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It's almost 02:30.

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beunos diaz

its probably morning in germany


Selamat pagi!

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Bueno Daiz

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Still waiting for another season

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Never give up.

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I see KMB is dead now.

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We need Stoner Ninja and cute retard BACK.
Too bad they changed her VA.

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I can't believe that Agiri is fucking dead.

Second season incoming

Unironically one my top 3 anime

This and Yuyushiki are unironically comedy masterpieces.

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Yuyushiki and KMB S2 on the same season please. While they're at it Yuru Yuri S4 too.

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I'm waiting for the movie they promised us!

I can't believe kill me baby is dead!

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Kill me Baby is eternal!

I've honestly forgotten how many times I've seen KMB, it's the only comedy anime that's still funny no matter how many times I've watched. Good slapstick > Pervy comedy any day

what do you think of the dub? i found the voices quite funny.


Why do they sound like 40yo?

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white women age like milk