Houseki no Kuni

You were hoping for a Jade chapter? Silly gem, there is no hope.

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Moon faction is 100% more fun than boring old earth faction

The architecture is for sure.

Papa and Yellow flashbacks when?

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Labor unions serve their interests. Not yours.

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>Lunarians get guaranteed free time, unions that fight for their rights, have a sick fortress made out of bismuth, get to hang out in bars, have swimming pools, are allowed to have different body shapes and don't need to follow anyone's orders
>Gems have to wageslave for Sensei for their whole life without even a wage, get commieblock rooms and uniforms that all look the same, barely have free time and aren't even allowed to stay up late and are indoctrinated in following Sensei's every command under the threat of destruction because they can't fight back
Moon is clearly the superior place

>Sensei provides free education
>Sensei lets them live in his house
>Gemgirls need to avoid water to avoid mineral leeching
>Sensei teaches them how to defend themselves from Lunarians who want to turn them into moondust
>Gemgirls can't stay up much past dark anyways because lol solar powered
>One Gemgirl makes their outfits to her tastes. Rest only want to wear clothes because Sensei wears clothes.

>uniforms that all look the same
They are CUTE.

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Are the /qst/ threads still happening?

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Man, Cicada is such a bro

I didn't even know this was a thing

The disconnect between him and Prince are disconcerting. It makes me question everything he says.


Gem SoL spinoff when?

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>winter shinanigans with Antarcticite

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I'm retarded, what is laphos doing?

Never, sadly.

Pouring mineral oil on Carl

Euclase is cute!

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Waking Craig up from his beauty sleep.

Imagine being Aechmea, stuck with a bunch of lazy, dumb assholes for eternity, and the only reason you're their prince is because you just happen to be the smartest asshole who got tired of eternal life about 5 seconds after getting stuck on the moon.

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We need more cute manga moments. The suffering has been laid on pretty thick recently.

The stuff with sensei made me sad.
You can tell the poor fella is trying but he just wasn't built for this shit.

I still think he's a third of sensei. They're all materialistic and he's especially miserable. He's the anti-sensei.

That means there's a slug version of them out there though.

Can't wait for Phosfags to get their reality check when the moonies start dusting those gems because Phos they never delivered what he promised.

He was never supposed to find the gems. He literally just walked around for thousands of years.

Makes you wonder what he was supposed to be doing. It's not praying - they'd have resolved that long before the gems arrive.

Whatever he was supposed to be doing he wasn't doing it anyways.
For a reason that has never been defined.
But then the thing they want might not even be real anyways. They might have to make a new human up on the moon before Sensei will let them finally die for good.
Rebirth and all that.

t-that's okay... I didn't want to be in the picture anyway

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I'm sorry user, you'll get Alex, Benito and Ame tomorrow.

>Benito goes to the moon because she wants to stand out more
>gets ignored by everyone on the moon too
Being Benito is suffering.

Isn't he named after a custodian of the dead or children or something?

The Earth seems to be the afterlife, the oceans are life, and the moon is enlightenment or something. Or it was supposed to be anyway.

If Sensei's "armor of love" is real, how come Phos seems to be growing further away from Sensei? She started out loving him like the rest, but now she's betrayed him and led the others to do so as well. She was very surprised when Cinnabar refused to go to the moon due to her feeling "sorry for Sensei". How come Phos didn't feel this way too? Is the love armor bullshit?

wait did you draw that? it's really cute

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Maybe the armornofnlove affects the inclusions themselves. Being a unique composition of agate glod/platinium and lapis might be the reason.

It's either that he can't pray the lunarians away in the current circumstances, or he won't do it.
There are some things that are suspicious, like how the lunarians vaguely knew what the professor looked like, except for the face, and why Shiro and the game board were still on the moon, with their souls not sent off.
Perhaps one of the lunarians was responsible for doing something like murdering the professor? Sensei then takes it upon himself to not pray in order to punish that soul, which then also traps everything else related to humans that dies during humanity's extinction. The problem with that theory being that Sensei doesn't really seem like a grudge holder, not for tens of thousands of years, and unless he's a master manipulator he also seems genuinely pained by losing the gems. Maybe just the event of the professor's passing was enough to break his programming.

I think the armour of love thing might just be another way of referring to how Sensei has a loving and caring nature, which he can't stop himself from having. He might be the reason why the lunarians are attacking the gems, but he endears himself to them in a way that makes the gem's love for him seem perfectly natural and understandable. Cinnabar spends all her time away from everyone else, so she should be less affected by it than anyone else aside from Phos, but it's not like Cinnabar dislikes Sensei.

Reminder that Moonies are CUTE!

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I think it was all made up by the prince and Phos being a dummy fell for it or at least pretends. To me it feels like a very shitty lie he made up on the spot, or what this user implied except the moonies cannot comprehend and think it is some sort of mechanical devise that does it.

>uniforms that all look the same

Are you telling me... Ohoho, are you really trying to tell me... You lack the most basic abilities of observation? I can only begin to imagine how dreadful your sense of fashion might be. Go on, do tell me. What are you wearing? In fact, hold that though. Please don't because I don't want to vomit.

Perhaps if you spent even the most insignificant of moments using that bowl of noodles you call a brain you would be able appreciate the subtle yet defining characteristics of a master tailor's visionary design. Observe closely and note the enormous variety of which the shirt collars are designed, ranging from -0.02 all the way to +0.02 centimeters. Have you ever seen a shirt so immune to wrinkles? That's the power that comes with the ability to communicate with the fibers. Can we talk about the tie for just one god damn second? They are perfectly symmetrical. Say no more, because I understand that never having worn one in your life you'd be incapable of appreciating the flawless symmetry of this implementation.

