Hai to Gensou No Grimgar

Vol 12 dropped yesterday

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Who cares, didn't she NTR the MC with Ranta?

Wait, she die? How? And Mary still alive?

Doesn't matter anymore since they are both dead.

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Dafuq? Can you give a summary?

What happened?

What happened to best boi ranta?
Any signs of a second season?

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>Ranta's dead
Aww yeah.

It was inevitable, only Haruhiro will remain the last living member.

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Dat hunter ass.

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Okay LN fags, where are the spoilers

>childhood love interest friend dies
>CHAD takes Mary from him
>local retard takes Yume from him

Man this guy's life is just plain shit

Yume didn't die. I think people are considering to temporarily leave to train by themselves under a master

Were all the isekai'd kids somewhat athletic? I noticed it since the first ep

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Maybe he can fuck the cowtits mage in his team or the tall one that wants to pet him

Are they dead yet?

If they aren't at the start, they will be.
There's no Internet and if they don't fight, they don't eat.

so is she dead or not

Prestige Class soon?
Grand Hunter?
Arcane Archer?

Yes, the pic you posted happened right before they all got /fit/ in the night realm, iirc they trained and hunted together every day for almost 1 year in vol 7.

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I want to hunt that ass if you know what I mean

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Wait something happened between him and Mary to make them drift apart?

What am I looking at here

Wait what?
Please spoiler me this

Big boy Kuzaku confessed and got rejected, then became good friends with Haruhiro who during that moment was still in doubt about his feelings.
Bros before hoes

Problem is that NOTHING happened, at all with Haruhiro and Kuzaku wormed his way into her heart before he got a chance to do anything.

Are there translations past Vol. 7?

Last illust is

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Jesus fucking christ i love yume's ass

You can get it by looking for danke

So Mary is taken now? What the fuck?
Is he getting Shihoru? Is he going to get with anyone?
Not that it matters

Why did the manga get canned?
There's obviously never going to be an S2 of the anime and LNs suck dick.

Bad art
It's still one of the top sellers for the print label.

Another one bites the dust?


I need to start reading the LN for this I really enjoyed the Anime and S2 seems like never. What's the translation status?

Grimgar now has 12 volumes published, of which 8 are translated officially by J-Novel Club. All it takes is a google search, lazy cunt.

So what happened to her?

>Ranta is dead

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How is he dead? Last I heard Haru betrayed him and left him for dead with a dagger wound.

Haru's master was sexier in the manga and the light novel said she had long hair.

Instead we get a Disgusting Short Haired Megane.

I don't know if Ranta is dead but based on past spoilers I read, Ranta would be branded a heretic by now and probably has either a bounty on him or ordered to be killed on sight if Ranta is still alive.

Ranta's Revenge when?

of course yume is dead.

the author was pissed at all the nips who hated Mary, and decided to kill off the only real competition for the mc after assassinating her character first by making her and ranta hook up, just to make sure the otaku don't revolt when he kills her off.

The Last spoilers I read from vol 11 they revived Mary, who already rejected the big dude like 2 vols before. No Ntr there.

series with wasted potential here

Sounds kinda like real life.

Not true the other guy was rejected, and is pretty obvious Mary likes haru

I don't think I've ever seen more misinformation spread through fake spoilers for a LN than this one.

Vol 12 Haru and Mary

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Makes the thread more alive.

merry is best girl and will win

I haven't ripped Grimgar.

She already won. Unless she dies

Haru should ditch Mary for bigger tits and bigger hips.

Mary sounds like she isn't really Mary anymore either.

Good thing I never liked this edgelord shit.
Yume was the only reason why I watched it.


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I'd rather a dead thread than one filled with people already running with false spoilers. Because they will be back to spam that shit in future threads as facts when we do get a decent thread going.

True shit

I think I heard that adrama CD is coming out with Kuzaku voiced. Wasn't there going to be an event in April with some Grimgar stuff too? I'm starting to think that there might actually be a shot at season 2.

Doesn't matter, gotta shitpost because anons will believe everything you tell them.

Wait, what the fuck did Ranta do?
Apparently he's a heretic now or something?

Ranta's still alive

>I don't know if Ranta is dead but based on past spoilers I read, Ranta would be branded a heretic by now and probably has either a bounty on him or ordered to be killed on sight if Ranta is still alive.
You read incorrectly then. His demon even evolved. Lord Skullhell has blessed him

fake spoiler

Oh ok.

Nips are upset it seems Haruhiro and Mary's relationship seems to reset after all the progress it made in the last couple of volumes. And that the pirates felt like filler. Also Yume leaves the team.

The party is apparently also wondering how they're going to continue without Ranta and Yume

Kind of funny how Yume cried because he left 2 volumes ago and then she just ups and leaves too

Yume is going to find that Ranta dick

Good. I actually like them together.

And they're speculating that Yume is going to link up with him. As well as a timeskip

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>And they're speculating
and by that I mean Nips

We did Marybros

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Patrician's taste

Not even death could stop the madwoman from getting her Hal.

she still has to compete with

>revived Mary

wait they can revive people now?

Only important people. Manato and Moguzo BTFO.

It's a video game, is resurrection magic really that out of the question?

She was revived with some shady magic ritual that placed other peoples souls inside her.

Resurrection doesn't work because of the No Life King

Does anyone find it kind of sad? I mean, only Haruhiro and Shihoru are left from the original cast

Got a longer volume summary for this new volume? I see that there are talks about them traveling alone to find masters but shihoru and haruhiro arent?

Shihoru and Haruhiro are the only ones left from the original cast. Mary, Suzaku and Setora joined them later.

Are they still poor and struggling? I mean, since it's been 12 volumes already I'd expect them to be somewhat proficient.

They got GAINS

Why is volume 8 so bad? It is even worse than 6.

>Best Boy Ranta leaves the group
>Best Girl Yume dies
>Supposed to care about Boruhiro and his shitty waifu Mehry
I am glad I didn't read this.

is there enough material for a 2nd season? hell, was the animu received well enough for a 2nd season?

Training timeskip and regrouping later near the end of the novel? Sounds pretty dope to see what the fuck shihoru and haruhiro doing during those time though I get a feeling that their masters are located nearby so not much traveling required and they just meet up once in a while.


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This them legs Sup Forumsro

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