Isekai: slavery and crop rotation

slavery and crop rotation are important in the ecology of Japanese isekai

do those setups could actually work?

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>Monogamy sounds boring so let's make a harem
These are the best girls ever

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Crop rotation was practiced since 6000 B.C Its really stupid when the MC pretends is something revolutionary
If anything the MC should teach people to make away with crop rotation and just shit in the crops

don't forget adventurer guilds, those are mandatory.

the MC goes for wife rotation instead of crop rotation, anyway

>Wept till dawn
Harold couldnt protect Erica's smile
prepare for a bitter ending

I started the LN, but it became pretty clear that the author had no understanding of medieval governance and politics, and he couldn't stop adding new haremettes, which made it hard for the cast to be all that interesting.

maybe it's better for planting seeds

How bronze age isekai goes with crop rotation is good.

There have been semi-modern developments, but I don't recall if that's what he was referring to.

Specially, the Norfolk rotation is where you use a nitrogen-fixing fodder crop (cloves or turnips) in the place of the fallow years and use the extra manure produced from that as fertilizer to raise grain yields.

I came here specifically to make this joke. Well done, anons.

Crop rotation is important for soil quality and space management.
Abject slavery usually becomes a pain in the ass so go with serfdom.

Invest in sheep, sheep are fucking fantastic.

I wanted to like this isekai at first, but I lost all hope early on with this "hey, the kingdom is starving but the king is ok with the farmers not growing food" (and the princess going "oh shit, I didn't know you had to grow edible stuff to get food, atsukashiiiiii")

It's an absolute travesty that so much of this guy's work is untranslated beside two or three tanks I believe.

It's like hentai translations died thanks to Fakku hiring away the scene's main translators so now we only have ESL translators left

>Wool for clothing
>Meat for eating
the beast that keeps on giving.

oh boy, the only isekai I actively hate for being a genre bait and switch

Are you Welsh? Or a New Zealander perhaps?

And if you’re Welsh it doubles as a waifu.

What was the bait?

It's not fair that the mom has the biggest tits though.

Sheep literally built the wealth of england.
invest in breed improvement of wool and carcass traits too.

They knew manure was good fertilizer too. They simply didn’t have enough resources to maintain enough livestock to make large scale manure fertilizing viable.

As was stated before, crop rotation has been around almost as long as agriculture. The problem with crop rotation is that unless you use the right combination of crops you’ll get a lower overall yield. Peasants weren’t the type to experiment much with their source of sustenance, which is why it took until the mid 1600s to discover a crop combination that made 4 field better than 3 field.

don't forget milk, horns for buttons or decoration, skins for leather, bones for bone china, guts for binding,

>not cows
motherfucking milk, meat, shit and leather, this animal has everything you need

why not goats?

economics and administration

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sheep and goats are a better bet for general farming
but cows have the benefit of draft animals to pull ploughs and carts.

And parchment

>not chickens
got eggs, the nutritionally perfect food
that's all, and that's all you need

I should add that it turned into idol master and jacking off to Japanese culture

Dumping two extra chapters from the shield hero manga vol 5. those are in text with two illustrations. One is when naofumi and co. have a brief moment of respite when getting chased by the bitch and the other heroes. The other one is the meeting with naofumi and the nice guy.

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Goats aren't that great, they should be the last resort. Go for sheep if your land is shit and cows if it's good. Also, always get some pigs.
>can eat literally anything
>will turn it into bacon and ham

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Shame, we don't get enough good kingdom management isekais. Guess you need to be smart to rigth one of those.
I can only think of one example of a good kingdom management isekai.

You only need real crop rotation once you have enough population density to have all usable farm land under cultivation. In the dark ages and early middle ages, controlling labor was much more important than owning land, because there was more usable land than there were people to farm it. It's not until the High Middle Ages that land ownership becomes the most important factor in wealth.

And that he didn't have the entire fucking aristocracy in open revolt when he tried that mass revocation of titles. Even the honest noblemen should have seen it as an intolerable assault on their rights and an act of tyranny.

That was what tore it for me.

>but cows have the benefit of draft animals to pull ploughs and carts.

They're directly inferior to draft horses in that role, though. They're stronger and thus don't need to work in teams, they can work much longer each day, they can be commanded verbally and thus don't need a second person to lead them, and they digest fodder more effectively.

There's a reason horses displaced oxen as soon as the trace harness was invented.

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No, slavery and crop rotation are not nearly enough in the ecology of Japanese isekai. Considering the crazy monsters they have, it's likely they'll need constant guards for the farms and also specialists to deal with crops that aren't of our world and require a special way of being raised.

Wool was also used as ye olde toilet paper. Just wipe and wash.

Nigga, milk & potato is literally the perfect combination, humans can live forever only on them. Maybe not truly forever, but you get me

Here's the first illustration. Raphtalia is quite stacked, and naofumi says sadina is even bigger. just imagine.

