Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Why does everyone want to ruin all the old great stuff? How is all that greatness going to be distilled into 3 movies?


Hint: It isn't.

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So who got announced yesterday and who is getting announced today?

>How is all that greatness going to be distilled into 3 movies?
12 episodes and 3 movies (worth 4 episodes each), so really 24 episodes.

So they're distilling the 26-episode season one of the original (of which 2 episodes were gaiden filler) into 24 episodes.

It's fine.

Are any of the gaiden/extra shit worth watching? I'm wondering how the hell they even fit into continuity.

They explain how Reinhard, Kircheis and Yang got promoted to how they were in the main OVA.
Also how Reinhard met all his admirals
If you are short on time just watch the One Hundred Billion Stars One Hundred Billion Lights and the Spyral Laberinth one

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Golden Wings did nothing wrong. Its only crime is that the story isn't interesting enough to be a standalone movie, and it should have been 2-4 episodes of Gaiden instead.

the OVAs were pretty QUALITY compared to other 80s-90s contemporary anime OVAs that came out during the Japanese bubble years. Take off that nostalgia goggles

This is a 110 episode 'ova'.
It really should be compared to contemporary tv shows instead.

On a different note; stuff like Mad Bull, Angel Cop and Riki Oh may exist but 90s/80s ovas are nowhere near as QUALITY as I was expecting when revaluating their production values. Good job Japan.

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Is based Cazelnu the >F>P>A's MVP?

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>tfw a rebel admiral is being cowardly around me
Very pleasant surprise to find a Schenkopp chapter in the endless Reinhardwanking of the gaidens though.

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Why is his left arm backwards

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>4 seasons, ~27 episodes each, released as OVAs
>not as high-quality of Gunbuster, therefore QUALITY
That's not how it works.
Also I don't remember any or much QUALITY in the original show. It wasn't high-quality animation, but there wasn't any QUALITY that I remember.
All of this is beside the point that animation fidelity is not core to the appeal or point of LoGH. What matters is the artstyle and character/setting designs, of which the original OVAs excelled at.

That's not his arm, dear.

That's probably someone else sitting next to him. Probably.

Are you drunk?

Explain what's wrong with that post.

What anime do you think we are talking about?

The OVAs adapted everything. The new show will be adapting the same material as the first season of the OVAs, and will not attempt to cover absolutely everything LoGH in that space.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The original 1988 OVA had 26 episodes in the first season. The new remake will have 12 episodes and 3 movies as the first season.

What is making you so upset?

There's a something like 174 episodes, 14 novels, 16 manga, and 3 movies.

Aren't you glad they're not all getting this treatment?

>old great stuf
You don't mean LOGH right? That was boring and sucked

Yes, and? What's your point? They didn't all come out simultaneously.

>The main Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA series is divided into four series:
> The first series ran from December 1988 to June 1989. It included 26 episodes of 24 minutes each.
> The second series ran from July of 1991 to February of 1992. It included 28 episodes of 25 minutes each.
> The third series ran from July of 1994 to February of 1995. It included 32 episodes of 27 minutes each.
> The fourth and final series ran from September of 1996 to March of 1997. It included 24 episodes of 26 minutes each.
This new series is (so far) covering in 24 episodes the same material that the old series covered in 26 episodes.

110 episodes are the reason why nobody wants to watch it

Yes, altogether that is true. However, we're talking about the first season, which makes up the first 26 episodes of the OVA series. user clearly mentions this in his original post.

Goddammit, why do re-makers have to make everything look more shit than the original?

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Why does Reinhard go from "we must not be like the nobles" to "kill anyone over ten years old, don't punish Oberstein when he likes to me and gets 2 million people killed (and makes Kirscheis think he ordered it), make loyal retainers kill themselves for an excuse to invade even though my plans are incredibly transparent, and so on? He did a complete 180. I wonder if the writing was more coherent in the novel.

He can't process Oberstein's Machiavellian calculations, also the nobles really piss him off and make it personal.

>NGE ruined with rebuild
>Code Geass ruined with R3
>FLCL ruined with S2
>LoGH ruined with this garbage

Did I miss anything? What's next?

He's a noble. All the nobles are power-hungry and bloodthirsty.

