There's a liquid that Sakie the Succubus desires more than beer

There's a liquid that Sakie the Succubus desires more than beer...

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That must be it. That way she doesn't get as bad of an hangover.

Well, that was an easy question to answer.

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No you retard lol

>call it a Succubus
>doesn't have goat legs and demon horns

Blue Mountain, I hope.

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kaw fee


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Yeah, that's gotta be it. Then she wouldn't be dozing off at work so much. There mustn't be a Mr. Donut along the route she takes to work.

>no alternate form, is just human
is there a greater sin?

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gween tea?

And that liquid is?...

You're talking about a medium that has an anime of a demon "king" who wears red clothing and a headband with fake horns.

Is it semen? I bet its semen

Well her throat must be pretty dry after all that alcohol

Why would you even drink semen? It has pretty mediocre nutritional content and I bet it tastes like piss and sweat.

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>and I bet it tastes like piss and sweat.
it doesnt

She's quite terrible at her job

Would she and aqua get along?

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It depends on your diet, if you eat a lot of fruits its kind of sweet

You know this from experience?

She'd probably be put off by how retarded she is, like literally everyone else.

I read it on the internet, so it must be true


You haven't read enough doujins.

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Only if you eat fruits rich in monosaccharides, like pineapples.

Iron sweat

There is some anime with actual "monster" girls, they could have made an actual succubus that is usually depicted in RPG games and fantasy novels.

Is it electrolytes?

Is it delicious blood?

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