What's a 10/10 to you? Don't just put examples, explain it. Tired of people throwing around numbers with no explanation.

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a 10/10 for me is something I got a lot out of, for example, Gundam 0080 is one of the few 10/10's I've seen because it changed the way I think as a person and it made me very emotional. Most 6/10 stuff is stuff I can just consume with very little reaction or thought. I'm a sentimental blob, though, so someone might have a different answer.

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An anime that isnt bad.


Doesn't exist yet, no series has ever been perfect.

It caters to my very brainlet tastes.
But I think I'm addicted to moe, so it has to have that I guess.

Hunter x Hunter and Berserk;
Character building

If all those are done in a way that I like, it's a 10/10 for me.

Easy. Something you can't think of a single way to improve. Even if there are minor grievances you have, you can still justify their presence or think of them as necessities for the overall work. A 10/10 should be rare. It's still subjective of course, but to you it needs to be perfect.

Usagi Drop
Just watch it and you will understand what an 10/10 anime is.

Nothing is better.

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>Don't just put examples, explain it
>Puts an example

Well played

If you ignore the manga its a sweet anime about parenthood, but the manga turns it into a disgusting fantasy.

coherent story
finished Plot no loose ends
Amazing focus on character and Cast
Quality animation
unique setting
Great themes
Amazing Score/soundtrack

Something I enjoyed every second of, for the most part. Things that kept my attention or made me feel emotionally whether it be extreme excitement or sadness since I'm usually dead inside. I don't rate anime outside of 10/10 though. It basically just stands for my favorites because I don't like jerking off about numbers and my tastes. Sue me.

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i don't use 10/10 exept in an ironic way
my best score would be a 9/10

A show where there's no conceivable way to improve it.

A 10/10 for me is something that grabs me emotionally and makes me want to binge it, same with books. Only ones that come to mind are Kareshi Kanojo and Shin Sekai Yori

I've only seen one show I consider to be a 10/10 and that would be FLCL. It appeals to be on a level that seems as if it were made specifically with me in mind. The construction and narrative of the show work together in such a way that changing anything would make it worse overall. The inclusion and use of The Pillows music is so perfect I really can't believe it exists. On a visual level, the animation and energetic style of FLCL are unmatched and the amount of detail is exceptional. On a narrative level, the things it says about growing up are something I still find to be very relatable. It's just an amazing work in every possible aspect and something I find equally fantastic in both it's narrative and stylistic presentation.

I found this show very boring, with terrible humor and visual presentation, color palette, and character designs. It's also way too long and the only memorable piece of music is the first op.

One of those series that I watch and think "damn I want more of it"
entertaining all the way through, visually pleasing, likable characters, memorable narratives, but ultimately it's one of those series that makes me want to find more series like it.

10/10 is entirely personal I give 8/10 to those I find are objectively great anime while 10/10s are ones that is objectively great AND completely satisfies my personal taste (9/10 is when it's close but not quite 10/10s)

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pretty easy answer

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>Don't just put examples, explain it.

okay, so i like to think of a 6 or a 7 as the best score you can get withoute been a master piece in at last 1 thing
if you are great in one thing alone but the rest is mediocre you can still get to a 6 or7
an 8 is something solid that also is really good at something
and a 9 is something that was able to move me in some way, this one is completly subjetive
a 5 is for something that is not good but is still enjoyable
4 and below is shit
1 is something that make you feels bad for the effort put in that crap, something like a failed youtube animation that is so cringe that you can consider kys

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cuz it was just like, you know, moe

astarotte no omocha of course :)

It's have to be a literally perfect anime in every aspect. So basically it's a score exclusively reserved for .