>kill anyone over ten years old
Males over ten years old, and only in Lichtenlade's family.
He tries to justify it in the same scene.

Because he's a complex, conflicted character with many hypocritical facets, and not a perfect, unrealistic human charicature.
IIRC the only big difference between novel Reinhard and OVA Reinhard is that novel Reinhard orders the nuclear bombing of that one planet early on, whereas the OVAs change the plot so that Oberstein goes behind Reinhard's back in order to carry out the nuking.

Code Geass was already shit. Other than the ending, season 2 was a giant pile of trash, deus ex-machina and inconsistent characters.

It's just jarring how he advertises his rule as being for the people, yet goes along (reluctantly) with a plan to gain some popularity that blows up in his face when everyone figures out that it was obviously a setup. How did Oberstein not consider that a spy satellite being there right as the nukes drop would be suspicious? The writing seems to ignore things when it's inconvenient to address them.

>Kino's Highly Saturated CG Journey
Code Geass R2 was exactly the same sort of thing for the first season though.

But man was it worth it for the ending.

>It's just jarring how he advertises his rule as being for the people
That's advertising. His rule isn't for the people, it's for Annerose and for his ambition.
not really desu, I was there and while some anons were hyperventilating with Impact-font image macros and Coldplay music videos it was more of a "thank God it's finally over" than an emotional catharsis.

Don't make me laugh.

>Brunhild now looks like a giant white dong with enourmous balls
Guess it fits with yaoi designs

R2 has the best ending of any anime ever conceived. The intellectual blood spilled to get there was, albeit an unecessary casualty, an acceptable casualty nonetheless.

>R2 has the best ending of any anime ever conceived
It's definitely up there but only one anime can hold that title.

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>R2 has the best ending of any anime ever conceived.
It's a pretty blase switcheroo typical of the series, it probably didn't take the writer's room 20 minutes to figure it out.

I didn't make it past episode 30 desu

But "Death Star versus Death Star" and "Yang versus The Government" is the high point of the series.

>implying it's not Reinhard judging a generation from his throne in an art gallery or pic related

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So is this going to bomb or be surprisingly successful?

Nah, I actually think the ending was pretty great for most of us. Not everyone, probably, but I think Code Geass did reach one of the better endings in modern mecha.

>one of the better endings in modern mecha.
Not a high bar to clear. It fit with the established logic of the show to that point, but it didn't have anything like the finesse of the first season.

>Reinhard judging a generation

I dunno, they really failed the channel the appeal of the original imperial ships.

Yesterday's was Yoshino Takahiro as Maximilian Von Castrop Today's will be Ansbach.

>16 manga
? There are two manga series, one had 11 volumes, the other is currently about 10 volumes long and still going.

Does it get better? I watched the first 2 episodes and it seems like a boring political-scifi movie.

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not until at least a few years later

"Boring politics" is the most exciting thing I can imagine in an anime.

And don't look now, but there aren't 174 episodes either. There are only 162 episodes until next week.

Don't remind me

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Berserk and Kino

No one cares that you find LotGH boring fuck off back to the franxx threads.

There's an old movie about an idealistic architect designing the perfect apartment block, but this and that demand from higher-up bit by bit reduces the finally plan to a simple block, slabs of concrete and brutalist drab.

It's not they "want" to ruin the franchise, they people involved in the creative work are probably honest sorts who really do want to produce remakes that do justice to both the original animated series and the novels, but they're trying to do it in a market that won't accommodate that sort of project any more. For the foreseeable future, there will no longer be any 100 episode serious anime. This is simply the best they could scrap out of their investors and patrons.

A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.

Reinhard is merely adapting to that reality.

I'd say he is coherent in the novel, because it's clear from the start, that he only cares for more power and conquest. Even when he does liberal reforms and such, we could read his inner thoughts, how he is doing it just to get more retainers.

Your memory is a bit spotty. That's not a criticism, there's a lot of volumes.

Anyways, one big change between the anime and the novels was that in the anime reinhard tried to prevent the massacre at Westerland, but in the novel he really did just let it happen, he decided Oberstein was right and legitimately shares blame. That was the formative event in Reinhard the ruler, whereas before his inner thoughts usually were shittalking the nobility in explicit terms.

Yes, I loved the Gaidens and recommended it to every LOGH fan. Just find the chronological order, it's better that way.

