The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's...

The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's. Each had a better build up and pay off than the trio in Eva who are mostly static characters (Shinji stays the same redundant character throughout the whole thing until the very end) While Madoka is much shorter, the characters all had more varied motives and satisfying conclusions. Shinji strangling Asuka with the crucified units is "artsy" but it's not interesting or entertaining.

Anno is mediocre at writing and pretentious at times. (he admitted the symbolism in Eva were just for show. For fucks sake this guy literally named a character Jung Freud) Sure, Urobuchi is also not a perfect writer, his writing is more straightforward and honest. Madoka is not as edgy or artsy as Eva, but it's actually better that way. Yeah, we're not gonna see a cool Third Impact scene, Homura's story is more compelling than Shinji's or Asuka's or Rei's.

In conclusion, Madoka > Evangelion.

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It's amazing how someone can write so much and still say absolutely nothing by the end of it

Wow, you mean human beings develop in subtle and nuanced ways and not like you flipped a plot convenience switch?

Who the fuck knew?

Of course evangelion is shit. It's just nerds with nostalgia that think it's good. Madoka is one of the best shows of the last decade. Evangelion was the best show of its decade, but standards were a lot lower back then.

what compared to today when people think K-on is a god send?

Madoka is just shitty yuri pandering

After rewatching, it has no impact on the viewer

I was like 23 when I watched EVA for the first time. If you're a normie you won't understand it, but everyone else does and not just out of nostalgia

Reads like a middle school paper.

They have literal 100 word essay assignments in middle school?

>If you're a normie you won't understand it, but everyone else does and not just out of nostalgia

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Evangelion.

I like how no one realized this post was shitting on Madoka.


Okay but what does Madoka have to do with EVA?
Or is this just a thinly disguised shitpost?

Fuck off retard, it's more than obvious extroverts hate EVA cause muh shinji can't get into le damn robot

It's absolutely pathetic

Nice falseflag
>he admitted the symbolism in Eva were just for show
he was only referring to the cross explosions

it's an obvious shitpost

Madoka has almost nothing in common with Evangelion when you really look at it. Just because one character has some slight personality traits in common with another character doesn't mean jack shit.

It's not *nearly* as deep as you think it is. It's basically just shitty storytelling with bad characters disguised as something deep so autists like you will think they're better than people who realize how shit it actually is.

I love Madoka and on most days I'll probably agree it's over all a better show than Eva, but the characters in Evangelion are fucking excellent. They were so incredibly human in how much of an annoing cunt each of them was. I haven't seen characterization this good in any other show.


Madoka has good cartoon characters. Eva has good characters.

Have you seen Utena?

I wouldn't say "cartoon", but you can definitely tell they're there to tell a story.

Can agree on this. Why do we have to hate either of them instead of just liking them for different reasons?

You actually use "autist" to support your argument, so you wouldn't know depth if it hit you in the face. What matters is it's a compelling story with great characters. Madoka's yuri shit is like a fart in the wind when you compare the two. And if depth was ever questionable in EVA, madoka has none.

I haven't, what about it?

Then you do agree with me, because I love both shows.

How substantive of you to compare two completely different series

Utena's cast might appeal to you in that way

>but it's actually better that way


I'll check it out.

Not that user but give me a plot synopsis if you could.

>fanbase war shit