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So seems like this new Saiyan works for Frieza going by the armor. How strong do you think he'll be and will he reform and make babies?

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El Hermano

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El Bardok Verde


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>reform and make babies

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i want to lewd keru with her legos

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Hey are these the fabled /dbs/ generals that Joe Capo, create of the gohan blanco meme, keeps talking about?

post jobbers jobbing

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Freeza jobbed hard to Toppo but he eliminated Jiren huh

Let's hope he doesn't end up like Tagoma.

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So this is the power of DBS threads...still active 2 days after the series ended....my gosh...

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Wait a minute, Freeza getting revived means we are going to get Kuriza next year if we go beyond EoZ?

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this guy is destroy the shit out of Frieza army. Then Frieza will run to Goku for help. It turns out this Saiyan was frozen somewhere in space until Frieza army discovered him.

Better be no furries when the show returns.

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>same armor
>same outlines
>even same wristbands
Yep new saiyan definitely works for Frieza. Was likely a member of the Third Stellar Army that was under Sorbet.

It's not fair. I'm a prince!

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Yes. Now who ends up being Kuriza's mama is anyone's guess.

>hating based /ourguys/

>The new Saiyan is a minion Frieza sent to fuck over Goku
Would be interesting desu. Better than another generic "ancient evil awakens".


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He wears the uniform as Frieza's elite men . At the very least Frieza will recruit him into his army before the Saiyan goes out of control or goes to fight Goku.

>stronger than anyone before
>works for frieza

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I've pre-emptively raped Karifura so this thread can move along at a healthy speed

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They ruin the tournament.

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If this is fucking Sun Wukong, I swear to god.

Whoa... Krillin married THAT?

And the reason that saiyan becomes strong could be due to Freeza training him? Look how Tagoma shitstomped Piccolo and he was a scrub.

>what is Broly
>what is Buu

I only got caught up. Fill me up on the memes I missed, Sup Forums.

Holy shit I never even thought about that. Saiyan could even be younger than Goku.

>S T I C C

We've already established I was born in July, that's old news.

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I want to a tea party. And have biscuits again.

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>works for frieza
We don't know how long after the ToP the movie plays.
If Freeza continues to train, then we have no clue how powerful he will get.

>broly worked for frieza
>buu worked for frieza

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This. Frieza will probably be able to initially contain him until the saiyan gets some autistic rage boost and becomes stronger.

Jiren got spitroasted.

One moment in DBS that can top this master piece

just one

Broly was stronger than Paragus but worked for him
Buu was stronger than Babidi but worked for him

Sure they ended up betraying and killing them but still

wasn't it stated that this Saiyan comes from the past? So probably has nothing to do with Frieza.

Like Paragus and Broly.

*squeaky noises*

Maybe he's being mind controlled. Kinda like how Paragus did with Broly.


>wasn't it stated that this Saiyan comes from the past?
No, you're thinking about the one from the new mobage. Here's what Toriyama said about the movie and the new enemy.

>It will be an episode after catching our breath from the climax of the Tournament of Power with the universe’s existence on the line; with content that will give a little better understanding about Freeza and the Saiyans, which I hadn’t properly depicted up till now; and leading to a mighty foe saved for the occasion,

>he doesn't know

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Genuine kino

No? That was never stated and the armor and wristbands is literally rhe same as the newer armor Frieza's elites wear

Do you love Champa

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>probably has nothing to do with Frieza.
He wears the elite Freeza army armor.
It's pretty clear that the Saiyan works or has worked for Freeza.

Except Goku will probably save Frieza before the movie Saiyan kills him versus where Paragus was all alone when Broly jumped on him.

I liked it that all the character visibly aged in GT

what was up with that part where Freeza and 17 were in the force field and 17 kept yelling at Freeza to increase his energy

was Freeza putting up the shield?

So is Super done? Or just a new season?


I want to fuck freeza

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Honestly, I don't think that the Saiyan will betray Freeza.
Freeza's army needs new high ranking members, and the movie would be an ideal way to introduce his new right hand man.
The Saiyan doesn't even need to be stronger than Freeza, just have Freeza train 4 more months and he's Jiren level.

Finished. There's gonna be a movie and I guess if that does well more?

he's too fat

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does he/she have benis or bagina?

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Could be. Though I wonder how Frieza got in control of him

*braps in your direction*

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She fuck him?

Esto es el fin, el Germano.

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I like him. Not love. Just like.

>One moment in DBS that can top this master piece
Sure thing, here it goes.

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Keru the cutest

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Yeah and this is the newer model that Sorbet and Tagoma wore.

No need to fart, filthlifla already stinks enough on her own.

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Guys, 17 is not just the MVP, he was also the best as a character.

Not just by personality, but by fighting capabilities too, also considered as a huge threat by Jiren twice.

In the last episode, Jiren ignored goku and frieza twice to go after 17, because he know that 17 was the most effective opponent at this moment.

17 also has gone beyond his limits, he do have infinite stamina but his body was barely able to be as functionnal as before thanks to his many injuries, even more injured than goku and frieza, the former also stated that 17 shouldn't even be able to walk.

17 was awesome,went from the little cocky android who jobbed against cell to a father with a godly power saving many universes

You have a point. Though I'm sure this Saiyan will be the long awaited formidable opponent so he'll be very powerful. Frieza could also train himself to get even stronger. But yeah the new Saiyan being one of Frieza's elites or even right hand man would help to reestablish Frieza's dominance. Plus someone has to replace Vegeta.

fuck off reddit

>saving many universes
Which is why he sucks.

Imagine if Super 17 happened in Super.

If you knew literally anything about Dragonball, you'd know that Goku is literally Wukong. Wukong is the Chinese name of Son Goku from Journey to the West, on which Dragonball is based.

Weakest fighter that couldve defeated episode 131 Jiren?


What's his next enemy?

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Frost so he can job like Hit.

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>Krillin not getting with Maron but instead getting with an ugly ass robot bitch
The biggest crime in all of DB

Only Krillin really aged.

Eating a T-Bone Steak.

What's wrong with what I said?


Anyone notice Toppo has got quite the ass