It will be shit. I expect it to crash and burn with a 6/10 rating on mal.

>but I think Code Geass did reach one of the better endings in modern mecha.
>Lelouch becomes the ruler of the world
>Does such evil shit in a few months, that people consider him the worst ruler ever.
>Gets killed and brings with it a short peace.
>Survives trough magic bullshit powers
>A new conflict breaks out under 5 years after his keikaku.
>He has to return to fight it off.
>Everything he did at the end of season 2 is now pointless.
Code geass was shit and now the ending (which was the only meh/okay part of it) is also shit, because it is not even an ending anymore.

The best part of Geass was the crazy flamboyant atmosphere it built up in the first season. Second season tried to do that and failed, it fell apart under its own weight. What killed the second season more than anything was how all the organizations, Britannia, the Black Knights, eventually everyone in the world, acted like hiveminds, making decisions as a group immediately after watching TV broadcasts without the kind of intrigue and subterfuge the story had thrived on.

I mean on the count of it getting a third season Code Geass can hardly be singled out. It's simple the trend these days to either leave a series to be continued in perpetuum or force it back open once an exec pitchs projected merch sales.

Anyone has a guide to LoGH stage plays/where to find them? After finishing novels/manga series (at least those I was able to find), I still can't sate my logh hunger.

Yeah, but the okay ending of R2 is now just a season finale. In 10 years, people will pick up and watch all 4 seasons of code geass and they will start R3 a few seconds after finishing R2, while not paying much attention to the ending.

Well yes, as I said, if it's not already to be continued then you force it to be.
This isn't anime exclusive, this is the fate today of any profitable media. Everyone gets a new series, even if that series has long ended, because no one thinks they'll make the same dosh on an original idea.

Today's reveal: Hiroki Touchi will be playing Ansbach. Ovlesser (Ofresser, whatever his name is) will be revealed tomorrow

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You didn't open the link in OP. The question wasn't about the new anime, it was about Chinese live-action trilogy. Basically:
>it's going to be a trilogy of live-action movies
>the first one will be released approximately in 2020

I just realised that Red Dwarf looks a lot like a massively fat FPA ship

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Iserlohn cafe is finally open.
This meal is called Artemis necklace

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This is a "Thor hammer". It served with a waiter shouting "Thor Hammer, fire!" and igniting your meal (food represents enemy ships).

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Just like they did Battle Star Galatica!

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Imperial big white flaccid wieners Actually this meal is called Brunhild sausage Seved with a leaf of gold.

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Hope they'll let you eat with you legs on the table

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>ruin all the old great stuff?
not like it will erase it out of existence
not like we dont have the novels to establish what's canon and isnt
get off your high horse OP

Are you from the future?

Do you... eat the gold?

Leaf gold is used culinary pretty often in Japan. The leaf is so thin that you can't really feel the taste, it's just a silly luxury.

Yeah, and I've seen it as a garnish in other very fancy dining environments, but I've never known for sure if you're meant to eat it, or just set it aside after it accomplishes its job of looking pretty.

Did they model the ship after some nip biker's hairstyle?

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wtf I love the new designs now

But then after the revolution is over, he still goes around killing people willy-nilly for no good reason other than muh pride and muh honor.

t. Oberstein

>OP posts a picture of the new anime
>everybody thinks it's a new anime thread

We've been tricked again.

Dont be hard on him, his conscience was just killed.

I wash some'd translate that article. Google translate gave the gist of it, but I didn't understand that Tanaka said. Something like "I don't believe you could make a movie out of logh, but I'd lke to see them trying to prove me wrong, it'll be fun".

>just killed
Three and a half years ago.

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Only six days to go guys. I'm slightly looking forward to it even though I don't like 90% of the re-designs.

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Of course everyone in these threads is waiting for this, no matter what they say.

>90% of the re-designs
Mean there is one you like. Oberstein?

Not that poster, but Mittermeyer and Frederica are fine.

I hope to god nobody likes Oberstein's redesign of all things.
The only new design I'm somewhat okay with is Frederica's, but she loses extra points for not having her mullet anymore. So none of the redesigns are okay.

Can't wait to funpost.

Yes, I like Frederica's. Yang is alright-ish too. Everyone else not so much.