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Wool is more useful you get a yearly crop and it's both storable and machineable.
true, livestock are basically a really good idea
the benefit of smaller animals like sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, hickens or geese is the greater hedgeing if a cow dies that's the same as losing 5 sheep, plus they can be expensive to keep
not to mention unless you actually have one of the three lactase persistence genes raw milk is a bad idea, though yoghurts and cheese are still advantageous.

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>I can only think of one example of a good kingdom management isekai.

Which one? Because I've been thinking of writing one of those. I feel like I need a decent magic system for it to work, though; I'm not exactly a fan of generic fantasy magic.


But you won't have that in a genuine medieval setting.

Hell, you could write a solid Peasant isekai with your only asset being a sack of seed potatoes.

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cows are much harder to kill than horses, and due to their differing digestive systems can perform much better off lower quality fodder

Don't forget you need huge families, we're talking like 16 kids here. The more hands, the better.

Isn't there one about the demon princess, and an anime and manga was already made?

Is this the same thing.

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is it me or am i seeing yaoi hands

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I'm just saying that, as a matter of historical record, horses displaced cows as draft animals as soon as it became possible to use them for that (via the proliferation of the Trace harness by the 8th century AD).

Where's the problem, though?

for the user talking about domestic animals this book has a lengthy chapter going into it and this video summarizes a portion of it. interesting watch if you're unfamiliar with the topic

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>livestock are basically a really good idea
Doubtless. To quote a famous saying of old Cato's: when he was asked what was the most profitable feature of an estate, he replied: “Raising cattle successfully.” What next to that? “Raising cattle with fair success.” And next? “Raising cattle with but slight success.” And fourth? “Raising crops.”

Wool and meat is an understatement.
>hardy, delicious animals easy to control due to heard instincts
>colossal amount of jobs created within the wool processing and textile industry for all walks of life - entire towns would be supported off this income
>shearing, cleaning, combing, treating, dyeing, weaving, collecting lanolin, etc.
>skin for parchement - before the printing press, books and scrolls were rare, meticulous works of art, literary treasures
>one of the few cases a single woman could support herself with work (giving rise to the spinster term)
>countless varieties and types, massive trade empires spanning Asia and Europe established to get shit like luxurious English wool and exotic foreign dyes
>fucking with the quality standards and weight measurements of wool was a good way to get killed
>good for a shag if your wife is unfortunately British

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So, does he fug the big titted chick? I might start reading this if she's part of the harem.

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>Sheep literally built the wealth of england.

The wealth of Flanders too, especially during the triangular trade era.

It's not something well known, but according to the archives of the Bordeaux' Port Captaincy, clothes represented 50% of the value of the goods going from Europe to Africa in the triangular trade (the rest being weapons, metal ingots/bars and alcohol... the so famous beads and glassy shit reprensenting only a very small part of the total value).

Antwerp mssively benefited from the wool trade.

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Every girl in the image is one of his wives.

and this is the last page. Having this clears the confusion where the nice guy came from. Kinda unfair they had this on the manga instead of the main novels but i guess they did it to sell more.

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oxen and cows are under appreciated compared to horses
the whole not dying and actually able to work under conditions that would kill a horse are the crucial points

when is someone going to translate the rest of my favourite reluctant succubus and her OP pet cow?

So this book is a disgusting miscarriage of history - but on the topic of animal domestication, animals become 'domesticated' via selective breeding, not being magically created to be dependent on humans (and distributed in such a way to oppress the nonwhites, as is his thesis).

To be fair, the Soviet work on Fox Domestication was still behind the iron curtain when the book came out, but that doesn't make it any more accurate in the present day.

>The wealth of Flanders too, especially during the triangular trade era.

They imported English wool and exported cloth. That's why the Count of Flanders signed a peace treaty with the English during the Hundred Years War, but the Duke of Burgundy went to war with England as a vassal of the French king.

What made that akward was that they were the same person, but what can you do?

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Please tell me there isn't any ntr or cucking, please I can't handle it anymore.
There needs to be a list that constantly updates on that front.

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This exterminator manga is a pretty interesting read.

The chink one Release that wich
It's more about industrialization, but the at least teh author made his homework on how medival society.

I think there are two factors when writing a kingdom management story. First, the MC must not have strong personal power, his power must be entirely based on the people he commands, and second, the world around you must not be as shallow as a kids pool

And no, introducing baseball won't make solve the kigdoms problems


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Any ideas?

Not really. It’s just another isekai protagonist doing whatever the fuck he wants.

Alright guys, lets get a "Guide to the Other World" book going.
How should it be structured, and what type of information should be present?

>Culture Shock
> -Slavery
>So you've been summoned to defeat the Great Evil?
> -Are they really evil?
> -Local STDs and infection risks
>So you've been reincarnated as a baby?
> -Keeping yourself sane while going through childhood again.
> -Picking up the local language.
> -Making use of modern wisdom without burning at the stake.
>What to do if you have a cheat.
> -Why genocide is probably a bad idea.
> -What to do with your new fief.
> --Crop rotation is over-rated.

