This is the reason mecha is dead now

This is the reason mecha is dead now

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Mecha was always shit, but TTGL might be the worst of them all. The only thing worse than TTGL that I can think of is Getter Robo.

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Shit taste as expected of a sagiri-poster


Darling in the Franxx is pretty popular right now, more than most other shows.

Crossboarder memes as expected of a sagiri-poster

says the crossboarder. TTGL is only liked by ironic weeb manchildren.

Based Sagiri poster stating the harsh truths Sup Forums doesn't want to hear

your tastes will surely impress your friends on Sup Forums

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>posting the 4th worst anime this season
opinion discarded
please do not create an identity out of me.

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Who do I believe now

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Gurren Lagann is easily one of the best anime in the last 10 years if you ask me. I have turned anime haters and non-anime fans into anime lovers.

Now go watch it and make up your own mind.

Not this guy.

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I've always seen so much hate for TTGL on here. It's personally in my top 3 anime of all time.

Huh, he might be the shittest shitter I've ever seen.

Idols killed mecha

>always seen so much hate for TTGL
where? I've only ever seen praise for it

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This is Sup Forums. Sup Forums specifically. Where the absolute retards of the internet congregate to "discuss" anime. If you are on this god forsaken website, you should already know that much like Sup Forums calls every videogame in existence shit, Sup Forums will shit on every anime ever made regardless of whether or not their opinion is correct.

Yes because it's literally the peak of mecha.

Fafner Exodus has been the only good mecha in the past five years.

Because nothing will even come close to it.

Literally ended culturally relevant mecha with a big bang.


It surely is bad mecha anime

This is the reason anime is dead now

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merely a swan song

it was Eva's fault

no it's battle shounen

>implying eva didn't save anime from truly dying

It did both.

so popular sales are tanking hard

Eh, eva saved anime, but it did kill mecha. TTGL was indeed mecha's swan song, and now we're left with yearly Gundams, memories, and ASS CONTROL

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>eva saved anime by making 95% of MCs into shinji-clones
I don't think so

this shit requires dedication to the craft. He's like an autistic whet stone

Mecha was always shit, but TTGL was one of the least shit.

TTGL saw where mecha was heading, and decided to rush there with the strength of a thousand suns. literally using the "best" parts of mechas of the past.

Is there actually people who watch mecha for it's "realism". The entire concept is fictional idiots.

3D killed mecha.

Because no one will ever be able to do it better and you know it.

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mecha is dead because it's shit