Hunter x Hunter

Senritsu is beautiful as she is.

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Thread will probably be deleted because janitors and mods are puritans who think bikinis are NSFW.

People actually ship this bitch ass ugly whore with the most beautiful MC?

I wasn't prepared for this.

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I want to make Kalluto a single mother.

Reminder that Melody will be the one to recognise the spiders first, since she knows what chrollo's heartbeat sounds like

Serious question to Cammyhaters: Can you deny her perfect face contour? The way her cheeks moves down to her chin is weirdly arousing.

Reminder that her skin made kurapika shudder so if this is disgusting to you the real deal would probably cause mass vomiting worldwide

Fuck Marry Kill
Cammy Pitou ObeseMelody

Senritsu is a kind soul pleb.

Pitou Melody Cammy

kill, marry, fuck morbid curiosity respectively



>Sup Forums rednecks are satisfied with marrying an obese 1/10
What went wrong?

I said fuck not marry

No one hates Camilia, just retard Cammyfags that try entire too hard to make her seem relevent.

>implying that's better

>hot yet vapid girl you'd get tired of after the first pump vs pure hearted and caring girl

I bet everyone posting here has jerked it off for Camilla at least TWICE!

Migrate to one thread fags

>older thread
also waifu material


I made that threat. But we might as well use this one since it came about first. Even though you should never lewd the Senritsu.

Other thread's dead. Posting it here.

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Maybe with a full head of hair.

Good ability?

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>the radical larry references

When will Beyond/Ging/Pariston BTFO Chrollo?

Beyond only cares about the DC.
Ging pretty much only cares about Pariston right now.
Pariston could do literally anything and I wouldn't be surprised.

You should post patch notes

Everyone, post Hatsu that you've made.

Will we finally get Hisoka vs Illumi?

>Added proper description to Sale-Sale's beast
>Changed notes about the danger of toilets to a calamity profile
>Updated Wang's name
>Added female note to Woble's profile
>Added "maybe not" to Kachou's profile about learning nen
>Changed Ittoku's title from vice-boss to consigliere
>Added chibi Hisoka
I think that's about it.