Who is the real "king of shounen"?

Who is the real "king of shounen"?

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Jojo or HxH

shonen watchers please leave this websight and kill yourselves. or at least the former.

>largest anime demographic, please fuck off
You first

DBZ obviously

No one in Japan really gives a shit about Naruto.

shonen watchers are so unbelievably stupid I'm surprised that even managed to find their way out of the Youtube comments section for Linkin Park AMVs to find this place.

DB, obviously. It's not even debatable.

>appeal to popularity
y i k e s

yo. where Goku at?

Popularity is how you make money, brainlet and money keeps you in the business

DB > Naruto Part 1 > OP > DBZ > GT = Naruto Part 2 > DBS

Including those into this conversation isn't fair, but anyone with taste knows HxH is a literal fucking masterpiece.

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Out of the 3 I like Luffy more but can't deny DBZ's impact all around the world so I would go for DBZ.

The one that's actually about being a king, of course

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and it's not an indicator that your product isn't fucking terrible or mainly consumed by sub-70 iq retards.

DBZ's influence can be seen in almost every shonen manga that came after it and is a worldwide phenomena.

One Piece only surpasses DBZ in sales and following in Japan and it's influence on the next generation of manga artists is yet to be seen.

Naruto is no king at all. It could have been one of the bests if it had maintained its quality but it peaked in the mid 2000's and it's quality and popularity never bounced back.

That's not ichigo

This. In terms of pure action it's still not been beat

>Impliying that this is a contest.
>impliying that the "king" is any of those 3.

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obviously DBZ

out of the big 3 it is naruto

I never said it wasn't, caveman-kun. My point here is that getting rid of the shounen demographic would fuck up the manga business as a whole since you told me to kill myself.


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Fairy Tail

>Who's the real "king of manga for kids"

On Sup Forums we only read seinen for adults like us, like Cooking Papa and Umaru.

World wide appeal Naruto is far more popular then every other shounen besides DBZ.

Too bad manga doesn't really sell internationally.


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One Piece. Can't beat sales that never end.

It would fuck up the shonen manga business, which would be perfectly fine.

It's between HnK, DBZ, and Saint Seiya.

Thanks for the translation, doc. Good to know you understand basic words. Where's my daily dose?

HxH is overrated trash

This its been known for a long time now that One Piece has been number one for a long time now and will continue to do so for the long foreseeable future. Oda has weekly releases and has been following a concrete and simple story for the past 20 years. Chances are even Boruto will eventually end before One Piece Finishes and HxH chances are that the author dies before even finishing the series and also him quickly wrapping it up will ruin it.

One Piece is the ultimate dream and escapism
along with its long length
because its about amazing adventures
it just compliments the long length so well
thats how adventures shud be, immersive to the reader
Just like how the lotr movies were if you were to watch all the long directors cuts in one sitting of all three movies.

Fucking kill yourself, you shit taste, brain dead, mouth-breathing faggot

>this much salt from 4 words
Why do HxH fags continually embarrass themselves like this? Yu Yu Hakusho was his better work anyway.

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YYH is cool but HxH is obviously a more refined version of it. Also, Level E is better than YYH too.

Refined doesn't necessitate better, just cleaner. Whether it wins in mass or not I'd say yuyu is still his better work.

this. yu yu hakusho is quite generic and a complete mess after the dark tournament. the endearing characters make it passable enough, though.

DBZ. The only show that can surpass DB is HnK.

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Dragon Ball.
Have you seen the public broadcasts in Latin America? There are more Dragon Ball fans in Brazil alone than One Piece fags worldwide.

>muh sales
No one gives a shit about One Piece outside Japan. In terms of popularity, relevance, and as a cultural phenomenom overall:

Pokémon > Dragon Ball > Naruto >>>>>>>>> One Piece

Even Bleach is bigger than One Piece in many places.

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A new king is rising.

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One Piece because is the only good manga of those 3.

It's a Worldwide success.
OP is King in Japan but nonexistent in America thanks to ungodly poor handling
Naruto is Popular in America but not as much in Japan, unless you're a Fujo

It wont take long till One Piece becomes the most mainstream shounen soon i think though. Since its gunna be getting a Game of Thrones tier budget for a live action series.


