15 confirmed for prime?

15 confirmed for prime?

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That's just the max age.
Prime is 9.

Prime is 14.

13 is a prime


Nips have become fully aware JC is best

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3x3 = 9

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to be young and naive

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JC were always the best.


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Weren’t sailor soldier over 20 at the end if the Sailor Moon? At least in manga they were. Setsuna Meio was about 19-20.

I want a 12 year old gf.

You are in your prime when you are conceived
After that you are an used goods hag

Go away toddlercon.

Sexiest 15 year old.

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Isn't prime completely subjective?

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>when you are conceived
Nah, actual prime is fucking the fetus while still in the uterus. Once its born into the world is already too old.

I want to fuck this Cocoa.

>actual prime is fucking the fetus while still in the uterus
Nah son, actual prime is when you are still swimming in your daddys balls
After that you are an old fart

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What are 9 year olds good for?

Any yaoi in this show?