Lord El Melloi II Case Files 1

So I just found out that someone finally went and started translating this. It appears that it hasn't been dumped here before, so I'll do it myself since I'm just that happy.

Gather up Waverfags, Clocktowerfags in general, and any Luviafag curious to see her not being a raging lesbian with RinYes all two of you

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Why would I want this though? It's just more fucking Saber adventures.

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Wait holy shit it's finally getting translated?

Eh, she grew on me, and there's still plenty of magi stuff to make the obligatory grail war stuff be worth standing.

If you enjoyed KnK, there's a decent chance you'll have some fun with this

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I did a double take when I found out like half an hour ago.

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There he is.

And none other than Fastwheels himself. He looks quite competent here.

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>tfw no cute liquid metal meido

Forgot to mention, but if you managed to stomach the entirety of Apocrypha, you might have caught a glimpse of these two.

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How about you post a source you fag?

Ah, here it comes, the good ol' long magic theory exposition.

And I say this unironically, I truly enjoy it.

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I misplaced my spoon.

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Not OP but here. mangadex.org/manga/22436/lord-el-melloi-ii-case-files

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>rare Touko cameo

At long last my favorite girl Touko is relevant again.
I don't care that it's one panel I'm glad I saw her again

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>I don't care that it's one panel

Get ready

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Is that Aoko next to Rin's dad?

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And that's it, look forward to more of this in the future if you're interested. This is our lifeboat now with LN translations dead and buried.

With how nice the art is, I won't complain that's for sure.

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Oh yes, and a callout to the fuckers who made my day. Don't you dare stop.

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That's Sakura.

not sure if it's a shitty translation or whatever but the exposition on angels completely lost me

I'm glad waver's adventures are here, it's something that I wanted to read recently and with the manga translations coming I think I finally found something to look forward to.

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>LN translations resumed
>manga translation started

If memory serves, the explanation is a bit trimmed down from the LN, but I think it's still failry straightforwards and understandable.

Basically Nasuverse magic has two certain properties that have been mentioned previously in other works: one, magic is more powerful the less people know about it (since mass knowledge of mystery weakens it, as if it was spread among more people); and two, magic gets more stable the more people know about it (or to be more clear the more well know the framework used by the magic is)

So traditionally most magi have worked with the nice and classic four/five element system coupled with some ancient legend or pagan deity to work their stuff. What modern magecraft proposes, and correct me if I'm wrong here, is that they use angels as a framework because they're massively known and sorta believed-in worldwide, so they can make an excellent system for magic to keep going.

Of course, nobody cares about what modern """"""magi""""""" propose.


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>It's true

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Is she having a stroke?

So is Waver saying that y'all niggas need Jesus?


Wait, who's shouting insults here?

Sentient mystic code.

One who's very good with budgets, or so I hear

She shows up in the next arc of Case Files actually. And with an important role.

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Wait, is that Caster's Master on the left?

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Yeah. He gets a part in that arc too, he is looking for catalysts and his first pick gets destroyed by Touko. It was Siegfried's catalyst.

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Atomic Gatorade, yes.

>A servant who kills himself vs a servant who kills you.

He was fucked regardless.

He just wanted dragons.

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So how is Waver related to her, exactly?


Just read this, it explains their relationship and how the whole current situation came to be very well.


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It's literally in the post you just quoted. She's his step-sister the next in line for the El-Melloi family.

>It was a bit of a recurring thought, but seeing Add move like that reminded me of the CG you see in movies. The expression morphing bewilderingly on his face was so overly detailed it was like it was trying to express a different opinion than Add's itself.

Novel predicting what Add will look like if it ever gets adapted.

She's Hotwheel's little sister, and the one who technically should be the current Lord El Melloi.

In short, she basically guilt-tripped Waver into taking the title until she grew up plus some more debts. Turns out that despite all the angry ranting, Waver really admired Kayneth and felt extremely bad about him dying because of him, since stealing Iskandar's catalyst forced him to summon the NTRman instead.

>not fastwheels

user I have some bad news for you

then what is all that fluff about temples?

So Waver was kind of adopted into the family and didn't marry into it?

The manga shows up how Add looks too.

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Well, Reines wants to have Waver around forever because she really has a thing for him and loves to boss him. She is really a S.

The temple is the framework, the angel being the thing the temple is built for.

The Angel is the source that gives shape to yur magecraft, and building the temple is what allows you to use that magecraft. That's how I interpret it at least.

It's modern magecraft lingo. That's what Waver is an expert at and the Faculty he is a Lord of.

Daly reminder that Waver is ruining the ancient institution of the Clock Tower with his moralfaggotry.

There is a whole democratic faction in the Clock Tower and Waver is not even part of it, so not really.


They're just brats who are sick of the old farts, but are essentially the same as them.

Not really, you even have the Lord in the lead of the faction using ipads.

Does she want him as a family member or as something different?

>using ipads.

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She's offered to make babies with him, but I think it was a joke.

She wants his babies very hard.

You tell me what she wants, I think she makes it obvious

>With a laugh, I finished him off.
>After this, I also took something from him as collateral to ensure he wouldn't attempt to flee from my demands, but that's a story for another time.
>That was the beginning of our love.
>It was a wonderful, heart-warming episode, don't you think?
>...ah, there was one thing I forgot to mention
>My name is Reines El-Melloi Archisorte.
>The woman responsible for sealing 'him' - the fledgling magus known as Waver Velvet - under the name of Lord El-Melloi II.

>With a laugh, I finished him off

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Just another proof that RHINO is an incompetent sad excuse for a magus!