What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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She needed to get laid

Alopecia does things to people

had a rough childhood

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Only good character in a shit show.

Falling in love with indecisive faggot.

Satoshi is worse than that, he is someone who conveniently avoids even saying that he needs time to think so that the other person can't call him out on taking too long.

The Juumonji arc is so good precisely because he gets his just deserts for being afraid of committing to anything while still trying to prove himself good at something.

God, I love Hyouka.

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She just needed some good dicking.

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This. She's the type that melts like hot butter once you dick her.

This. But Oreki was not putting out.

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This girl is so cute.

Literally this. She's just a whore begging internally for a huge cock.

This show is old enough that we made impact macros of it.

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It's old enough that most of my images are gif and not webm.

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She doesn't have my dick in her.

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Oreki belongs to Chitanda.

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It's hard work being the best KyoAni girl

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Shit you're right. Oreki x Mayaka are still the best interactions in the show.

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Source is Step Child Swapping by Satsuki Imonet for those brainlets who didn't immediately recognize it.

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Are we ever getting a second season where Mayaka and Oreki end up together?

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>I'm turning it on now!

>they will never make an OVA for her sidestories with VEG quality

Still can't believe how he pulled that off.

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>VEG quality
How is this better than Hyouka quality

More blurs and filters, and also the camera moves more so you remember it's quality.

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