey

> not switching Derriere and Estarosa just before his fist connected
Monspiet completely dropped the ball here.

I know that he is the worst prince, fucker didn't even recieve training from a top demon, still that was cool. I think he is gonna be the final boss now, him or Rueduciel.


Monspiet practically overpowered Estarossa and the worst son of the Demon King could do nothing to him until Derriere went retarded.

Its a nice thing to see Monspiet telling Estarossa how shit he is for Demon standarts.

I also wonder if Galan if TRULY dead, he got shattered to pieces but as long some of his hearts are intact he should still be alive right? Or the moment you lose your commandment you die?

Nah mate. Supreme goddess and demon king are the true last bosses. Zel and Mel will most likely reconcile and shit and btfo outta estarossa.

user he was literally pretending to be retarded, didn't even use his darkness or swords and was just playing dead in the end.

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She's purely physical. She literally can't do shit you dumb faggot.

>implying Monspiet has actually revealed all of his magic
He literally spells it that he keeps his shit hidden and his Commandment is Silence for fuck's sake.

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galan was weak and he properly feared the strong, but his commandment fucked him so he's gone. But yeah, monspiet became one of my favorites with how he viciously owned estarossa before his ho fucked up

So Derieri's sister was Monspiet's lover?

Deri's sister had the hots for him but it looks like he loved Derriere

>There were people who thought Estarosturd was stronger was /ourprince/

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Tell someone to perform a full sleeper hold on you to the point your neck is completely immobilized, then see if you can throw a decent punch at the dude holding you from behind.

And that almost cost him his life. Should probably stop being overconfident seeing as two people almost killed him.

>first born son betrays the clan for the DG's daughter
>second son a timid weakling who went insane and is going to betray clan
>third son loyal but was in relationship with a traitorous vampire

Sucks to be the DK

>as soon as I take care of those brothers of mine
Probably could take Zeldris but against Meliodas, he'll get butchered


He can't keep getting away with this.

Not if Ban returns Meliodas' feelings at the worst moment.

So will Estarossa die once he absorbs other commandments or by some miracle endure through it and end up going even more insane

Dude this is a shonen manga his feelings equals instant power up

Galan is now shit tier, sure, even Ban could fuck him up, but he was still alive when Estarossa found him even if he was petrified, so if any of his hearts is intact he can always regenerate can't he?

I dunno, I think his death was pretty lame, just getting smashed, I really liked him

Im betting Estarossa will end being like Kefka from FFVI, he will lose what little sanity is left in him and will go full crazy psychopath and will try to end the world so everyone will need to team up agaisnt him


She can't attack without being countered but can block and pry his hand off even with one hand, dipshits.