Is this still the best love story ever told? I have never seen such a satisfying ending to a romance story.

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It ends well. The journey is okay, even if a little padded for length. Its got an aesop in there.

This scene should have lasted longer.

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It is still the best for me, I mean, I keep coming back to it and I always end up noticing something I couldn't understand the first time, those very little details that go so fast you can see them the first time you are watching.

Oh man, that was just perfect, a way for it to get better though was if it had shown they cuddling up against each other to sleep.

Maybe Taiga thinking something like "My Ryuuji" as she sleeps on his arms.

I am rewatching it, next one is Episode 19, the santa bear one.

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I was upset that she pulled that "running away and coming back" shit at the end, but otherwise it did the whole thing pretty well.

Yeah, that was pretty much not needed, only caused unnecessary drama at the end.

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Have all the romances you've seen included the "harem" tag? Toradora is a bottom-tier romance at best.

Golden Time was better.

taiga on her tip toes kills my heart

No, Ore Monogatari is the greatest love story ever told.

Let me hit you up with the true afterstory.

That's what I had hoped for in some form, or at least something closer to it.


I have watched the most known ones, and well, most of them end up being a harem anyway.

>lovely complex
>love hina
>zero no tsukaima
>nodaime cantabile
>gosick (this one was very sweet, probably my favourite after Toradora)
>that one that has that girl that "looks" like Sadako

Most of them are either harem or focus to much on the "Oh, did that really happen? No... I was dreaming, must have been that..."

I hate that, fuck, why can't we have pure sugar sweet love after so much drama?

I watched it after the yearly stream on Sup Forums, I hated the male love interest, he made her cry a lot.

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I still don't think I've seen an MC I've enjoyed more than Takeo. Dude was so easy to root for, such a damn bro.


>sex before weeding

Nah, too lewd and out of place, this should have happened though.

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If they would wait until after the wedding, then they could have at least kissed longer and with more detail or maybe added limited undressing.

>when I first started watching
Minori > Ami > Taiga
>after I finished
Ami > Taiga > Minori

this fucking anime is gonna be 10 years old soon. Goddamn. Time's going way too fucking fast!! I'm scared.

I wouldn't call any of the girls shitty. I wish Ami had gotten someone, it was cute seeing how flustered she became when Ryuuji was the one that said she looked like a kid for not eating properly, and then gave her some pork he bought at the market.

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Fuck you Ami a best

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>taiga looks up and sees Ryuuji is already sleeping
>smiles and buries her face on his chest
>he wakes up
>see her like that
>kisses her forehead and goes back to sleep

This show almost killed me the first time I watched it, Jesus Christ, that Episode 19 with the fucking bear was TOO MUCH for my virgin heart.

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Tiger and dragon best couple.

Ive never had such a visceral reaction after watching a show, I felt empty for a whole week after I finished this series. Still my all time favorite after all these years, I dont think anything will ever top it for me

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>I hate that, fuck, why can't we have pure sugar sweet love after so much drama?
because you've only watched straight up harem and two of the most boring shoujo
the only good show on that list is nodame cantabile and even then it's less appreciated for the romance aspect than for the characters themselves and the music

watch Ore Monogatari it seems to be what you're looking for

OP here, it was the same for me.

I heard someone saying that an anime might give a different kind of reaction depending if you can feel a connection to it or not, and I felt a very deep connection with this one.

>not ugly but my face is not that inviting
>do not have a present father, my mother always said she didn't want me to be like him
>studying and working hard to see if I can make something of myself
>everything my mom does, she does thinking about my well being and I try doing the same
>we are a family of 3, my mom, my grandma and I

I know, it doesn't resemble the show that much, but a lot of the contents in there touched me in a special way because of these similarities.

Thanks man, I will watch Ore Monogatari.

Have you watched Gosick? I think it is my favourite one after Toradora, I really recommend it.

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I wish Harem wasn't so damn popular and easy to sell. I can't stand watching it.

At least there seems to be an abundance of cute love stories in manga but I doubt most of them will ever get anime adaptations.

Nah that's Golden Time.

Golden Time is horrible, worst male love interest I have ever seen, seriously, he is almost Sato from Zero no Tsukaima.

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>father of the daughter pays for the wedding
>father is rich
This is canon.

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>tfw I wanted a second season just to see in how many ways Ryuuji can make Taiga blush now that he knows she loves him

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I watched this while it was airing before I even understood seasonal anime, or tropues or anything like that and I had no idea what it was about and only watched it because there was a clip of a fight scene and i never finished it.

I didn't even see this coming because I had no idea it was a romantic comedy, I thought this was like an school action anime or some shit, and I saw this kiss scene : and it weireded me the fuck out,

I loved it too, but the "running away" bit was the exact opposite of running away and was necessary. It represented a huge amount of character development for Taiga. She spent her highschool running away from her problems, which you can't really blame her for, but once she met Ryuji she faced them one by one. If she didn't "run away", i.e face her family and sort out the issues, they would have had to elope and go through their marriage with her family problems hanging over them. Instead of letting that happen she gave up her last few months of highschool to go deal with her shit family.

That's part of the reason the show is so good. Other popular romances have drama and such, but few have legitimately good character development. By the end both characters had actually changed for the better, and they're one of the few couples in these romance series that I could see being together for the rest of their lives.

I'll argue that it was needed; she needed to resolve the shit with her own family before she could start one with Ryuuji.

As a huge momma's boy I don't think an anime has ever hit me as hard as when Ryuuji blasts his mom

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Toradora was shit because Taiga was shit. Pretty much all characters voiced by her voice actor are cancer.

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infinitely better than Toradora

That would be a better way to end it, with the kiss only halfway to the end.

Why did this have better fights than most action shows?