Just go watch revolutionary girl uetna

>>"Pretty easy answer"
Sounds like he explained it to me

Hi we're here to steal the 10/10

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I like shounen and seinen series where the MC is overpowered as fuck, knows it, and is extremely confident, maybe even cocky as shit. The MC may lose a couple of times to an even more powerful vilian, but that does not lower his confidence, and eventually he overcomes all odds and beats the enemy.
Some examples are this guy, alucard from hellsing, mugen from samurai champloo

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If you reserve it for perfect anime, then it could only go to something virtually flawless like FLCL or a short like Tsumiki no Ie.

If you go for anime with incredible directing, complex and well realized themes, fleshed out characters and relationships, a very strong narrative structure and an amazing climax, I'd go with Utena.

Another great example I forgot to post is the MC from wolf guy

An anime that makes me feel something strongly, may be happiness, sadness or pure rage. Something that when it finally ends it's makes me sad because there's no more episodes and you still thinks about it weeks after. It also can be something that's so fun and nice to watch that when I finish an episode it makes me think "Did it already end? What will happen next?" and it makes me all excited and look forward to the next episode.

The latter is better, even FLCL has flaws based on opinion

In my years here I find this take pretty unpopular, but for me historical impact and influence goes a long way.

An all-time favorite that I hope to revisit for years to come. Most likely appeals to me on a conceptual level.

beat it, digi

Nothing is a real 10/10 for me but this comes pretty close

I liked watching the characters struggle through their issues but the show never felt overly dark or lighthearted. They were all very positive about their situation but not in a way that felt that they were making light of it. The two leads were great. The series was the perfect length, nothing was rushed and nothing was dwelled on for too long. No episode was filler, each episode looked more into a character or advanced the plot.

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I'm a simple man and to me, a 10/10 isn't so much a scientific score measuring quality as an expression of how much you liked something. I either really like a show, don't like it, or feel okay about it. So if I say an anime is 10/10 I'm just that enthusiastic about it.

Take Your Name. I guess it's not perfect, Sup Forums could certainly find a million things to hate about it, there were a few parts that mystified me as well. But personally the positives of the movie far outweighed the negatives and I feel really enthusiastic about my experience watching it, so I give it a 10/10. It gave me quality enjoyment. It made me really happy. I would have no problem endorsing it as a 10/10 along with a real work of art like Metallic Rose because they both succeeded at doing what they set out to do, each in their own way.

Now take Beelzebub. I liked the manga (at least while the anime was airing) but I hated the anime because the production value was low, there was inane filler that contradicted the characterization and plot points in the manga, etc. Was it an objective failure? I found a couple things to like about it but overall came away with a very negative experience and so rate it 0/10. There are anime far worse than Beelzebub I'm sure but to me nothing has quite enraged me more than that show. Maybe Code:Breaker.

These are a 10/10 desu

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>Tired of people throwing around numbers with no explanation.


You're not allowed to post here without 300 minimum. Sorry. You'll have to leave now.



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>an “elitist” responding to a bait image that’s been passed around more than your mum

These kinds of series are trashy as fuck though. It doesn't matter if the MC knows if he is overpowered or not, it makes the series uninteresting either way.

It's a meaningless rating used by MAL and other rating sites in a misguided attempt to assign artistic works a quantitative value and which idiots use to show off their e-peen, just like every other numerical value rating. If you need to explain what the numbers mean, then they don't serve a purpose.

Something that is not only good but also appeals to my particular taste as if it was made for me. That's enough.

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>If you need to explain what the numbers mean, then they don't serve a purpose