>Hell, you could write a solid Peasant isekai with your only asset being a sack of seed potatoes.

If people didn't shit in the crops soil depletion would happen at astounding rates, it's practically mandatory for agarian farming unless you practice slash and burn agriculture.

can he wrap a whole head with them?

I hate NTR and cucking so fucking much, god dammit

is their a good critical review of Jared Diamond's guns germs and steel anywhere? it's a little dated but still a recommended read I thought ven with the multiple faults.

Just read Hyakuren it does a lot of things right for a harem senki series.

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Potatoes were a miracle crop when they were introduced to Europe

he won't be able to do damage even if he could, that's for sure.

Go read Komachi.

>Demon Lords and You
>Were you summoned to become the hero that the kingdom needs?
>Of course you were! If you weren't you wouldn't be reading this.
>Now, before we begin on our epic quest to defeat the Demon Lord, we must first ask if said Demon Lord is male or female.
>If it is indeed a she, you must immediately proclaim her as your wife and proceed in your quest to win her hand.
>If he is male, then you must slay him and take the Kingdom's Princess as your bride.
>Additional females may or may not be up for grabs during your quest, but it is advisable to obtain as many female companions as possible.

Yeah, its pretty fucking stupid. The two most egregarious parts is when this "genius" decides to stop cash cropping in favor of staple crops to stop starvation, which makes zero sense outside of the completely inappropriate colonial plantation system that he uses as an argument, followed by him being the only person to realize how great magic orbs that allow for instanteneous communication is for warfare, when in real life it would be the first thing everybody would use them for. Oh, he's also a twat with exrtremely annoying verbal tics.

>I think there are two factors when writing a kingdom management story. First, the MC must not have strong personal power, his power must be entirely based on the people he commands, and second, the world around you must not be as shallow as a kids pool

I think that's probably accurate. You might need to give the MC some power to keep the audiance engaged, but he should probably be weaker than someone in his court, as an acid test.

Basically this Not off the top of my head, but the gist of it is that he starts with a premise (the success or failure of a civilization is a function of geography) then tries to back it up, but crosses his own arguments a lot. Even if you don't want to be an edgy HBD proponent, he ignores the role of social/cultural/political institutions entirely.

>So it turns out you don't have mana?
>-How to deal with working out.
>-Is this really happening
>-Learning Martial Arts
>--Turns out finding a teacher may be difficult.
>---Creating your own form of Martial Arts
>-Fighting Monsters
>--Not like fighting humans
>--Very dangerous
>--Always expect the unexpected
>-What if you don't want to fight?
>--Get strong anyways.

Most isekai seem to be closer to the Renaissance than the actual middle ages.

I read it a few years ago I wondered if there was a modern reliable critique.
what's your background if you don't mind me asking?

You've been whisked off to a standard Isekai world as you are right now. Your given objective is to create a country of your own where slavery (which every other country practices) is abolished and must also attempt to convince the other countries to abolish slavery in turn, through violence, diplomacy or other means.

You only have 4 years and a single random power to accomplish this. (The time is relative to you so you can't try and cheat with time travel and if you don't manage it you are erased from existence no matter what)

Well Sup Forums, can you create a land of the free?

They were freakishly good crops.

I’d need some brainwashing power to topple an established social system that’s been there for centuries.

Tomoki, pls.

in 4 years?
of course not
it'd be hard with only 4 decades.
I can do this shit in two days.

Yeah, but most of them get that wrong too. You don't have an independent aristocracy (even if it's weakened) or cities and free burghers - if aristocratic rights exist at all, ifs to provide a raepy noble for the MC to rescue a haremette from.

>what's your background if you don't mind me asking?

Mechanical engineering.

But I've got a pretty strong background in history.


Well I guess I can’t do shit because now everyone who opposes me is brain dead or an idiot.

all history is a human's interpretation of the past and is inherently bias. I'll read a correction if it's readily available but I'm more interested if the information is interesting and useful.
>and distributed in such a way to oppress the nonwhites
now you're just putting words in his mouth. and the points in that image either side step his points or contain uncited claims

>conceptual baking.
I will become to most famous chef in all the lands and host a giant banquet where all the rulers of the land come to enjoy my cooking under the flag of truce.

Little do they know, the food is laced with a permanent mind controlling serum. Slavers are put to the death around the world as slaves are freed en mass.

I then leave the management of their kingdoms to themselves because I cant be bothered to manage that many lands.

Going to crop rotate the shit out of it


The conditions are unusual since it says 4 years and a single random power, but it doesn't say at what stage my power is. If it's just complete mastery, then gain people's trust with an iron fist and oppose all of those that dare fight. I believe this is what they call a monarch. Few will want to try and fight the person with flames that can cinder an entire kingdom in a week.