But no. Rather than look at yourself for a single moment, you chose to publicly decry your own poor, malformed opinions. As if the constantly growing underbite of your chronically gaping maw with its trail of drool creeping torwards freedom at the edge your receded jawline wasn't enough to loudly and proudly announce to all, "I am an idiot," you decided to move forward with a public statement of your own mediocrity.

It's one thing to be stupid, but to be proud of it is another.

I feel like 90%of what he says is bullshit.

Nothing adds up and he's very obviously manipulating Phos. He knows sensei can't tellher the truth so he feeds her things she wants to hear.

Red Beryl pls go to /fa/

I dunno, a lot of what he said seems to be true, or at least we don't have any hard evidence to refute it. Sensei confirmed him being made by humans. Aechmea's explanations for Shiro, the board game, and the professor seem reasonable.
I don't doubt that he isn't telling Phos the while story. The way he just forced the synthetic pearl eye into Phos was very sketchy, and there is absolutely something fishy going on with the human particle. But I don't think he has told any explicit lies yet.
I guess we'll have to see. I don't trust him, but we just don't have enough evidence to tell for sure yet.

Red Beryl please go

Red Beryl
Please design future outfit with more see-through materials.
Gems survive on sunlight, so the more exposed skin the better.

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Reminder that Phos is literally covered in Mooninite jizz and that it's not just her eye.

Oh my science.

At last, I truly see...

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You might be onto something user

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Reminder that sensei literally sculpted perfection.

Just let them run around naked. It's not like they have anything to hide.

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>he hasn't seen the most recent chapter

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Must. Not. Fap at work.

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And what are you implying again "Phos"?

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Well, if you really don't care about spoilers... It was a flashback chapter for Goshe.

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The fuck user you can't just expose a gem's formations like that

Young people scare me.

That's some heavy petting.

I don't understand

NuGoshe is a fucking psycho.

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Clearly I've read the manga too fast shit

best anime 2017, I hope a second season.

I love big butts and I cannot lie.

Craig, Antarc, Padpapa. Why are all of the more masculine gems so best?

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Gem butts are the best part of Gembutts

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Where is the liquid coming from though

Of fuck this shit is good.

The same place their sweat does.

But where does the sweat come from user these questions need answers damnit

The series needs more cute sundries, they kinda fucked off after acting like a girl posse. Prince and Cicada are great but I wanna see the gems meeting the kind of lunarians they had been fighting all those years.

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Condensation water vapor due to body temperature of gems when their emotion changes drastically.
I presume

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I'd like to see more of the average moonies too. I'm curious what they think about the events in the story. We really only have Prince to act as a mouthpiece for them, but he seems so different from them.


I like this. Good headcanon

How are the lunarians going to filter out the different mineral types from the dust without destroying them chemically? I wanna see this tech

What is his angle?

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He looks exactly like sensei.

To be fair, if I could change my appearance at will, I'd want to look like Senseo too

density, I'd assume thy will break the particles down to a similar size, then the masses will detemine what the particles are

Yeah it would be interesting if Ichikawa took a more science-fiction route with Houseki. It's always been more on the mystical side, the specifics of tech and stuff like how gems work isn't too important to the story. It would still be cool to find out though.

Aechmea doesn't like people using his name because him not passing on has to do with him remaining distant from people. The gems using his name, being friendly to him, and genuinely fighting on his behalf will be what brings him peace. Cicada shared his name and keeps being so nice to the gems because he knows this will happen.

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Cicada's keikaku. I like this theory.

That would be cute, but Cicada isnt that wise or smart.

I feel Prince hates his name because its related to Professor in some way.

And the award for most underrated gem goes toooo...

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Earth faction has to get their shit back together before the fun starts. Rutile is probably building a rocket to go to the moon. Shinsha's is going to be adorably awkward trying to be social again. We might even see a new side of Sensei now that he doesn't have to be Sensei anymore. Don't dismiss the loyalest gembutts that quickly.

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I've spent alot of time thinking about red Beryl, she truley intrests me. However, her line of work seems pretty worthless over all ( like her and most gems) however her her dedication and passion for perfection of the outfits has got me thinking.

I would go around at night (ending with Cinnibar in the cave when she slumbers) and sneakily put black ink or bleach, depending on color, on every gem friend I could get too. My goal would at least be 15 per night. I would continually do this in addition to all my other fun experiments I know your all fans of. Red Beryl would awake and find that all her presious uniforms are ruined. While she would have potentially unlimited time to make new threads he doesn't have the materials. Materials are obviously hard to come by on the island so it should run out quickly. Once she is out, what does she do? The minute she makes a new one, I'll track that outfit and stain it the next night. Over time, would she call herself useless? Could sensei schold her for using resources so irresponsibly? I hope so.

Over time, what could be the mental effects of this. This isn't my normal scenerio I know, it's more of a slow burn. However, these can be enjoyable as well. After years and years and years could she give up? What else would she do? She seems worthless other then this slightly worthwhile job. Would she end up like phos? I hope so. Would she sit and do nothing like Cinnibar once did? Would she lose it and use resources not given to her to do her craft, only for it to he stained again? This would get her hated from the group, as they are all clearly of the mindset of getting as much value from resources as possible. I hope they all hate her, and I hope she ends up hating herself. When will she give up? I hope it's soon. I would love watching her make himselve sleep until it ceases to be.

Just a thought

I think that's just melon, look at the top of his head

Melon's green, and she doesn't wear a ribbon.

I think that "ribbon" is just the pink flower thing on melon's hair, and he turned yellow because the color was adjusted up in the flashback

Keep it up

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This unironically turns me on


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Oh my, this is certainly something.

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It's $10 for a digital copy, that's not that bad.

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