Hmm, you might be right, she needed to do it, Ryuuji was even the one that said she should do it, and he knew that it would take some time.

I loved these two, specially how each of them were totally comfortable showing each other the side they don't like or is ashamed of.

Man, the episode where Ryuuji spends the whole night kniting those pads on her swimming suit, that felt really strong for me somehow, I mean, why care so much about what other people think when you have someone like that, that can accept everything that you are and that you will be?


>b-bachan said since we are getting married, w-we can sleep on the same room

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>I loved these two, specially how each of them were totally comfortable showing each other the side they don't like or is ashamed of.
Exactly. One of the themes of the show that I really liked was "the person you're infatuated with to the point of not being functional around them is not your true love, your true love is the one you can be yourself around".

Sounds like you would like Tsuki ga Kirei

I've got something of a love/hate relationship with harem anime... there's plenty that I find very entertaining, and even some that adequately resolve the relationships, the problem is that romance titles these days seem to be nothing but harems and romance anime/manga as a whole is worse off for it.

I heard good things from that one, that it is much more realistic than most romance shows.

I will check it out as well, thanks man.

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I'd recommend Isshuukan Friends too.

I wouldn't say it's satisfying like Toradora but I still think it's really sweet.

Watch Golden Time, thank me later.

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Don't listen to this guy.

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Watch it, faggot.

Don't trick innocent people into watching trash.

It hit me because I wish I had the balls to tell my parents how much of a failure they are. Not as parents, but as individuals.

Looks good, never heard of it though, will watch it.

Kek, I know Golden Time is fucking trash.

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You come on here and post this once a month, no one cares that some shit character picked a Loki tsundere in a below average waifu bait show

Ever watch White Album 2?

>"Oh, did that really happen? No... I was dreaming, must have been that..."

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Nope, never watched it, is it good?

Fucking hell, I wanted to punch their face in so hard.

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>Fucking hell, I wanted to punch their face in so hard.
Eh!? Nandatte!?
I thought it was clever how he wasn't just magically missing everything like most harem MCs and was actually pretending.

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>This thread

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Maybe I need to go back and give Ore Monogatari another shot. I dropped it a few episodes in while it was airing because it felt like it wasn't going anywhere.
>White Album 2
Quads confirm, good taste

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>Ore Monogatari
>not a harem

Tall Taiga is also cute!

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>"We'll have just as much non-progress as any other romance anime, but it will happen in the first couple episodes instead of the last couple"
no user

Why do people keep shilling this awful fucking show, week in and week out? Is it a joke?

Golden Time's college setting showed promise for me as I was in that point of my life at the time and anime almost never goes beyond high school. But the actual execution kind of bored me for some reason. The ghost shit was stupid.

>best love story ever
Do faggots actually think this? I regretted watching it after getting recd it by Sup Forums

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What is the best love story then?

It was just a meme that for some reason newfags take seriously, nowadays I don't care anymore.

It was never the best.

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If you can't point out a better love story this is no meme

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All these people who have never seen Kare Kano.

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Nope it's relife

Ore Monogatari
Kare Kano
Prunus Girl
My Little Monster
Tsuki ga Kirei
Kamisama Kiss

That's just a few off the top of my head. Toradora is really not that good, there are thousands of trashy mediocre shoujo that pull off a better romance.
Fuck even Sakura Trick was better.

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>Bara Monogaytari
>Boring red head
>Prunus Girl (boy)
>My Little Autist
>etc etc
Other than Kare Kano, you just listed a bunch of garbage.

That are still leagues above toradora
And you fell hard for the Anno meme if you think Kare Kano is even close to the best thing on that list

>all still better than Toradora

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Give me a fucking break. It's not even the best love story in anime, and we universally dislike the ending. It was off the rails and stupid.

>Inuyasha and Kikyo have arguably the best love story in anime. Certainly the most tragic.
>Araragi has a better love story with AT LEAST three women -- Shinobu, Hachikuji, and Hitagi.
>Shinji and Asuka even have a better love story, because they literally overcame the end of humanity to be together, knowing full well the darkest recesses of one another's mind.

I could go on. There are plenty of much better love stories in anime. The anime is very good, and everybody should watch it. The MC's are charismatic and memorable. The plot is coherent and realistic. Toradora is one of the best -- if not the best -- SoL romcoms around.


Getting away from anime, you ought to watch 11.22.63. It's on Hulu. It's based on a Stephen King book. James Franco surprisingly crushes a very serious role. It's awesome. Watch it.

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Eureka Seven is complete garbage.

Fuck off with your NTR faggotry

>The MC's are charismatic
Ryuji is bland even by harem MC standards
That mouthbreather can't conclude a sentence without getting interrupted by a girl of his harem, all he does is stutter, mumble and lifelessly say his interlocutor's name while the female characters drive him through the plot

The only blemish on toradora is that the anime finished before the light novel. How the LN ends is way better than the anime, but I still consider ToraDora a 9.5/10 and my favorite anime.

I see your point, but disagree. Ryuji differentiates himself from other harem MC's in that he knows what he wants from the beginning. He indulges Taiga, and is generally a sweet guy to other people, but he knows what he wants. He gets what he wants.
I'm all for having more chad-like MC's. Most are total fags.
Ryuji feels like a pretty good guy figuring out his life, not a self-insert otaku beta male.

Romantic love is fake toxic love which only exists to make humans fuck. Fuck off your romance anime. There's everything fake and superficial about such relationships and anime makes it as much ideal and senseless as possible.

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>89 posts
>No mention of christmas stream

Wtf Sup Forums

Man, I wish I was as pure and innocent and dumb as you.

Its great, some here on Sup Forums call it the greatest love story ever told, but taste is always subjective imo.

Getting really tired of seeing people mislabel NTR today, Sup Forums really is filled with crossboarders.