Friendly reminder that buggo only wants your love and affection. Maybe your arm too.

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She can have my dick

First for best girl

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I want to fuck Philip.

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Technically OP was first for best girl. Come on now.

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Renner a best!

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She'd make a delicious meal. All that protein and gelatinous insides,

Entoma lost to jobbers. Worse than Lupus, a genuine disappointment.

t. albedo

She's a delicious meal out of you

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She'd probably dumb enough to fight near a volcano right? Hmm, slow cooked and all those juicy insides with that crunchy outside. That makes my mouth water.

We don't love her because she's the strongest we love her because she's the cutest! She got ganged up on by someone of equivalent level using a hard counter spell. I'd happily feed her and nurse her back to health after that. She did the best she could.

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Best boy rolling through

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Fucking mudblood Asians I swear.

Not even the best loli vampire in the story.


She isn't even the cutest, Shizu is. Also, Entoma did not do her best, she lost her cool 1/3 into the fight and started acting autistic which is why she lost. Should've focused on crushing Gargaran and shot Tia while trying to discern EE's class and stalling with conversation, not swing your weapon at the enemy and instantly use your trump card for no reason and not to its proper effect.

>the epic finale to this season is jobbing
>maids jobbing against maids
>maids jobbing against EE
>Jaldaboath (Demiurge) jobbing against Momon (Ainz)

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based shizu poster

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You wish cuckfag.

>mfw I see a disgusting insect

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Except Demiurge is actually, unironically, jobbing for Ainz

>tfw in good company
Feels cozy man.

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It's time to swat the mosquito.

let's be realistic here
you think season 3 is a possibility?

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Those meaty bug legs as her hair looks pretty nice to eat.

It doesn't matter which maid you like best, as long as you realise Entoma is worst de arinsu~

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Does she understand what her and her friends do is evil?


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>Superman just lost to Lex who was using Kryptonite
>Superman must be weaker than Lex

That's what you sound like.

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The most emotional moment of this entire series is still the very beginning in my opinion. I'm sure it resonated with those who were in a similar situation when they played an MMO that's now dead.


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There'd be no reason to even make a season 2 if not to make a season 3, but they're gonna wait until it will have the biggest return so we'll be waiting a while.

>she will never stalk you with her stealth mode in order to ambush you with hugs
fucking kill me boys

>season 2 took 2~3 years to make

Superman lost because he was outsmarted, Entoma lost because she went tard mode and started flailing like an autist against BR and let her secret move and her race be found out by EE, letting her know that vermin bane would be effective.

A loss is a loss, Entoma is a jobber.

>Evileye will never beg to suck the blood from a shallow cut on my finger

I said I'll post them, but it might take a bit to organize my folder. Shalltear is best girl, followed by Shizu.

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>shalltear will never murder me in cold blood
I too share these feelings, brother.

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Terrible taste. Unless you've been drinking pure juiced garlic and holy water for a month and want to poison her, in which case you're a genius.

Why doesn't Ains just use magic to summon himself a phantom dick?

Why would he summon something he doesnt want or need to use

So between all these wars and politics, is the main meat of this plot ever going to come to fruition? Namely how Ainz suddenly woke up in a game that became real.

He has no feelings of lust because he's a skelly.

Could you imagine having a vampire maid that licks your wounds after PvP sessions?

Could you imagine having a vampire maid that licks your WEENER after PvP sessions?

When will Ainz explore the ocean ?

Foreplay first, user.

I want to eat Lakyus's ass.

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This guy gets it.

imagine the smell after a hard day of adventuring

Is she going to do anything other than talk to her sword?

*unzips bugspray*

I felt like shit for HeroHero. He was so close to the reset but now he's gonna die in his working conditions without experiencing the joys of fucking his girl Solution senseless and broing it up with Ainz.

I want to kill Lakyus's friends t. Demiurge

Here's what we know from the author's tweets.
He doesn't want any threats for nazarick since this is about an op mc and he would feel like he'd be betraying the fans that came for that.
But has hinted that this is a prologue of sorts and might continue overlord with real threats later on once he finishes another series about an adult office rom-com and/or wrestling series.