A 10/10 is perfect: "I like every part of this!"
It's a finished series with broad appeal, rewatch value, great acting, well paced plot, understandable characters, a well-built and consistent setting, a unified aesthetic vision, appropriate soundtrack, and overall great technical production; and (most importantly) it appeals to my unique interests. Breaking this down:
Finished series: You didn't have to wait 5 years to resolve a cliffhanger. e.g. Cowboy Bebop.
Broad appeal: You'll be able to rave about this with your friends who also like it (even if they watched the dub). e.g. Fullmetal Alchemist.
Rewatch value: This is sort of the same thing as broad appeal, actually, you have to be able to closely examine it and learn more than you did from just the first watch-through. e.g. Madoka Magica which just turns into a completely different show on a rewatch because you understand the character's motivations differently.
Great acting: It turns out, better acting & animation triggers mirror neurons in your brain more effectively.
Well paced plot: e.g. not SAO
Understandable characters: Even if you don't relate, you have to be able to understand the motivations of the main characters. e.g. Toradora!
Consistent setting: Consequences of actions are predictable. e.g. Made in Abyss
Unified aesthetic vision: I don't think there's one aesthetic that's better than another, as long as it all works when brought together. e.g. all of the shows above, also Pop Team Epic
Soundtrack: A good soundtrack isn't "per-se" good, it's good for what's happening on-screen. OP/ED can be catchy, but other stuff should be out-of-the-way. Steins;Gate and Made in Abyss have some of the best ambient music I've ever heard for this.
Great technical production: Editing and postproduction is good. This makes or breaks time travel shows.
Appeals to unique interests: Would I put this on my 3x3? e.g. Log Horizon (because politics), Spice and Wolf (because economics), Maidragon (because dragons)

I feel like if any kind of media (books, anime, movies, manga) manages to make me feel anything, then it's already really good, I don't think making the audience feel through however you're expressing is an easy thing to do

If you can put it into words, it isn't a denouttaden. A perfect score transcends reason and rationality. It is reserved solely for anime that you love, regardless of their redeeming or negative qualities. It is a truly personal descriptor.



ten out of ten means there really isn't anything you could add to make it better, and there isn't anything you could remove that wouldn't make it worse.

anything that makes me sperg when a new season gets announced

For me a 10/10 means something I enjoyed the most as fucking obviously it can't be perfect. So, if I enjoyed and appreciate something the most, I can rate it that way and rate other series taking into account how much enjoy them in comparison. Thought it would mean than in subsequent series that I enjoy more, all scores would need to be updated but hey, that's life.
Let's not pretend we don't loved some shit when we were young and thought it was the best thing in the world.
10/10 for me as this date is NHK.

Does it really count as using a scale, if you're not using all of it? Change your definition of what a 10/10 is if you think nothing can unironically be a 10/10. Make 11/10 your perfect, unnatainable score.

A 10/10 is mindblowing and delivers what I want from art to me in such a specific and appealing way that I can't consider anything too similar to it (in either themes or presentation) to be better or on par to it.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has got to be the best anime I have ever watched. The way the producers trick the viewers into thinking that this anime is just another Mahou Shoujo is simply brilliant. The characters are interesting, the art managed to catch my attention, and the music is good, but this series' biggest selling point is definitly the plot. Plot twists, drama, heartbreaking AND heartwarming moments... all of these converge into a brilliant plot with a really good ending.

Everything has flaws based on opinion, since anything can be construed as a flaw if it doesn't meet the individual's tastes.
But on the flip side, virtually anything can be spun as a positive, see this plebeian as a prime example: So everything out there could very feasibly be a 10/10 to anyone on the grounds of it being virtually flawless.


I don't like numerical ratings because you can't precisely quantify how much you liked the anime/movie/game/book/ whatever. If you want to know if something is good or not, it's better to actually state what you liked about it and what you didn't.

I feel similarly, something that really makes me emotional will have an easier time being a 10/10 in my book.

How does that make any sense?

Clannad: After Story no bully

Wtf 1/10 for Akira and Patlabor?

Most of the anime here are 7/10 at least for me.

I find it to be the complete opposite, you often can't precisely judge how much someone likes something without a relatively arbitrary numerical score attatched to it. In discussions, time spent talking about aspects of an anime will very rarely equate to how valuable those aspects are to the people involved in the discussion.
For example my friend just has a naturally critical mindset; it's just how his brain works. So even if he loves a piece of media, if you talk to him about it, he'll only have negative things to say about it. That's an example that leans far toward an extreme end of the spectrum of course, but I find that everyone shares that problem in one way or another, and to varying degrees.
Especially considering how conversations can easily derail themselves into tangeants if two people disagree on one aspect. If two people talk about an anime which they each consider to be a 5/10, but begin arguing about whether a single character was good or not, the argument could go on for an hour and by the end one of them will sound like he loves the show and the other will sound like he hates the show.

