Goblin Slayer 022 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>Goblin Slayer 022 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

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he doesn't look that tough

Please don't post images during a dump.


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lizard priest best second character

>give them hell
where i have heard that before?


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a goblin champion is a bad leader, is just a meat head.

back to teasing rape this chapter eh?


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>he was trying to one shot the gob
take that, "bad writing" fags


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this is why you need a tank, paladin girl was very effective to stop this type of attack.


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here goes her sanity chain.


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>drop weapons
stupid goblins


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They just want to taste elf pussy before dying.

chapter arrived too late today, i don't think this thread will make it.


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>implying they know they gonna die.

That's a big feet


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Goblin Slayer? more like Goblin Slayered, Imrite

that one hell of "completely broken" eye.


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wait, didn't the champion crushed her legs too in the LN?


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I knew i wasn't the only one who thought that.


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This guy needs a tank and a wizard with AoE spells.

Or a fighter/mage that can do both

>your final DOOM

>p034 (end)

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Priestess stop sandbagging

Isn't Lizzard Priest somewhat a tank?

>p035 (indicia)

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>One guy dies from unlucky crit
>Panic chain wipes
That's XCOM baby!


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He is a shaman, can only summon Skeleton Guardians so far.

GS won't allow death to take him, not yet.

What a load of shit. The Light Novel was better .

"This was the fate of anything brought low by goblins, be it an adventurer or a village. Its fate, its destiny. Due to chance. A roll of the dice." Then he says "Horseshit."


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He can also make himself super strong for a short time.

blame yen press, korean user said it was something like "tell it (fate) to eat shit"

my cause is just, my will is strong, and my sword isn't very large because that would be impractical for fighting in goblin caves

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>This coloring

if only GS had "the ability to draw strength from his fallen foes" like doomguy 2016.

Incoming rape

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Jesus christ what is he going to do?

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>takes out LN
Nope, no rape for you, junko.

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Reminder all of this is Elf fault.

going full doomguy with a fucking spine cord.

he's gonna choke a gob

what is the difference between this goblin and the one that guts and paladin girl killed back then

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Time to break out the metal user.


Not much. But Guts and the paladin probably have a lot more experience taking care of big mid-boss types.

none, GS is not very strong in direct combat and Guts had a tank helping him.

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I'm sorry but this is horseshit. Goblin Slayer should be paralyzed if not dead. No way he can fucking stand and fight.

The difference is there aren't a hundred adventurers with them this time.

just as i said last thread, the killjoys are here.

rip and tear

But muh armor and potion.

The dude's a pseudo-revenant, you really think his autistic rage for goblins will let his body rest?

>why is the MC is not dead? nevermind that would mean the story is over
i fucking hate anons like you, just enjoy the damn ride.

He leaped back to soften the blow and the cushioning inside his armor barely prevented him from getting crippled.

I like how contrarians on this site are in every tread just to be miserable killjoys. "In this fictional high fantasy world with magic, goblins, dragons and heroes it's unrealistic someone would be able to take a hit!"

Either read the light novel now or wait for the next chapter and you will understand

does he do things other than slay goblins? like does he rest at a tavern? that would be neat.

He might as well be a cleric of some anti-goblin God he gets so much asspulls like this. If this ever gets written in it would make a lot of sense.

you understimate the power of his autism for gobs.

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>This shall not stand.

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I want to play KF2 now

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>yen press botching another localization
Ya, sounds about right.

Tell it to eat shit sounded more badass desu

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What is paladin girl made of, that she can block blows like that while having such a small frame.

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Goblin Slayer, our savior


maybe yen press thought bad words would be too OoC for someone so robotic like GS.

she didn't block it, she used her shield to change the direction of the attack