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how do 2slimes haev sex?

She probably has butt pubes, dude

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They call it meddling.

I didn't have a boner before your post, thanks user.

I like this guy. Second best boy, right behind the sausage maker.

Reminder that Season 3 is very unlikely to happen

A-are they blonde

>adult office rom-com and/or wrestling series
Might as well publish a communist manifesto because he's not getting any sales

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HeroHero is a fucking bro for responding to Ainz's mail to meet up one last time despite the fact that he has a stupidly demanding job and literally works himself sick.

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Considering she really likes her dress that was given to her by the supreme beings, coupled with her reaction of loosing her lip bug and being implied that nobody would let her serve them... I think she hates her true self and wishes to emulate humans; seeing them as beautiful. Problem is that she can't ignore that fact that a girl like her still needs to eat after all.

Anybody got her alignment chart? If it wasn't for her diet I think she would be neutral at worse and almost being good like Yuri and CZ.

Life, uh--finds a way.

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>just found out who voices Yuri and one of her previous VA job
are you fucking kidding me

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Weee also don't like her because she's the smartest, but she's cute, and pretty kind! Buggo did nothing until humies started reeeing at her.

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She is neutral, yes. Also Yuri says that she's one of the nicer sisters. It's only her eating habits that bug her.

Pretty sure she's TN.

Oh no user, HeroHero has fallen and can't get up!

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the moest!

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dark brown, and stinky

Why does most artist forget that she has a mask on? Her mask bug can't grab onto thinks with it's shell like that.

>once he finishes another series about an adult office rom-com and/or wrestling series.
That's a strange genre shift.

>HeroHero is a fucking bro for responding to Ainz's mail to meet up one last time

He really is. It makes me wonder what was happening in Peroroncino's life that he lost touch.

*betrays ur country*

And that thing is said to be the most beautiful.

When will Climb take her virginity?

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I have full trust in her decisions

she is kinda gorgeous

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So is Entoma still a spider telepathically controlling other insects as if they were extensions of herself?
Or is she just a human shaped insect that's body look like various bugs now? beyond the mask which is still a beetle.

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Where's the user that promised to post cute Shalltear

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I hate this. A character is said to be one of the most beautiful characters in the series yet dozens of other characters look more attractive than her. She just looks like a generic blonde princess.

50 orcs will beat him to it.

she's the most beautiful humie
the nazarick girls are all better than her

>A character is said to be one of the most beautiful characters in the series yet dozens of other characters look more attractive than her. She just looks like a generic blonde princess.
Beauty standards might be different there since everyone in the NW is supposed to be hot.

I don't really know what that is honestly. I'm an entomafag but I actually hate the stupid fucking face the anime gave her. Looks almost nothing like the sketch presented previously, even if that sketch was old and rough, it presented a nicer, more spider like, and better design. She deserved better.

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>gagaran telling climb if he wants to transform into an orc
Foreshadowing? will climb join enri's gobs and renner will be in charge of them?

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She is bug monster that specialized in bug summoning magic, and uses some of them to emulate a pretty maid.

By comparison. When you put an objective 9/10 woman near 5/10s or especially 4/10s and below they look like two different species. It's unfair to expect humans to compete on par with Nazarick denizens.

>perform high tier magic, like 7th or 8th tier magic that isn't really a big deal for a Yggdrasil player but is almost impossible for New Worlders, to impress/help Lakyus
>appeal to her chuuni side by telling her you need to perform [sex act] as penance/recuperation after said feat of magic
You just know she'd let you suggest nearly anything, too.
She'd be slobbering on your knob like the dumb bitch she is.

So it varies depending on the adaption? Or is the anime appearance canon for her?
I'm so confused.

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>However, before Warrior Takemikazuchi could complete the weapon, he suffered the tragedy of losing his greatest rival who quit the game. In the end, his ultimate weapon (still incomplete) was later placed on display in the Treasury. Before Takemikazuchi logged out for the last time, he gave his sword God Slaying Emperor Blade to his creation, Cocytus as a farewell gift
So Tabula did the same with his world item?