A numerical score, while of course not explaining the specific things you like or dislike about something, accomplishes its purpose of cutting straight to the point and compartmentalizing one's overall reception of a work.

lol newfag

Numbers are generally self-evident. They are there to indicate fact. No one needs to explain there are three apples in the basket because anyone can look into the basket and see the three apples for themselves.

When numbers are applied to something subjective that people have to strenuously defend and still come away with dissenters, it means enough people disagree with the number for its very nature to be called into question. Therefore, a numerical rating loses its objectivity and by extension all meaning the moment someone calls it into question, which makes it a very fragile thing indeed.

Numerical ratings are symbolic, not mathematical. Pretend they're gold stars if that makes you feel any better.

>expecting a 10/10 score from a contrarian imageboard who loves to shit on everything

If they're symbolic, why bother with numbers to begin with?

4 star system is top tier. All others need to be collected and averaged/weighted en masse.

Looks like Sup Forums isn't dead after all.

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Numerical ratings are just a ranking, nothing more. I like Princess Mononoke slightly more than Spirited Away, so it gets a higher score.
A 1/10 doesn't mean the show is trash, it just means it's the show I personally enjoyed the least.
The great thing about numbers is you don't have to qualify anything. It's actually very difficult for people to understand why they liked something. There's lots of things I thought I liked about shows, but saw a counterexample and realized it doesn't matter.

Master of Martial Hearts was a 10/10 because it completely subverted the genre in the span of one episode but came before other series to do the same type of thing like Madoka.

Because everyone knows what numbers are.

objectively no flaws and I like it.
that said, none exist.
the current closest is Katanagatari.

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Star systems only work if people use all the stars.
If all your ratings on Netflix are only 4 or 5 stars, you're only giving Netflix one bit of data to work with. This is why Netflix uses a bunch of other information to suggest titles, like how quickly you watched it and if you tried any "similar to" suggestions.

>it was the first so it's the best
Dumb logic. It also wasn't the first to subvert the genre, and I wouldn't even say that Madoka did that either. Minky Momo off the top of my head had a far more subversive twist near the end. Master of Martial Hearts was just the scriptwriter seemingly joining a cult and becoming a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist about 4/5ths of the way through the script.
Entertaining as hell, but I wouldn't equate entertainment to quality.

If you're trying to say that numeric scores act more like comparisons than evaluations. I agree

>objectively no flaws
No such thing.

Good taste though.

I like the comparison approach as well. It also means that everything will sort itself out as you continue to watch more and more anime.
You'll run into problems for situations like this though:
>I like Princess Mononoke slightly more than Spirited Away, so it gets a higher score.
Since a 10-scale is so limited, you are inevitably going to need to give two anime that you like to different degrees the same score. Once you've gotten to, say, even 200 titles, it's nearly impossible to imagine all of your 8/10s being appreciated to the exact same degree. You're going to need to classify each number as more of an umbrella for a relatively small range of quality.

10/10s have a certain feel to me, it is a certain degree of immersion and emotional connection that a certain group of anime achieve that is superior to everything else. Such an anime could have flaws, but what it does well completely overrides those flaws by far. An anime could also be flawless but not a 10/10 if what the anime is doing is not something I am that into in general.

Ultimately I just use number scales as dividers, 5s are the anime I ultimately feel negatively about but to the lightest degree, 6s are the anime out of the ones I ultimately feel positive about to the lightest degree, the further up or down you go the more you get into strong feelings about an anime one way or another.

You’ve managed to not post a single true 10/10. Congrats faggots

Thanks user. Post yours and teach us.