Probably Luffy at this point. "King" is a title that is passed down in a lineage. I have no doubt that Goku once held the crown, but these days, it's just got to be Luffy.

Dragon Ball Super was being broadcasted publicly all over South America like a soccer match. It was consistently on #1 trending on YouTube. One Piece will never, ever be as big as Naruto, let alone Dragon Ball.

i feel gay watching those ranked over OP user

Cmon i like BnHa too but its nowhere near the popularity levels of Naruto, DBZ , or One piece at any time interval. Hell its not even better than Bleach

in america maybe its already bigger than naruto and dragon ball in japan. I dont think its far-fetched to think it could overtake them in north america and the west.

DBZ took a 20 years break and in no time it came back to the top, it's clear it's still the king in popularity

However, now that JoJo has 4 fully animated parts and gaining popularity, it's clear it's the best in terms of quality

The anime was cancelled in the West earlier than Bleach, and normal people don't read manga.

Taste is subjective, money is objective


>Jojo anime
I think you mean QUALITY

>Chances are even Boruto will eventually end before One Piece
no shit. Ikemoto can't write or draw for shit. Boruto's going to be an underwhelming piece of trash

It's funny how both Naruto and Dragon Ball dwarf One Piece in worldwide popularity and yet OP's manga sales dwarf the both of them.

You're literally retarded if you think shonen is keeping the manga business afloat.

The only decent aspects of Boruto have been those where it apes the original. That shit is going to end up being prematurely cancelled, mark my words.

Problem is most of those fans don't actually spend money on anime or manga.

Boruto is probably the only shonen ever made that manages to be shittier than One Piece

Can we use non gender specific nouns? It's tiresome too see this kinds of posts...

KODACHI writes and IKEMOTO draws


Neither is exactly great at their craft. Are the boruto threads ironic or something?

No one gives a shit about muh sales except Jews at shonen jump. Dragon Ball is a bigger phenomenom worldwide despite One Piece bringing them more shekels.

I'm not talking about animation, but in terms of story, fun and fights
JoJo is a clear step above anything else in the market, Araki may introduce new plot holes every new part but nothing else has been as interesting as JoJo and most of the fights really feel they can go in any way without abusing of power scaling (read carefully, I said MOST of the time)

And no one gives a shit about the opinions of third worlders and nostalgiafags.

We're just too autistic to let Naruto go so we eat up whatever trite they give us


Even new minor cast members get great sceens.

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Kingdom is seinen.

go home

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Naruto makes me feel gay inside...OP is popular enough in Japan to be mentioned in the manga, Dont bully me Nagataro and mentioned a few times in the anime inuyashiki.

It doesn't even bring them more money. DB kicked OP's ass this and last year in merch sales. The only reason it's competitive even is OP manga sales, and DB is catching up there too

It runs in a seinen magazine.

OP>naruto>>>> and then DBS & DBZ, those last two are just meme tier pushed by dub spics.

I thought Bandai had the rights for those

I still got no idea how nips classify stuff even after looking up the definition.
Shounen is for 12 to 18.
Seinen is young adult.
I guess if your shounen runs for more then 6 years the fans will grow up then put it under the microscope and work out all the ass pulls it had then clame it's shit.

But Shin still is a shonin MC

It's classified by what magazine it runs in. If it runs in a shonen magazine it's shonen, if it runs in a seinen magazine it's seinen. I don't know the specific ages but yeah, seinen is aimed at an older audience. Doesn't mean it couldn't run in a shonen magazine, just that it doesn't.

>Influence yet to be seen
I’m gonna be king of the... in any new trash shonen

Speaking of sales, thanks to Super, DB sales went to the roft.

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DBZ and OP are pretty tied.

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>one of them can gather thousands of fans in public plazas to watch a fight
do you really need to ask?

It’ll never be bigger in South America or the US, sure. But it’s pretty popular in europe, or in France at least.

not on that level user.

GT > Super

Heres a you

Naruto infulence did bounce back and naruto run is universally known.

One piece is the only one lacking


One Piece is the only one to not completely nose dive. I mean WCI has been shit but it's never once lost sight of its own narrative goal.

*pretends to be relevant*

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Ring ni Kakero. It influenced both sports and battle shounen manga.

>people are still hating shounen