Darling in the Franxx

Tell me why does this girl trigger Sup Forums so much?

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She's trying to turn a gay man straight and Sup Forums can't deal with that.

Watch the show and find out.


Unfortunately Sup Forums drastically lacks thinking men.

It reminds them too much of their crush

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Vote for best boy

She has the power to turn faggots straight

Shes acting 3DPD in Anime

Fucking slut.


Why is Hiro such a shit Main Character?

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Dr Franxx without a doubt

I don’t care but her fans are absolutely obnoxious

He will die and Mitsuru will take his place soon

I think Mitsuru's perma autism face is hilarious.

Does it strike anyone else how Hiro doesn't really give a shit about the group?
He tries to save them and all and obviously cares about their well-being, but he almost never actually interacts with them unless 02 is involved. The characters are almost always conversing and stuff without Hiro (and 02) around.

It's a stark contrast to flashback Hiro and everyone sticking to him.

>Expect Mecha Kill la Kill
>get Mecha Kiznaiver instead

Bravo Trigger

May be due to the fact that she made a promise she threw out the window within 5 minutes and doesn't seem to be regretful outside of
>I'm fucked up
for a moment. Or maybe it's just due to retards clinging onto every single little bit of drama that can be used for shitposting for fucking days until everyone is sick of it since it's just so much fun.



Blandest design of all.

>Still plays with dolls

Stay fat.

Sup Forums can't take pure love

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>expecting anything from Trigger
You were setup to be disappointed from the very beginning.

Because the writers of the show forgot that people are only watching the show for the dinosaur romance, and conveniently forgot to put any of that in the last 5 to 6 episodes of the show to focus on much less interesting things.

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>grown adult
>still watching cartoons

>Expect Mecha Kill la Kill
>get something great instead
Based A1

I don't think so, he does have scenes with the rest of the group. The one with fattie crying in his room in this episode comes to mind. It's just that they tend to focus on Hir02.

>pure love
>has a slut involved
Yeah right, "pure love"

Thanks for proving my point

Because both him and Zero Two are very surface level and shallow characters.

People here like to meme that he's somehow gar or some shit.

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02 > Miku > Ichigo > Nana > Ikuno > Kokoro

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Bitter losers


Just leave.

Ikuno is on the fast track to putting up a real fight for best girl position.

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>02 first
Opinion discarded.

Shut the fuck up.


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But he's not though. He's been characterized just as much as the other guys. It's just that unlike the other guys he hasn't had a full episode to himself. His characterization is slow and sprinkled throughout the show.

>now realize Kokoro more likely made Valentines gift for Milkman than Futoshi

I like Ichigo more but overall good taste

i didn't read that word since about ten years.



Cock-whore-o fag pls go

Because they were already selfinserting as Futoshi, preparing their minds to see their waifu pregnant. And she hit them in the face with cruel reality by chosing cute guy.

Milkman meme is whole essence of DarliFra

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Not even memeing this is the most romantic scene in the whole show

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This right here

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Based onislavefag

Close enough. Nana should be higher though.

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Kokoro> 02 > Miku > Ichigo > Nana > Ikuno

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She's below 02 but above everyone else.

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Based lamiaposter


Hiro's just a window for the real main character, 02.

True feeling chocolate for Mitsuru, pity chocolate for Fatoshi

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He isnt supposed to give a fuck about group. He still looks somehow alienated even though they treat him better now, and saving their lives in combat doesnt mean he's supposed to sort out their shit outside of it.
Real question is - what does so-called "leader" do while group cohesion goes down the shitter? Let me guess, probably getting bullied somewhere again?

True, he's there sometimes but he's either in the background or watching from afar.
I just get the feeling he still doesn't mingle with them much even after becoming a full-fledged parasite. Essentially, his entire personality seems to have changed after whatever brainwashing/testing they did on him

Nowadays people say The Madman, but it's the same shit in a different package.

Put kokoro in dead last and it’s ok I guess

MitsuKoko=Hiro02>ZoroMiku=Ichigoro Goro=Zorome>Milkman=Hiro=Futoshi 002=Ichigo=Ikuno>Miku>Kokoro>Nana
and they are all top tier

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Sorry Onifags, but there's a new best girl in town

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Naomi > 02 > Miku > Ichigo > Nana > Ikuno > Kokoro


Ikuno is good and I agree. I wish I had bought in several episodes ago.

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Take that back, it's cute.

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He's a self-insert.

The strawberry midget was being ridden by another girl.



Kokoro BTFO


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>Kokoro 1st
That's a lot of ironic fans.

>Americans get home from school
>Onifag population spikes


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Hiro's irrelevant. Only 02 matters.

The deception runs deeper than we thought.

So is the switch of the partner permanent? I didn't get a solid answer from that last episode, but judging from the dialogue it seems like it.

That's to be expected

Reminder Futoshi objectively did nothing wrong considering his situation.
>has no real concept of love or relationships
>genuinely cares about his partner and tries to be honest with her
>she never asks him to stop eating or change how he treats her, he thinks everything is swell
>she suddenly wants to swap partners
>he is rightfully angry
>Mitsuru nearly gets Genista killed
>Futoshi goes berserker to stop it from being destroyed
>punches MItsuru for putting Kokoro in that situation
>rightfully is sad that he lost the girl he loved

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expect sudden increase in fatties defender

kek my girl ranking is still the same that was in episode 4


>obsessed with having children
>submissive but having a certain degree of aggression

ooooooooh boy

Mitsuru said it himself

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>all those proxies
Onifags and Ichigofags everyone

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Look at the number of votes. The poll has been spammed.

Why would it not be permanent? The two worst Franxxs are now performing a lot better after having a partner swap.

I'm more triggered that there are so many threads about something so mundane.

He is not.

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Anyone who takes any of these polls seriously is signposting or legitimately retarded

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t. Mitsuru

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switch Miku and 02

Futoshi did what Hiro should've done in episode 3

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