How do you think she will handle this? Bully her? Or bully Senpai?

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Sempai being spitroasted by the 2 succusluts while Nagatoro watches when?

>Bully Harem

Friend 2 will not survive.

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There used to be more friends. Everyone knows not to ask about them.

Seems like the type that gets in over her head due to ditziness

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Translation when?


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>user missed it

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What color hair would the 2 friends have?

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Friend 1: red
Friend 2: blonde

both red, but one is pale ginger the other a dark auburn.

Is Nagatoro aware of her own feelings?
What if she is deluded enough to believe that Senpai is actually her boyfriend?

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The fourth friend, the gyaru, should be the biggest threat.

One of the classic hentai pairings is a Gyaru plus Nerd.

The Nerd is usually the Class Rep or the Student Council President. Most of the hentai begins with Nerd meeting Gyaru on the Rooftop before they start fucking or Nerd needs to give handouts to the Gyaru in Class.

by killing herself hopefully

When does the new chapter drop?

Kill YOURSELF loser. Don't project your suicidal tendencies onto others

>tfw he's not your bf

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Read the fucking thread.

I loved this chapter also i want to fuck the twintail bitch

Nagatoro in colour highlights just how much time they all spend blushing

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>invite your senpai to eat with your gyaru friends
>get mad when they bully him
naga is a moron

My IQ dropped to 75, thanks anyway

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she is an ok girl, friend 1 is a cunt though

Post pictures of Twin Tails please

non-h Nagatoro satisfies me more than porn ever could

but then again I was born a masochist

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>successfully defused
Albeit it was pretty half assed.

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>those sharp eyes staring with discontent
Middle is the patrician's choice.

Left looks so dumb, I want to be bullied by her.


All 3 if possible though

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twintails but only if she have a crush on me like naga

I want the fourth friend to be a slutty troll who realises that Nagatoro loves Senpai and decides to fuck with her by making obvious, lewd passes at him.

Middle for hard femdom, Left for gentle femdom and Nagatoro for jack of all trades.

>gyaru throws herself at senpai to steal his virginity from naga
how would senpai react? mptherfucker dont even realize naga love him so he might take the gyaru's offer

So, was twintails crushing on Senpai?

She is very aware of her own feelings and the current status of their relationship. Nagatoro is a master of interpersonal skills.

Middle and I almost always go for twin tails

Friend 2 is in love with senpai and will win the Senpaibowl

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Why was Nagatoro pretending to be jealous?

774 better delivers some doujins when the manga ends

Fuck Kill Marry

Friend 1 even picked up her jealousy and teased her.


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Why's left blushing?


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Senpai's got game, 2 out of 3 already fell for him.

I'm in love with Friend 2 and she can win my bowl any time.

I hate how cool you are.

cause senpai might be a beta but he is mildly attractive

Yeah just pretending.

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Why is she so perfect? It's not fair. I'll never have a relationship with a girl like her.

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Where the fuck is Viper for these purposes

Didnt 774 make a game with Nagatoro?

>Nagatoro is actually double pretending to be jealous so the reader thinks she is in love only to break senpai's heart and ours in the last chapter.
Calling it

Have some steam removal everyone.

She's setting him up for the NTR skit with her brother.

>Nagatoro bullying a shota senpai
I didn't know I needed this.

Kys no joke

the cute one

The NTR fakeout was absolutely the best of the original image sets since the art was better, it was pretty dark but most importantly it showed Nagatoro hurt and vulnerable too when Senpai was ignoring her.

That artist used to draw really good porn

he still does

Key word fake out

He also used to draw snuff

Nagatoro getting OINKED when?

Brown twintail is best.

Hence why the other referred to it as a skit I think, like a play or act being put on by nagatoro.

How'd you defuse the situation?

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put hand on nagatoro's chest

NaruxHina made him turn from total sicko to a vanilla gentleman.
Who knows how many lives have been touched by best girl winning, even if its a shitty series. Makes you think what kind of world we'd have if best girls won every single time.

*Turn 360 degrees and walk away*

No need to fight over me ladies, there's enough Senpai to go around *tips*

Show them my latest manga chapter

>tfw I was asleep when the raws were dropped so I couldn't read it along with Sup Forums

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Kiss Pigtails

>we will never get a fantasy story in which a virgin knight has to travel with a bunch of cunty succ lords

>Anata ga shinde iru

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Probably the Naga, but I'm a giant and not a skeleton like Senpai. How could I get bullied by these womanlets?

"If you two don't stop right now, I won't let you spitroast me"

I-it sure is hot today, h-huh?

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Would she have stabbed her friend in this panel if there was a sufficiently sharp tool within reach? Besides chopsticks.

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Start molesting twin tails

Friend1 specializes in emotional and verbal abuse

Why yall actin like a bunch of cunts?

i love it when she hits them with the crazy eyes

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Pray you get shrunk down to shota size

"You know, I'm open to an orgy."

This would be a pretty good doujin

Jesus, uh, is it getting hot in here?

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I've been praying for a giantess episode since the demon queen episode. Giantess Nagatoro would be the ultimate.

middle > twintails > naga

Make shit up about having a girlfriend who does art.

>Sempai see Nagotoro and her fiends as Succubus.

Makes me wonder who is going be the angel.

>ywn have Nagatoro as your babysitter when you are eight

unironically the only correct answer.

Wasn't sure what to expect from the link, but this is nice. Thanks user.