Just finished Onani Master and Molester man what does Sup Forumsthink of them?

Just finished Onani Master and Molester man what does Sup Forumsthink of them?

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Sup Forums likes both, anything else OP?

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Forgot to mention, that we are busy discussing Franx in the Darling or whatever the fuck it's called, so please don't interfere.

Are you me? I just recently finished both. I like them I really like them. Drama with good ending for Onani and best girl won in Molester. Molester kinda reminds me of other manga when guy pursues one girl but end with other(still in both best girl wins).

I read the Train man manga and it was so fucking bad it made me appreciate just how good molester man really is.

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That's a surprisingly long courtship.

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it's ok

OMK is a masterpiece and Molester man is ok.

OP, stop rabblerousin

I prefer MM, but I'm sucker for love stories.

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Not as good as the other Kurosawa

That is for certain, nevertheless OMK is amazing and have a strong message too.

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People talk shit about the sequel reversing everything he's done, and they're right. But there are some funny moments in it.

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OMk is textbook example of "best girl out of nowhere". Seriously. Sugawa is really the best.

Think she’s the earliest reason why im into yankee girls

I enjoyed it. It was fun and had nice art. What didn't you like about it, user?

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OMK is a masterpiece. Haven't read Molester Man though.
What did YOU think of them, OP?

>Haven't read Molester Man though
You should, it's way better. You might want to read or at least know about Train Man first



>molester man is by the same artist
>check out his other stuff

It's about a tsundere girl who's also a massive idiot. Huh. From what I've read so far I can't tell if she's just airheaded or if there's actually something wrong with her.

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Oh shit what? Is this why? He says on the next page she actually has some form of amnesia to block out the bad shit her dad does.

Fuck that's actually kinda dark.

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Thanks for the new manga user

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prefer peephole over both

Sugawa takes it slow out of embarrassment

Did there used to be an annual onani master dump on Sup Forums? Or am I deluding it.

I didn't really like Molester Man much. Onani Master has much more coherent plot and themes, Molester Man suffers from having to represent reality so a lot of stuff that comes up really just goes nowhere. I probably couldn't have finished it if I wasn't following along with Sup Forums.


what, where are this from?

Altho I liked he ended with the bully girl, the afro jackass deserves to die.

>afro jackass deserves to die

He was the most likable character though.

broccoli did everything correct

Both very nice, they warmed up my heart sufficiently.

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Molester man and Tsunbaka are better than Onani master.

Onani master is better than Molester man and Tsunbaka.

loved molester man

didnt like onani master that much

Broccoli did nothing wrong.

Just reread OMK because of this thread. Many parts that I could relate to very much, the NTR is physically painful.

Afrobro was the best character though.