Hunter x Hunter

Franklin is eating lunch alone. Good plan or bad plan?

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Frankin's not scared of some clown

Will Kurapika ever get laid?

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Togashi isn't the only one with a grudge against toilets. I have Crohn's disease with ulcerative colitis and my next colonoscopy was just scheduled.
So I gave it a calamity profile.

>ywn have a ham burger the size of your thumb
>ywn have a big steak the size of your thumb
>ywn live a life where your luncheon tray is the size of your two fists
Is this good or bad?

Oops, forgot to delete some production artifacts.
I also finally added a proper description to Sale-Sale's beast, and a note about Woble being a girl considering how often that's forgotten.

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Women specially small women would naturally be attracted to you so there is that

Now I can say in good faith, you've done an excellent job, Chart-user.

Pitou is perfection.

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He is, that's why he's sitting in a cafeteria back facing a wall. If he wasn't afraid of Hisoka he'd just walk around with Mochi and co. waiting to get gummed randomly.

Big strong hands. A real man.

RIP other thread, I guess.

killua is perfect

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BUT WHY???!!!!

No hiatus please!

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A janitor or mod is a puritan who thinks bikinis are NSFW.
They must have a heart attack every time they go to the beach.

It's got to be a pain to use the crapper when you're that big.

cammy is perfect

>Sup Forums mods every leaving the house, let alone visiting the beach

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Yeah but at least they get paid, right?

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Very ballsy. He knows what he’d be up against, so I guess he has an ability that can match rubber and gum.

>hey Franklin, what's your plan
>...shoot him
>yeah, but what if that doesn't work out?
>...shoot him more
It's that simple.

he's enjoying his final hours

What's going to be the big cliffhanger at the end of this batch, lads?

The reveal that Franklin is already dead and Hisoka is piloting the corpse.

this except unironically

Why does togashi have to put all these cute girls in his story, and then give them cocks? What is his endgame.

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1999 Kalluto is the prettiest.

Hold me Fuugetsu poster...
I’m scared for Wednesday!

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It's not like young nip boys look that manly anyway.

>Reading spoilers for this chapter
>Not going in blind when the scanslation comes out

>waiting for a nothing burger

It's a volume finisher. Something interesting is bound to happen.

What killed the hype?

Togashi did today....


Machi is cute!

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> that's why he's sitting in a cafeteria back facing a wall

Not being afraid =/= being dumb

dead gal walking

Hiatus soon. Hopefully Togashi realizes how awful this arc has been and rush it when comes back a few months later

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moshi moshi, Kurapika des. who is this?

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Like it happened for the CA arc? All the moaning won't rush the arc for the poor folks that can't keep up.


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Remeber when Bill said if Kurapika wants to get Oito and Wobble off the ship, there were only two options, one of which requires the cooperation of Beyond and the other which requires the cooperation of Pariston? Who's Pika going to choose to work with, Beyond or Pariston?

I like how every time someone mentions that they don't like the succession war someone else just deflects by insulting that person's intelligence

>Dark Continent arc begins
>Togashi pulling out decks for 10 years before the action begins

Staying on the boat is better actually.

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Mizai gave him an idea of the kind of guy Pariston is. So he might go for Beyond.

Togashi is a memeber of a boy lover association in japan together with Nightow and Hirano Kouta

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Just what happened in 2006 that caused Togashi to become a lazy shit?

He got married.
Women, not even once.

Not really a defection, it's fun.

Whether you like it or not is up to you, but expecting him to rush it for no reason just because of that is silly, silly shit.

I would rather have an arc where we have a bunch of side stories focusing on different types of hunters.

>That streak where he finished CA, did an entire arc (Election arc) without a hiatus, and started the new arc
Of course after that we had the biggest hiatuses ever

He's going to team up with Pariston, because Pariston is his senpai.

I want to kiss Pitou

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It's been 20 chapters since we boarded the boat. Togash is still setting things up.
On the other hand Yorkshin was just 56 chapters.

He had some kids

Togashi's a shit writer, we all know that.

Yorkshin was set up in the first arc and was a simple arc.

If they were smart they'd realize that we're in the beginning of a 70+ chapters arc and that judging it at the moment is stupid. It will probably take around 10 years to really see if the arc really sucks or not.

Who /autism/ here?

what is your favorite quote in Hunter x Hunter? Personally I feel there's almost too many to pick, but I really like "bad move, little ant" and Tserriednich's "Mark, my man."

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"See you in hell, if there is one"

"Beasts spout gibberish, it has no effect on me"

"Is belligerence your only method of talking"

If this is indeed a 70+ chapter arc we're already almost a third way in

>The succession war can suck my dick, fuck that shit!

A good story should hook the reader from the beginning. This arc has already failed in that aspect.

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I really enjoyed the election arc and the beginning of the DC arc where they actually talked about the DC was also pretty nice. I want to see what Beyond's team is doing

The characters are going to a fake dark continent. I honestly expect Togashi to die before the characters get on the boat to go to the real one

Sucks for you.

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No, it sucks for Hunter x Hunter, that Togashi is such a bad writer.

Ant king , you believe I cannot pray with a single arm? A prayer comes from the heart

You're only speaking for yourself. When freed from the weekly grind, anxiety from looming hiatuses and the headache-inducing translation of MS, it's 50x better.
Viz is clear and more concise, in addition to being cleaner. And you'll find the chapters seam into each other rather well and the dialogue much less stilted and robotic.

I hope you overcome your personal problem.

"I'm not saying this as a challenge, but I'll win. I'm 100 percent sure."

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O My Rubber Nen

>It's better if you pretend there are no hiatuses

Humans.... truly are... so very interesting....

I feel like I'm the only one enjoying the pacing of this arc and the introduction of these new characters

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good taste user. this is another one of my faves.

Also "humanity's infinite potential for malice," of course.

This is one of the reasons why people insult your intelligence.

The same applies for the CA arc when read as a whole. Hiatuses suck but when they pass then it no longer becomes an impetus on your ability to enjoy the story as you no longer have to worry about it going on break the next day.

The majority of us are.

3 or 4 shitposters do not speak for everyone.

you stupid fucking mongloid, yeah, you're the only person here who enjoys this arc, the rest of us are just here to complain because we're so much stupider than you. fucking shut up, you halfwit loser.

Stockholm Syndrome. You've gotten so used to the poor quality of writing that you delude yourself into thinking it's good.
Anyone with discerning taste will tell you that this arc has been thoroughly underwhelming so far.

If only we weren't on the verge of a 10 year hiatus

Yeah, basically everything from Ging, Netero, Meruem and the entirety of Yorkshin and CA is pure kino. Always been fond of this underrated moment though.

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Plenty of people are enjoying this arc. There are just a few loud whiners. have nothing but my respect for this post. Binolt is such an underrated character, his mini character arc is genuinely touching.

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Are you ,some random, going up to bat to show him the error of his ways? Please enlighten that poor misguided user.

I disagree entirely.

Not really I still don't like CA. It had some nice moments but overall it was pretty bad

What, pray tell, is a good manga according to you?

Please, tell us. I wanna have a good laugh.

“When....when did I start waiting for my opponent to make the first move?”
“The next time you speak out of line, I’ll kill her”

Binolt had such a terribly sad and thought out backstory for a minor character. And then we get Genthru whose backstory is still a complete unknown.


One Piece, for example.