>No such thing.
yes i said that.

It seemed like you were implying that none exist currently, while on the other hand I was asserting that such a thing is a conceptual impossibility.

Go back to english class, and when you've achieved certified literacy, come back and try to read the OP post again.

I need to have an emotional connection to it for it to be a 10. If it's objectively good but it's missing that special something, I give it a 9.

For example, Gurren Lagann is a 10 for me because I was a depressed, whiny teenager when I first watched it and it helped get me through a shit time of life.

For me it'd have to be Bakemonogatari, some of the characters had stories that really touched me and left a lasting impact. Some people complain about the lack of animation or the wordy dialogue but the visuals were very striking and the dialogue engaging. Anytime a music box verison of an OP kicked in it gave me a very warm and fuzzy feeling that very few shows have ever given me. The character interactions were also just fun to watch.

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I rarely consider any anime 10/10 unless its an utterly ambitious piece of animation and/or so coherently tied together by solid writing while managing to explore moderately complex themes.
I havent seen an utterly perfect anime yet but I'd consider:
-Lotgh a 10/10 just for coherently presenting an epic of sheer scale while keeping true to well researched historical analogues
-Fist of the North Star; also for being a true anime epic that stays stoically consistent to its atmosphere and themes
-Ghost in the Shell SAC for politically charged and intelligent cyberpunk discourse that would put most live action thrillers to shame
-Kinos Journey for its efficient method of social commentary; framed perfectly as 'fairy tales'
-Area 88 for its poignant and charged mix of highly unique animated aerial combat and concise telling of a tragic war story.

But Im no elitist, whats more important to me personally is.

1.detail oriented worldbuilding; where background art and scene setting is essential
2.crazy awesome anime moments. Anime is the perfect medium for sci fi and fantasy. I want to see dragons with pulse rifles, cops decapitating cyborg mafia with tables, boobs with poisob bites, melting lolis, female wrestlers tackling bioengineered monsters and hovering nazi halftracks. All that good stuff.
3.character interaction; I love to see a real sense of camaderie between characters; especially if they are
4.cute anime girls, animated with plenty of spunk. Or extremely badass men for that matter.
5.mechanical design. Ties somewhat into worldbuilding but I almost treat notable machine designs as its own character
6.plot; I dont think most anime have good plots. So I care about it much less.

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If I liked it then it's a 10/10.

Does that imply that anything below a 10 is unable to establish an emotional connection with you?
Or are you trying to describe a much deeper, personal emotional connection than, say, "Clannad made me cry", for example.

I dont consider an algorithm a rating system. It is a comparison to other media, and not an evaluation of media in it's own right.
4 star is about a few distinct categories of quality to expect

What is your age?

Ok new fag. I've seen twice as many anime as you have; and that includes everything on that list.

Good list but your ratings for anything below 6 are retarded.

Bakuman is my favorite anime so obviously it's a 10 out of 10 for me.

The art, the voice acting and the direction are all top notch in my opinion.
But what really stands is the character relations and how it struck a deep chord with me about true friendship, camaraderie and believing in your own hard work.
The overarching story never fails to keep stuff interesting and you get to really feel for the excellent supporting cast as well.
The music is comfy as fuck as well.
The only real flaw I have with this series is Miura as a character. His appearance as the editor instead of Hattori was really a step back and just cements season 2 as the weak link.
Not enough to downrank the series to a 9, though.

I digress.
For an anime to stand out for me personally it has to have characters I can relate to. Not self insert as, relate to. The thought processes should be coherent and the characters don't act out of character.
Something inspirational also really kicks my interest into gear.
TTGL is another anime that I personally can't think of a flaw that would drag it down from a 10 for besides the ending.

Exactly the latter. I can't watch something unless I'm SOMEWHAT emotionally connected, but the 10's are the ones that stick with me for years to come.

>doesn't post 10/10

Whats that got to do with anything?