Can you hear it?

Can you hear it?

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If your soul hasn't truly given up, then you can hear the sound that races through The End of the World.

If my soul hadn't given up I wouldn't spend my time on Sup Forums.

Come on. I still have high hopes and I'm still wasting time on Sup Forums

It sounds electrifying.

Maybe you should go away from the transformator?

Why is this show so frustrating to watch

Because you haven't been visited by an UFO.

I guess it was 2deep4me

Like, what the fuck was up with all the animal symbolism

Why is she so beautiful?

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Used shitskins can't be beautiful

I mean, who WASN'T a slut in this show?

Wakaba, no?
And that Tsuwabuki's classmate.

What's the best release for Utena? I have Schweeds', but they didn't do the moveis.

She wanted Saionji and Akio's dick, probably others too

Best girls: Nanami, Juri

Worst girls: Kozue, Shiori, Utena

Just attention.
Egoist cunt. She suffered a lot, but she's a cunt nontheless.
She's not the smartest girl in the universe, but she's not a bad girl.

>Not GT-R

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>Egoist cunt
True she's a massive cunt but her episodes are hilarious
>She's not the smartest girl in the universe, but she's not a bad girl
She's a fucking hypocrite

>She's a fucking hypocrite
How so?
> her episodes are hilarious
Can't decide which one is my favorite. The one with curry or the one with the egg.

>How so?

>"hey Wakaba it's wrong to want an engaged man"
>"woops I guess I want his dick now too hehe"

Well, as I said, she's not the smartest girl in a pack. She fell for Touga at some moment. Just play the proper tune and she will melt.


That was the greatest filler episode of all time.

How could I forget? Dammit.

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Juri was pure.

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>She's a fucking hypocrite
The whole point of her character was that she wasn't a heroic prince, but a normal teenager girl.

>Just play the proper tune and she will melt
Yep she's shit.

So much for that noble and princely act, huh

>fucked Ruka in order to free Shiori
She didn't do it willingly, but she still did it.

Why Sup Forums has such a strong lust over this show.

For some reason this made me think of the spongebob movie when he gets in the patty car instead of Utena

Lies and slander. They never fucked, Ruka just forcefully kissed her, that's all. Juri is still a beautiful maiden.

It being the "whole point" doesn't make her any less of a retard

Until she met Ruka.
She's just a teenage girl, like said.

I've asked this question before, but anyway. Why do japanese animators pay so little attention to the use of knives? Knife fights are just as interesting and knives are easier to carry. They can be decorated and sold as merch.
Nanami had a jambiya of some sort, but she used it only once

Cause it's amazing. There's a reason people still talk about it.

Do you know what actually happens when Akio takes someone to "see the world" in his car?

why wouldn't you?

Something that makes me want a car of my own.
But damn, my homeland is too cold for convertibles.

A beautiful maiden who probably jerks off to Shiori's picture every night. She also rode in Akio's car with Ruka, which is a metaphor for sex, concentual or otherwise.

i really love this show but the shadow girl plays have always confused the fuck out of me

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It's just an allegorical retelling of the events in that episode. The one from Mikage's duel episode is a really obvious example when you consider that Mikage's character is all about living in the past.

Looks like Be-PaPas were very fond of Gundam 0079

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It's sometimes a symbolism for sex, but not always. When Juri rides with Ruka she is alone in the backseat, while he sits in the front seat. The times when the car has sexual connotations, the couple is together in the backseat.

People say this, but is there actually any evidence that Ikuhara liked Gundam beyond a few vaguely similar character designs?

The aforementioned slap scene from Ep 8, where Keiko quotes Amuro Ray.

Cause it's the best anime ever made.

Also people arguing about best girl/worst girl or enforcing that purity bullshit means they misunderstood the show.


Best: Kozue, Nanami, Utena

Worst: Shiori, Anthy

It's an excellent show.

There are a number of parallels in their skits with the main plot, but really, they're just for fun.

Or that they're having enough fun without being knee-deep in the meanings


>Best: Kozue
>Worst: Anthy

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She's a witch a tell you
We never talk of it

Go watch star driver then u may get it

>not the best
You dun goofed.

Take your seat

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I wanted her to be a heroic prince

She was the chosen one, dammit

It has nothing to do with purity, it's about living up to your ideals

I don't mind sluts when they're sluts from the beginning and are honest about it. A person who is touted as pure and noble only to later be led astray is the worst thing ever. Worst thing is she continued to pretend to be a pure hero afterwards

I’m conflicted on her. On one hand she’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind procreating with her. On the other hand she’s so manipulative and hurt so many good people out of spite that I don’t really trust her.

She was under pressure and influence from Akio

And yet Akio needed her just as much as she needed him. Bullying Nanami was also clearly a personal thing and she shows no remorse about abusing any of the duellists.

Kashira kashira

I don't understand how Ikuhara could make 39 episodes of over-the-top symbolism and repetitive animation so much fucking fun to watch. He did it again with Mawaru too

>I wanted her to be a heroic prince
>I think girls who are sexually active are sluts
Yeah sure. Clearly people didn't misunderstand the show. This is all a perfectly natural reaction. Sure.

>>I think girls who are sexually active are sluts
Putting words in my mouth there

And I don't care about understanding 2deep4u bullshit