Made in Abyss, don't overfeed the Reg edition

Who wants to feed the Reg good tasty food like I do? But not in a sexual way. Also not too much because we don't want a fat belly Regu.

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Reg is for bullying.

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Reg is for cutesies. He's a real gentleman.

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You have to decide a room maid. Is it Reg, Mark or ist is Moth with her bushy feathery furry stuff.

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Reg is for woof.

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is there anything to this show or is it just shota/loli/SNIFF bait

Why do you not trust Moth? Moth is pure

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don't do that you fucking faggot

Try it. It became a top 10 of all time anime for me in Ep 10. If you don't have the patience to watch it that long then maybe it is not for you.

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What am I supposed to do?

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Reg if for bringing DOOM to this world

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If you want to make a thread just make it without
>x edition
that shit is unneeded and frankly marks the thread for pruning.

ch46 fucking when?

I don't understand why "edition" in banned from thread titles.

>Reg and Big Daddy blows the fucking village to pieces

Send bobs

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Mods don't like it so it's best to avoid it

Thanks, didn't know.

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Typically you only see it on /vg/, the idea of an 'edition' enforces the idea of constant generals and mods don't want to see Sup Forums become just another collection of general discussion threads.

Dafuq? Is a new chapter out?

Yes. Legless Riko is new meta.

So what will Srajo the Clandestine's role be in the plot?

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Isn't it already? We literally have back to back MiA threads that go to post limit daily.

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Will you fagots ever learn?
Both threads with the same thing, now we don't have where to go if this shit gets deleted again

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This is Ozen
She's extremely sexually frustrated. Who's going to take one for the team?

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no, thats just page 5 of chapter 44, but IMO, this is how chapter 46 will play out

Isn't that what Mark is for?

Thx, didn't know. I've only been on Sup Forums for about a year and only on MiA threads so I don't know about mods taste. It's not like there's a tutorial to please the mods. I mean I get randomly banned just for being on the subway and connecting via UMTS (Provider banned). Also seems to be different for each board. I mean nobody can totally understand how Sup Forums mods tick and for whatever reason they handout bans.

What I am trying to say here is that the mods or scripts or whatever holds Sup Forums together is random as shit and it does serve no purpose at all, ultimately like the site itself. One day you just post your shota, the next day you are randomly banned or whatever. Like in real life. Poetic.

Well the moar you know I guess.

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It's not enough anymore

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Must have missed it. Mangafox sometimes eats pages. I hadn't checked yet.

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It really would be something if Srajo was just a silly potato like Riko.

FOR THE THIRD TIME: How am I supposed to know that Sup Forums mods do'ct like "edition" threads? There is no FAQ. I am terribly sorry if I did somethinv wrong but we're stuck like this now aren't we?

And it would be a lot mor productive if you guys would just plain out say what kind of thread titles we are allowed to post because at the moment I started this thread I was not aware of any limitation in how to title the thread.

this is now my new headcannon.
I need images of this.

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Lurk 2 years before posting

Better advice: don't make threads if you are a newfag, this shit happens all the time, if you were here longer you would know it

So do you think we'll be following a Dante's Inferno model with the Abyss having 9 layers?

Basicly what user said. It depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for a show that doesn't give a fuck about ethics then it'd might be something for you.

The show won't lie to you. Reading in to it will surely warn you of what is to come, but some people treat the later events as a shocker while they should have seen it from a mile coming.

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God I want to feed her delicious food.

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Nah, I have enough intrigue Tsukushi better start giving us answers

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I could imagine layer 7 and the bottom layer being its own thing. But just there being 9 layers would be cool. Although if it were to happen it might just be Tsukushi extending the manga.

amazing visuals
amazing OST
great premise
full of mystery
To me, this show is the definition of Adventure.

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I wonder how big Srajo will be

Don't we all user.

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>top 10 of all time anime for me in Ep 10
Talk about shit taste

Well Jiruo was Lyza's disciple, I'm sure he'll be fine.

What would the 8th and 9th layers be called? I mean the 7th is already called the FINAL maelstrom

It's a light and fluffy slice of life about girls, robots and bunnehs.

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It's in my top 1